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Article Index

1. Introduction

2. Spamming and Hacking Defined

3. Defending Your Computer

4. Antivirus Programs

5. Firewall Programs

6. Avoiding Spammers and Hackers

7. Reporting Internet Crooks to Law Enforcement Agencies

8. Getting Illegal Spammers and Hackers Kicked Off the Internet

9. Finding a Spammer's ISP

10. Finding a Hacker's ISP

11. How to find the ISP for a specific IP address

12. Composing our Email Complaint

13. Article Conclusion







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Fighting Back Against E-mail Spammers, Internet Hackers, and other Web Thieves - Links

Spam Information

Hotmail Spam Plolicy Spam Policy

Reading Email Headers - from

How to Interpret Email Headers - from Earthlink

DNS Lookup - from

AOL Spam Policy

Recent FTC Spam Cases

Prepared Statement Of The Federal Trade Commission On "Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail", November 3, 1999

Anti-Spam Tips from AOL Time Warner

Hacker Information

Symantec Security Check - Check your firewall to see how effective it is, check your anti-virus program, graphically trace hackers

Tips on Avoiding Computer Worms - By Anti-Virus Software Manufacturer F-Secure

Time Warner Acceptable Use Policy

Earthlink Acceptable Use Policy

Legal Information

Sec. 1030. - Fraud and related activity in connection with computers

Washington State's Anti-Spam site

Ohio Anti-Spam Law

List of States with anti-spam laws

S.1618 - 105th Congress, Unsolicited Email! A Bunch of Bull! - A favorite spam "law" quoted by spammers that was never passed.

Consumer Advocacy Sites

You’ve Got Spam: How to "Can" Unwanted Email - Federal Trade Commission Article

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer Complaint Form - also links to identity fraud and foreign company consumer complaint forms.

Spam: Where to Complain About Frauds & Scams on the Internet - List of many federal agencies and web sites where you can complain about illegal and annoying spam.

The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE)- is an ad hoc, all volunteer organization, created by Netizens to advocate for a legislative solution to the problem of UCE (a/k/a "spam").

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - manages all .com, .net, and .org addresses on the Internet.

Stay Safe Online - National Cyber Security Alliance site. This web site is designed to give you the information needed to secure your home or small business computer.

FBI Tips and Public Leads - online form which you can use to report scams, frauds, suspicious activity, or other types of crime.

Internet Fraud Complaint Center - The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).
IFCC accepts on-line Internet fraud complaints from either the person who believes they were defrauded or from a third party to the complaint.

Consumer Sentinel - Captures FTC and other consumers complaints about Internet frauds and other computer crimes.