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1. Introduction

2. Spamming and Hacking Defined

3. Defending Your Computer

4. Antivirus Programs

5. Firewall Programs

6. Avoiding Spammers and Hackers

7. Reporting Internet Crooks to Law Enforcement Agencies

8. Getting Illegal Spammers and Hackers Kicked Off the Internet

9. Finding a Spammer's ISP

10. Finding a Hacker's ISP

11. How to find the ISP for a specific IP address

12. Composing our Email Complaint

13. Article Conclusion









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Fighting Back Against Illegal Email Spammers, Internet Hackers, and other Web Thieves

Page 8

Getting Illegal Spammers and Hackers Kicked Off the Internet

Finding a Hacker's ISP

Chances are, you think your computer has never been hacked. However, unless you are running an Internet firewall program, in addition to using a resident virus checker, it is likely that you would never know your computer was hacked.

Unless you see your computer acting abnormally, you would have no idea your computer was hacked until something unsavory (e.g. a computer virus is found, your hard drive is formatted, your computer crashes, your computer can't boot, or crimes are committed against you) results from it.

Note: Firewall programs have settings to turn off reporting of hack attempts. I recommend you leave the notifications on so you know you are being hacked, and how often you are hacked.
You can also dig this information out of your firewall's security log, but more than likely you would forget to check it.

I've Been Hacked!

If you have a functioning up-to-date firewall program with notification turned on, it should report hack attempts. Below is an example of a Norton Internet Security Firewall alert announcing a hack attempt on my PC.

This alert provides the following information: the firewall program is automatically blocking the hacker from any further communications with my computer for 30 minutes, the hacker attempted to use the Backdoor/SubSeven trojan to take over my computer, and the hacker's IP address (Internet protocol address which is unique for all computers) is

Notice that Norton Internet Security has already determined the hacker's originating IP address, so now we have to track down which ISP owns IP address, so we can have the ISP investigate this hack attempt.

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