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Athlon DDR Article Index

1. Introduction

2. Iwill KA266-R Specs

3. Parts Shopping

4. DDR Athlon Building Requirements

5. Computer Building Steps

6. Install DDR RAM and Accessory Connectors then Power-on Test

7. Install Drives and Peripherals

8. Motherboard and Peripherals Evaluation


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Building a 1.2 GHz DDR Athlon with the Iwill KA266-R Motherboard

Parts Shopping and Building Requirements

Having decided on the motherboard, it was time to shop around and see what was available.
I found a good motherboard/CPU combo deal at TC Computers. They installed an Athlon 1.2 GHz CPU and a Cooler Master fan/heatsink, on the Iwill KA266-R motherboard and tested it prior to shipping.
I also decided to buy a mid-tower case from them, a Kel Groups translucent mid-tower case.
Case Specs - ATX and Micro-ATX Motherboards, AMD Athlon-approved 300W Enlight power supply, 4x 5.25" and 2x 3.5" external, 3x 3.5" internal drive bays. Six full-sized expansion slots, 1 half-sized.

I accumulated the rest of the parts from various stores which you will find listed in the table below. Some items were weekly specials or sales, so you probably can't duplicate some of the prices.

Athlon DDR Parts List
Part Name Cost
Purchased From
Iwill KA266-R motherboard with onboard sound, AMD 1.2 GHz Athlon, Cooler Master fan (bundled and tested) $450
Micron PC 2100, 256 MB DDR DIMM, CAS 2.5, ECC $100
Kel Groups translucent mid-tower case with 300 watt AMD approved power supply $80
Western Digital ATA 100, 40 GB, 7200 RPM hard drive $150
TEAC 3.5 inch floppy drive $29
Elsa Gladiac GeForce 2 GTS - 32 MB DDR $170
Microsoft keyboard and optical mouse bundle $40
Memorex 40 X CD-ROM $45
Altec Lansing 3 Piece speaker set (includes subwoofer) $40
Total Cost (not including monitor or Internet connection) $968

DDR Athlon Building Requirements

Before you rush out and start buying parts to build your dream DDR Athlon system, keep these requirements in mind.

1. An AMD approved 300 watt power supply is absolutely required.
2. Adequate case ventilation is a must. Your computer case should have a front fan pulling in fresh air (your power supply fan vents air out the back of the case).
3. Get a good CPU fan/heat sink. All 1 GHz CPUs pump out the heat. Keep your CPU cool.
4. Know what type of RAM your board will accept and buy RAM from a name brand company.

Maximum Cooling. Keeping your 1 GHz class Athlon cool is a must. Notice the CPU heat sink/fan towering over the external connectors.

Next we'll look at the steps for building a computer.

Computer Building Steps >>>

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