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1. Why use a driver scanner program?

2. How Does Uniblue's DriverScanner Work?

3. How do I know if I need driver scanning software?

4. So did Uniblue's DriverScanner work as advertised?

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Are Out-of-date Windows Devices Drivers Slowing your Computer Down? Give Uniblue's DriverScanner a try.

Why Use a Driver Scanner Program?

Manufacturers use device drivers (programs or scripts) to interface computer periphals with your PC. So devices like printers, video cards, sound cards, motherboard compents, etc. all require drivers to work with your PC.
If a device driver becomes old or out-of-date, the device may not work properly with your computer.

Windows Update does a fairly good job of keeping your computer's device driver's up-to-date, however it does not optimize your drivers nor does it always report a newer driver.
However, like most of us you are probably not aware which of your device drivers are out-of-date an which aren't. Rather than trying to go through each of your drivers and search for updates on your own, why not get some help?This is the concept behind Uniblue's DriversScanner.

How Does Uniblue's DriverScanner Work?

Uniblue's DriverScanner queries a database of drivers and makes recommendations as to which drivers need to be updated on your computer. Driver scanning programs are especially useful as computers age, as device manufacturers will go out of business and their drivers are no longer centrally managed.
Also, computer manufacturers appear to be very reluctant to keep their device drivers current, and the longer your computer model has been selling, the greater the liklihood that the manufacturer has not kept all peripheral device drivers up-to-date.

How Do I Know if I Need Driver Scanning Software?

The best thing to do is to give Uniblue's DriverScanner a try. You can dowload the program for free, run it, and it will provide a detailed analysis of your out-of-date drivers.
I ran Uniblue's DriverScanner on my Window's laptop, and it reported that 22 of the laprtop's device drivers were out-of-date.
At this point you have to make a decision, either you can purchase and register the program or you can uninstall the program. This is a typical try before you buy approach used by downloadable software manufacturers.
After registering the software, you click on the drivers you want to update, then Uniblue's DriverScanner dowloads the appropriate driver. You click to install the driver, and a system restore point is made before your driver is installed.

So Did the Uniblue DriverScanner Work as Advertised?

Yes it did. The 22 out-of-date drivers were updated by Uniblue's DriverScanner and my system appears to run more efficientley and I have not had any issues since updating the drivers. Additionally, I ran the software two days later and two other drivers were identified for updating.
Uniblue suggests running DriverScanner at least monthly, and I would suggest that also, as drivers are constantly updated by device manufacturers.

In conclusion, I recommend that you give Uniblue's DriverScanner a try if you want a quick, easy way to keep your drivers up-to-date. Click here to read more about the UniBlue Driverscanner and to download their free-to-try program.

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