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Daily Computer News and Rumors

September 8-15 2003

About News and Rumors. InfoHQ Computer News and Rumors is a daily column. It features news coverage of new PC and Mac computer hardware and software, Internet news, and other technical news items.
Every Sunday, News and Rumors features "Sunday Shopping Watch", which is a comparison and analysis of Sunday computer store advertisements.
The Daily Computer News and Rumors is an archived column, so feel free to review previous week's or month's computer news. Previous Daily Computer News articles can also be searched, by using our site search feature found in the top and bottom menu bar.

InfoHQ Daily Computer News and Rumors Article Index
(Click on story to read, use your Browser's back button to return to this index.)
Sep 15 Crucial Technology Introduces Hi-Speed USB Flash Card Readers
Sep 15 Washington State Resident Wins $250,000 Spam E-Mail Case
Sep 15 America Online Launches Enhanced AOLbyPhone Service
Sep 15 Macromedia Studio MX 2004 Now Available
Sep 14 Sunday Shopping Watch
Sep 12 AMD Announces New AMD Opteron Processors
Sep 12 Apple Announces Faster iMacs
Sep 12 Apple's iTunes Music Store Sells Ten Millionth Song
Sep 12 Apple Introduces New 20GB and 40GB iPods
Sep 12 Net Nanny's New Chat Monitoring Program
Sep 11 Record Companies File First Lawsuits Against Computer Users Illegally Sharing Copyrighted Music
Sep 11 Schlumberger Announces First Commercial Launch of 128K Java SIM Card
Sep 11 Samsung Launches Mass Production of 576Mb RDRAM
Sep 11 Linare Corporation Officially Launches Linux Desktop OS Software for $19.95
Sep 11 Logitech Introduces ClickSmart 820 Digital Web Camera
Sep 10 Intel Introduces First Single-Chip Processor For Phones Running Advanced Wireless Data Networks
Sep 10 Industry's Lowest-Cost Bluetooth Adapter Developed for USB-Enabled Peripherals
Sep 10 LaCie Races Ahead with New Line of Hard Drives and DVD-RW Drives
Sep 10 Canon's New I860 Desktop Photo Printer Creates Realistic Photos And Quality Text
Sep 10 Wireless Computing Technology Is Becoming Crucial To Business
Sep 09 Intel Expands Reach of Intel Itanium 2-Based Systems with Two New Processors
Sep 09 Fujitsu Offers Adds Convertible LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC to Product Portfolio
Sep 09 Canon Premieres a Pair of Powerful and Popularly Priced All Purpose Printers
Sep 09 Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2004 Protects Against Spyware and Spam
Sep 09 Game Boy Advance Celebrates Sales Milestone
Sep 08 Panasonic Premieres Industry Firsts At CEDIA
Sep 08 Microsoft Corporation and Be Incorporated Reach Agreement to Settle Litigation
Sep 08 Epson Introduces $1,299 Home Theater Projector with Widescreen Display
Sep 08 DISH Network Expands High-Def Offerings


Sep 15 -Crucial Technology Introduces Hi-Speed USB Flash Card Readers. Crucial Technology, a division of Micron and one of the world's largest direct memory upgrade providers, today introduced three new Hi-Speed USB flash card readers.

Crucial's new Hi-Speed USB readers make it easy to transfer digital data from flash memory cards directly to a desktop computer or notebook at speeds up to 480 megabits per second (Mbps), 40 times faster than original USB card readers.

"Many companies call their card readers Hi-Speed USB, however few offer true Hi-Speed USB products with data rates as fast as 480Mbps," said Crucial Technology Director of Marketing Rafe VanDenBerg. "If customers want to take full advantage of their Hi-Speed USB-enabled computer systems, Crucial's new readers give them significant performance gains."

The card readers are now available on Crucial's Web site at www.crucial.com and are priced from $16.99 - $25.99.

Sep 15 - Washington State Resident Wins $250,000 Spam E-Mail Case. Graham & Dunn law firm announced that anti-spam activist Nigel Featherston has won a $250,000 default judgment in the Superior Court of Washington State for King County against a spam organization in Ohio known for sending millions of spam emails ranging from multi-level schemes to diet pills. This could be one of the largest anti-spam awards in the history of the Washington spam law.

"This judgment sends a signal that people are not going to stand for invasions from spammers," said Featherston. "Some spammers have this warped idea that their freedom of speech is guaranteed all the way into my hard drive, but it is my firm belief that their rights end at my firewall." Featherston won the judgment against Charles Childs and Linda Lightfoot, Ohio spammers doing business as Universal Direct, Mega Direct and Ultra-Trim, among others.

An engineer and former Microsoft developer with several patents, Featherston began fighting spam in 1998 when he was deluged with unwanted emails that required him to change his email address. He filed numerous complaints, often getting the senders' web sites shut down. In April 2002, in retribution, spammers used his email address in spam sent to others, which resulted in thousands of bounced back emails coming to Featherston's address, overwhelming his system, and in affect, causing a denial of service for Featherston.

Using an attorney and private investigator, Featherston gathered evidence to take advantage of the state's tough anti-spam law, which by statute, states that each spam can cost the sender $500. In this case, Featherston could have sued for $29 million, but decided to ask for a more reasonable $250,000. The court concluded that he had sufficient evidence that he had received approximately 58,000 illegal e-mails due to the defendants' actions.

The private investigator found that the Federal Trade Commission had taken legal action to shut down the Childs/Lightfoot operation for reasons unrelated to spam. The information in the FTC case proved invaluable as evidence in Featherstone's case. Featherston encourages others to help fight spam. He also provided this advice for others, "Anytime you are tempted to buy something from a spam e-mail, remember that you will be encouraging and financing more spam."

Sep 15 - America Online Launches Enhanced AOLbyPhone Service. America Online, Inc., the world's leading interactive services company, today introduced a significantly upgraded AOLbyPhone(TM) service, offering new features and enhancements to provide AOL members even more ways to communicate and stay informed while on the go.
The AOLbyPhone premium service allows AOL members to check their e-mail and access other popular AOL features conveniently through simple, spoken commands, toll-free from any telephone.

Delivering what members say they want most, the newly released version of AOLbyPhone now includes enhanced e-mail, directory assistance, information services such as news, wakeup calls, and access to AOL(R) Journals, making the service an even easier way to stay in touch with the people and information users need.
AOLbyPhone also provides AOL members access to popular AOL applications such as weather, sports, and movie guides, no matter where they are. And the service is now priced at $3.95 per month, making it even more affordable to AOL members.

AOLbyPhone provides the ability to keep up with e-mail to the growing number of on-the-go cell phone users in the US. Today, roughly half the country's population, or about 140 million people, has a wireless phone, according to Yankee Group, up from 38 percent three years ago, when the AOLbyPhone service was first introduced. Cell phones are approaching landline phones in number as well, making up about 43 percent of all US phones, according to the International Telecommunication Union, up from 37 percent in 2000.

Ted Leonsis, Vice Chairman and President of the AOL Core Service said: "More and more, people feel the need to be connected to their e-mail wherever they are - whether at home, running errands, in a meeting, at the mall or at the airport. AOLbyPhone makes checking e-mail as easy as picking up the phone, and provides our members easy access to a wealth of other must-have information from their AOL accounts. With AOLbyPhone, where there's a phone, there's AOL."

AOLbyPhone allows users to listen to e-mail from any e-mail address over the phone, and respond either by recording a 60-second audio message in their own voice or, in a new enhancement to the service, use touchtone keypad strokes for enhanced privacy. AOLbyPhone members can also call in to hear audio e-mail replies sent from another AOLbyPhone member. Additional upgrades planned soon include the ability for users to send e-mails and switch screennames in the middle of a session, as well as access their AOL address book.

Using AOLbyPhone is simple and toll-free in the US. Members call 1-800-AOL-1234 to access the service and then are greeted by a friendly human voice host who guides them to the information they want to find online. The AOLbyPhone service can be accessed in the U.S. from home phones, cell phones, payphones and even rotary phones. AOL members will need to register to use the service at AOL Keyword: AOLbyPhone. The service is available to AOL members for $3.95 per month, in addition to the AOL membership fee.

Sep 15 - Macromedia Studio MX 2004 Now Available. Macromedia(R) (Nasdaq:MACR) today announced the immediate availability of Macromedia Studio MX 2004, which includes major new releases of its industry-leading tools, Macromedia Flash(TM), Dreamweaver(R), and Fireworks(R).

Studio MX 2004 provides an integrated workflow for designing and developing the full spectrum of websites and Internet applications. Studio MX, released in 2002, is the best-selling product in the company's history, and this 2004 version delivers even deeper cross-product integration. For advanced developers delivering rich Internet applications, Studio MX 2004 will also be available with Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004.

Dreamweaver MX 2004, Fireworks MX 2004, and Macromedia Flash MX 2004 were already awarded the CNET Editors' Choice seal by the CNET/ZDNet Product Reviews Team, and Studio MX 2004 was selected as a "Hot Pick" at the Seybold San Francisco trade show.

"Studio MX 2004 is the one-stop shop for professional web development," said Norm Meyrowitz, president of products, Macromedia. "From its cross-product support for CSS to its new customizable workspaces, we can't wait to see what our customers will do with it."

Studio MX 2004 delivers substantial new releases of its leading professional tools. Dreamweaver MX 2004 simplifies web site and application development, offering enhanced Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) support, cross-browser validation, built-in graphics editing, and updated support for ASP.NET, PHP, and ColdFusion server technologies.
Flash MX 2004 makes it easier than ever to create rich interactive content with new timeline effects, easy import of Adobe Illustrator and PDF content, and CSS support. Fireworks MX 2004 delivers a broad array of new design tools and effects. FreeHand(R) MX, released in February, delivers new productivity tools and panels, and improved Mac OS X performance.

Studio MX 2004 is available for immediate download today from the Macromedia Online Store (http://www.macromedia.com/go/buymx2004/).

Sep 14 - Sunday Shopping Watch.

Best Sunday Deals - See our Best Sunday Ad Deals Table below for specific system prices.

Weekly Comparison. A very good weekend to go out and buy a laptop or desktop computer.

This Sunday's Special Discounts and Financing. In addition to sales on specific items, the following store-wide sales are advertised this week. (Note that these ads are for the Dayton, Ohio area. Prices or offerings may be different where you live.)

Best Buy is offering 12 month no-interest financing on all desktop and laptop purchases, and $100 mail-in rebates on advertised laptops and $150 mail-in rebates on Pentium 4s with Hyper Threading desktop packages.
Circuit City is offering $150 mail-in rebates on advertised desktop packages and notebooks plus 12 months no interest on all .
Office Depot has no store-wide promotions this Sunday.
CompUSA is offering $150 mail-in rebates on advertised notebooks and 6 months no payment, no interest financing on purchases over $199.
Staples has no store-wide promotions this Sunday.
Compare to Online Prices - Compare the Sunday ad prices to those being offered at DealTime, it searches over 160 online computer stores.

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Definitions. A complete desktop system/package/complete package is defined as a computer with monitor and printer or scanner.
A build-to-order system is customized at the retailer and then ordered from a computer manufacturer. In addition to the computer's stated price, you still pay sales tax and shipping charges (if you order direct from the vendor without going through the chain store, you may not have to pay sales tax and you could get a better warranty).

Caution about advertised prices. When reading advertisements, read the fine print of the ad to make sure you know what is being advertised and what it cost. For example, many advertisers will show a complete system with computer, monitor, and printer but advertise a price for the computer only.

* Prices discussed in this article. We report prices after rebates and discounts are subtracted.
Items highlighted in Black are good deals.
Items highlighted in Red means prices have gone up and the system is not a good buy this week.
Items in normal text means prices are about the same as the previous weeks.

Best Sunday Ad Deals
Product Description
Price* (see above)
Prices up or Down this Week
Best Celeron Deal
None Advertised
1. Best Pentium 4 System
HP 2.4 GHz complete system with 17" monitor , DVD/CD-R/W, and HT Technology
Best Buy
2. Best Pentium 4 System
HP 2.6 GHz complete system with 15" flat panel, DVD-R/W, and HT Technology
Best Buy
3. Best Pentium 4 System
HP 2.6 GHz Media Center complete system with 15" flat panel, DVD-R/W, and HT Technology
Circuit City
4. Best Pentium 4 System
HP 2.6 GHz Media Center complete system with 17" flat panel, DVD-R/W, and HT Technology
Best Buy
5. Best Pentium 4 System
HP 2.8 GHz Media Center complete system with 17" flat panel, DVD-R/W, and HT Technology
Best AMD Athlon XP System
HP 2600+ complete system with 17" monitor
Best Buy, Circuit City($739)
1. Best Low-cost Laptop

Compaq 2 GHz Celeron with DVD/CD-RW

2. Best Low-cost Laptop

Toshiba 2.2 GHz Celeron with DVD/CD-RW

3. Best Low-cost Laptop

HP AMD Athlon XP-M 2200+ with DVD/CD-RW

Best Buy
4. Best Low-cost Laptop

Compaq AMD Athlon XP-M 2400+ with DVD/CD-RW

CompUSA ,Best Buy ($1049)
1. Best High-end Notebook
HP 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 with DVD/CD-RW
2. Best High-end Notebook
Toshiba 2.6 GHz Pentium 4 with DVD /CD- RW
Circuit City
3. Best High-end Notebook
Toshiba 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 with DVD - RW
4. Best High-end Notebook
Toshiba 1.3 GHz Centrino with DVD/CD- RW
Peripherals and Software
Best Sunday Deal
Maxtor 7200 RPM 250 GB hard drive with 8 MB buffer
(after rebates)
Best Sunday Deal
Mad Dog GeForce FX 5200 128 MB DDR
(after rebates)
Best Sunday Deal
PNY GeForce FX 5600 Ultra 128 MB DDR
(after rebates)
Best Sunday Deal
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128 MB DDR
(after rebates)
Best Sunday Deal
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 128 MB DDR
(after rebates)
Circuit City
Best Sunday Deal
Sony 4X External USB 2.0 multiformat DVD-RW
(after rebates)
Best Buy
Best Sunday Deal
HP 4X multiformat DVD-RW
(after rebates)
Best Buy
Best Sunday Deal
Sony 52X CD-RW
(after rebates)


InfoHQ Quick Jumps to Upgrades from DealTime - Click to check on latest prices
Video Cards ATI Radeon
  GeForce4 FX
Hard Drives Maxtor
  Western Digital
CD-RW Drives 40x/48x Write Speed
CPUs All AMD Athlon XP CPUs
  All Intel Pentium 4 CPUs
Antivirus Software All Manufacturers
Firewall Software All Manufacturers
All Other Products DealTime


Additional Information. For additional technical information, advice on how to buy a laptop or desktop, and vendor and manufacturer links, please see our Computer Buying Advice page.

About Sunday Shopping Watch. Sunday Shopping Watch appears every Sunday (except some holidays like Easter and Christmas) in our News and Rumors column. It is a review of local (Dayton, Ohio) computer chain store advertisements. While we can not guarantee your local chain store has the same items, this article can help you make informed buying decisions.

Sep 12 - AMD Announces New AMD Opteron Processors. AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the addition of the AMD Opteron(TM) processor Models 846 and 146 to its lineup of evolutionary server and workstation chips. Both processors provide leading-edge 32-bit application performance while allowing businesses to transition to 64-bit applications as their needs require.

The AMD Opteron processor Model 846 for 4- to 8-way-capable servers gives the compute- and memory-intensive applications used for large databases, business processing and decision support the power, performance and reliability sought by IT managers. The scalability of the AMD Opteron processor Model 846 brings investment protection and flexibility to enterprises and high-performance compute centers requiring high-performance on 32- and 64-bit applications.

The AMD Opteron Model 146 provides large memory and scalable input-output support as well as the industry-leading performance that end users such as digital content creators and engineering professionals require in workstations. The AMD Opteron 100 Series also powers reliable entry-level servers, such as those used by small businesses and Internet and application service providers.

"The best in 32-bit and 64-bit server computing begins and ends with the AMD Opteron processor," said Marty Seyer, vice president and general manager of AMD's Microprocessor Business Unit. "By introducing these two new processors, AMD is again giving customers the industry's highest-performing x86 processor-based server for the applications they use most with the flexibility to run more powerful 64-bit applications when they choose. With the AMD Opteron processor Model 146, AMD will re-energize the workstation market."


The AMD Opteron processor Model 846 and servers based on the Model 846 are available immediately via the Validated Server Program from system builders in North America. The AMD Opteron processor Model 146 is available immediately, worldwide. Systems based on the Model 146 are expected from system builders worldwide.


The AMD Opteron processor Model 846 is priced at $3,199 in 1,000-unit quantities. The AMD Opteron processor Model 146 is priced at $669 in 1,000-unit quantities. For additional pricing information, please see www.amd.com/pricing.

Sep 12 - Apple's iTunes Music Store Sells Ten Millionth Song. Apple® announced that music fans have purchased and downloaded over ten million songs from the iTunes® Music Store since its launch just over four months ago, averaging over 500,000 songs per week. The ten millionth song, “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne, was purchased and downloaded at 11:34 p.m. (PDT) on September 3.

The combination of the iTunes digital music jukebox, the pioneering iTunes Music Store and the market-leading iPod™ digital music player provide users with a complete solution for buying, managing and listening to their digital music collections anywhere. The iTunes Music Store will be available to Windows users by the end of this year.

“Legally selling ten million songs online in just four months is a historic milestone for the music industry, musicians and music lovers everywhere,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Apple offers the only complete solution for digital music with iTunes and the amazing iPod, which now holds 10,000 songs in your pocket.”

“We are honored and grateful to be one of the top selling artists in the iTunes Music Store,” said Chris Martin, singer/songwriter of the Grammy-award winning band Coldplay. “It’s clear Apple has delivered a working and successful platform for music fans to discover artists and purchase both albums and single songs instantly with ease. We embrace these efforts enthusiastically and see them as the future of our business.”

The revolutionary online music store offers songs from major and independent music labels, groundbreaking personal use rights, and one-click download directly into Apple’s integrated digital jukebox software, iTunes—all for just 99 cents per song. Users can listen to free 30-second previews of any song in the store, then purchase and download their favorite songs or complete albums in pristine digital quality. Songs can be burned at no extra cost onto an unlimited number of CDs for personal use, played on up to three computers, and listened to on an unlimited number of iPods.

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings. For additional information, visit www.apple.com.

Sep 12 - Apple Announces Faster iMacs. Apple® announced significant enhancements to its popular line of iMac® desktop computers, including faster PowerPC G4 processors running up to 1.25 GHz, faster 333 MHz DDR memory, faster NVIDIA graphics and the move to the faster USB 2.0 standard.

“The iMac, with its high quality 15- or 17-inch widescreen displays and bundled iLife applications, is the ultimate computer for working with digital photos, digital music and digital video,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “The ease-of-use and stunning design of the iMac remain unparalleled in the industry.”

The new iMacs sport faster PowerPC G4 processors running at 1.0 GHz in the 15-inch model and 1.25 GHz in the 17-inch model. Both models include 256MB of faster DDR SDRAM running at 333 MHz and an 80GB Ultra ATA/100 hard disk drive. The 17-inch model also includes NVIDIA’s GeForce FX 5200 Ultra graphics processor with 64MB of DDR video memory.

Designed around an ultra-compact base, the iMac’s flat panel display appears to float in mid-air, allowing users to effortlessly adjust its height or angle with just a touch. The iMacs offer two FireWire® 400 and three high-speed USB 2.0 ports for fast, simple, plug-and-play connections to devices such as digital cameras, DV camcorders, the iPod™ and the iSight™ video conferencing camera.
The iMac also offers the latest in wireless communications with support for 54Mbps AirPort® Extreme 802.11g wireless networking and optional built-in Bluetooth for wireless connectivity to a range of peripherals such as cell phones and PDAs.

Every iMac includes Mac OS X “Jaguar” and Apple’s iLife applications, a completely integrated suite offering iTunes® 4 for managing and purchasing digital music, iPhoto® 2 for organizing and sharing digital digital photos, iMovie® 3 for making movies and iDVD™ 3 for burning Hollywood-style DVDs. Also included is a collection of productivity and entertainment titles such as Quicken 2003 Deluxe, World Book 2003 Edition and the recently introduced Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4.

iMac desktops are available immediately through the Apple Store® (www.apple.com), at Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers.

Sep 12 - Apple Introduces New 20GB and 40GB iPods. Apple® today announced new 20GB and 40GB models of its best-selling iPod™ digital music player. The new 40GB iPod holds up to 10,000 CD-quality songs (playing each song back-to-back takes a month) in a stunning enclosure that is lighter and thinner than two CDs.
iPods are available in three models: a 10GB model for just $299 (US), the new 20GB model for $399 (US) and the new 40GB model for $499 (US); and offer the perfect combination of ease of use, storage capacity, audio performance and ultra-portable design.

“iPod is the best-selling digital music player and the ‘gold standard’ to which all portable music players are compared,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “The iPod and the iTunes Music Store offer music lovers an unbeatable combination that our competitors can't even come close to.”

iPod is the only portable music player with Apple’s patent pending Auto-Sync, an innovative feature that automatically downloads your entire digital music library onto iPod and keeps it up-to-date whenever the iPod is plugged into your Mac® or Windows PC using FireWire® or USB 2.0.
The ultra-portable iPods are designed with a solid-state “no moving parts” navigation wheel and backlit buttons for precise, effortless navigation through thousands of songs; an elegant dock for easy syncing and charging with an audio line out for quick connection to a home stereo or powered speakers; an “On-The-Go” playlist so users can build a playlist right on their iPod; a customizable main menu so users can promote the features they use most often to their top level menu; and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for more than eight hours of continuous music.

The iTunes® Music Store has sold over ten million songs since its launch just over four months ago and is the perfect companion to the iPod. Now listeners can easily find, purchase and download their music online with one click.
Music purchased from the iTunes Music Store is downloaded right into Apple’s popular iTunes 4 digital music jukebox, where users can easily manage their music library, create playlists, burn custom CDs and easily download their entire music library into their iPods for on-the-go listening anywhere. The iTunes Music Store will be available to Windows users by the end of this year.

Pricing & Availability

New iPods for Mac and Windows PCs are available today for a suggested retail price of $299 (US) for the 10GB iPod, $399 (US) for the 20GB iPod and $499 (US) for the 40GB iPod through the Apple Store® (www.apple.com), Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers.
Laser engraving is available for $19 (US) and can include two lines of text with up to 27 characters per line. The new iPods support high-speed syncing via USB 2.0 with Windows; a separate USB 2.0 cable, available at www.apple.com/ipod/accessories.html for $19 (US) is required.

Sep 12 - Net Nanny's New Chat Monitoring Program. BioNet Systems, LLC, the developer of Net Nanny(R) -- the most trusted name in Internet safety software for families -- today announced the widespread market availability of its comprehensive and powerful Internet chat monitoring software, Net Nanny(R)'s Chat Monitor(TM).

The latest product in the Net Nanny family of solutions, Chat Monitor(TM) filters and monitors popular chat and instant messaging programs and notifies parents when children are in a potentially dangerous online situation, limits time spent online chatting, and stops children from giving out personal information.

Chat Monitor records both sides of a chat conversation, analyzing the actual content of a conversation. Based on the analysis, Chat Monitor's reactions include masking objectionable comments (rendering them unreadable on the screen), providing real-time email alerts and warnings when customizable conversational thresholds are reached, and disconnecting the chat session or preventing future conversations and interaction for that user.

The United States Internet Crime Task Force, Inc. (www.usict.org) projects that this year alone, 1 out of 5 children will receive an online approach by a predator. Last year, 19.5 million children went online and the USICT reports that 65% were solicited in chat rooms and 10% of children were asked to meet someplace. 77% of those children were under 14 years of age.

"Children and teenagers have quickly adopted instant messaging and chatting as a primary method of communication," remarked Andrew Tull, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for BioNet Systems, LLC. "Unfortunately, there is a dangerous side to chatting online. With the release of Chat Monitor, our goal is to give parents a powerful new tool for managing those risks, by helping parents detect and deter the kinds of online behaviors that lead children into danger."

"We have been anxiously awaiting the release of Net Nanny's Chat Monitor," said David Evangelista, Executive Director of the United States Internet Crime Task Force, Inc. "The USICT has closed 40,000 chat rooms that pose threats to children online. Cutting-edge technology such as Chat Monitor and our VIPER Project greatly reduces the risk for children online, while providing a valuable tool for parents and investigators. Chat Monitor is a tool that no parent should be without."

Pricing and Availability

Net Nanny's Chat Monitor is available at major electronics and computer retail locations and online from the Net Nanny store at www.netnanny.com and other online retailers. It has a Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of $39.95 and includes 30 days of technical support and on-demand list updates. Volume pricing is also available.

Sep 11 - Record Companies File First Lawsuits Against Computer Users Illegally Sharing Copyrighted Music. Computer users who illegally download and distribute copyrighted music through Internet file-sharing services could be facing serious and costly consequences.

Record companies filed the first of what could ultimately be thousands of lawsuits against computer users who have been illegally distributing copyrighted music through peer-to-peer services such as KaZaA and Grokster. However, the industry is granting amnesty to file sharers who promise to mend their ways.

The Recording Industry Association of America filed the lawsuits because educational efforts over the past year haven't made enough of a difference in stopping online music theft, which has grown to three billion illegal song downloads per month. Instant Messages went out to millions of computer users distributing copyrighted music earlier this year, warning them that they were breaking the law and could be sued or prosecuted.

Record companies are offering amnesty to music fans who voluntarily come forward and promise to stop file sharing copyrighted music without permission. For more information on the amnesty program, go to www.musicunited.org. [Editor's note: I couldn't find any information on the amnesty program at the listed site.]

Sep 11 - Schlumberger Announces First Commercial Launch of 128K Java SIM Card. Schlumberger Smart Cards and Terminals, business unit of Schlumberger Limited, today announced the world's first commercial launch of its 128K USIMERA (Java) SIM card with one of Asia's leading mobile operator, Globe Telecom.

The new 3G-ready 128K Java SIM card is set to create a substantial impact on the market with its unprecedented memory and processing capabilities, thus enabling mobile operators to provide more personalized, sophisticated and innovative value-added services (VAS).

With the first shipment in early August 2003, the USIMERA 128K cards had been launched by Globe Telecom as the new G-plan Opti-SIM. This powerful SIM can store up to 750 phonebook entries, 100 text messages, and run applications such as organizers with easy-to-use menu interfaces.

Based on Java(TM) technology that is renowned for its open programming standards, the interoperable SIM card is able to run applications created for Java card platforms, provides faster development time, and offers more efficient deployment of value-added services to individual mobile handset users. It gives mobile operators such as Globe Telecom a platform to evolve and customize services constantly, helping them to better address the needs of their customers.

The G-Plan opti-SIM is now being offered by Globe Telecom exclusive to their plan subscribers. New Globe plan subscribers can get it for FREE while existing subscribers may also upgrade their existing SIM cards with the convenience of maintaining their current mobile numbers. This 128K Java card platform clearly gives Globe Telecom the tool and opportunity to maintain their leadership in service and technology in the Philippine market.

For more information, visit www.smartcards.net.

Sep 11 - Samsung Launches Mass Production of 576Mb RDRAM. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced semiconductor memory technology, today said that it has begun mass production of 576-Megabit (Mb) RDRAM(R). The high performance memory device, which achieves a record data processing speed of 1,200-Megabits-per-second (Mbps), will provide a competitive edge for manufacturers of high performance computers such as supercomputers, and high-end servers and network systems.

"Samsung's migration to higher density RDRAM devices demonstrates the company's continued commitment to high performance systems makers that depend on RDRAM," said Tom Quinn, Samsung's U.S. vice president of memory sales and marketing. "Rambus DRAM provides memory performance advantage for manufacturers of supercomputers, advanced servers and OC-48 and higher network equipment developers."

The 576Mb RDRAM-based module is available in densities of up to 1-Gigabytes (GB) in a wide selection of memory module options including: 16-bit RIMM, 32-bit RIMM, SoRIMM, NexMod, and 4-channel RIMM.

Based on 0.11 micron process technology, the new RDRAM operates at an industry leading 2.4 Gigabyte-per-second (GBps) on a single channel and reaches 9.6GBps in a 4-channel system -- one and a half times the bandwidth of dual-channel DDR400.

For more information, visit www.samsungsemi.com.

Sep 11 - Logitech Introduces ClickSmart 820 Digital Web Camera. Logitech, the leading manufacturer of Web cameras, is making it even easier for people to capture high-quality pictures and share them with family and friends.

With the company's newest DualCam product, the Logitech® ClickSmart® 820, people can take pictures and videos on-the-go and tag images directly on the camera for email- the pictures will be sent automatically as soon as they are downloaded to the computer. What's more, this same camera can be used as a webcam, allowing friends and family to stay connected, in real time, through free video instant messaging software.

As Logitech's premier DualCam, ClickSmart 820 is an ideal way to capture high-quality pictures at or away from the PC. It features true 2.1-megapixel resolution, 2X Digital Zoom, a 1.5 inch color LCD screen, a built-in microphone and flash. Its 8MB of internal memory can store up to 12 2.1 magapixel images, 64 VGA (640x480) images or 60 seconds of continuous video.

People who want to take more pictures or longer video clips can add additional memory to the camera's removable SmartMedia™ memory slot. The camera includes QuickSync™ and QuickSend™ software, which enables pictures and videos to be instantly downloaded to the PC, and automatically emailed to family and friends. It also comes with an adjustable swivel base, lens cover, wrist strap, and four AAA batteries.

The Logitech ClickSmart 820 is currently available in U.S. retail outlets and online at www.logitech.com at a suggested retail price of $179.95.

Sep 11 - Linare Corporation Officially Launches Linux Desktop OS Software for $19.95. Linare Corporation, an integrator of software and hardware focused on the Linux platform, is officially launching its Desktop OS software Linare Linux this week. This user friendly, reliable and cost efficient operating system, which provides everything needed in a typical office environment, is available for just $19.95 and offers round-the-clock technical support.
Linare Linux is based on the Linux kernel and KDE, a user-friendly and more powerful graphical environment. Linare Linux also comes with Open Office, a full office suite compatible with Microsoft Office, which includes word processing, spreadsheet, drawing and presentation software.

Features of Linare Linux include a full Internet suite, bundled with a GAIM messenger that can be used with Yahoo, MSN, AOL and ICQ protocols. Linare Linux includes Mozilla mail software, the increasingly popular Outlook-styled email program, and the Mozilla Internet Browser.

The software also comes with several popular add-ons for playing digital audio, sending instant messages, burning CDs, videoconferencing, and synchronizing data filed on handheld computers. Multimedia support includes Real Player, provided by the global leader in digital media.

Home users will find everything they need bundled onto one CD, with all packages featuring the easy-to-use, graphical desktop environment.

Purchasers have access to Linare's 24-hour, seven-day-a-week technical and installation support, and will find Linare's Linux platform to be very user friendly.

Linare Corporation CEO Soma Sundaram said, "Now more than ever before, people are looking for a reliable, virus-free operating system. This is a great opportunity for home and business users to get a high-quality, reliable, user friendly and secure system."

Linare Linux can now be purchased by visiting the Linare website at www.linare.com.

Sep 10 - Intel Introduces First Single-Chip Processor For Phones Running Advanced Wireless Data Networks. Intel Corporation today announced the industry's first single-chip processor for cellular phones using Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) wireless networks. EDGE is an emerging technology that sends and receives data two to three times faster than today's GSM/GPRS (2.5G) networks, enabling higher quality multimedia and other broadband applications for mobile phone users.

The Intel® PXA800EF cellular processor-the latest product to use Intel's advanced "Wireless Internet on a Chip" technology-combines the key components of today's cellular phones and handheld computers onto a single microchip to enable advanced features, new data capabilities, longer battery life and more innovative designs for mainstream phones.

High-speed wireless networks such as EDGE promise to significantly increase the amount of data processed on a handset, turning the traditional cell phone into a "converged" device capable of high-performance computing and communications. As carriers offer new wireless applications and services to take advantage of the higher data rates, the new processor will be well-equipped to manage the requirements of a converged device to provide a high-quality experience for users.

The new cellular processor is a key component of the Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel® PCA), Intel's development blueprint for designing wireless handheld communication devices that combine voice communications and Internet access capabilities.

"The Intel PXA800EF processor demonstrates the ability of Intel's 'Wireless-Internet-on-a-Chip' technology to support multiple cellular networks on a single piece of silicon," said Hans Geyer, Intel vice president and general manager of its PCA Components Group. "This enables phone makers to develop a range of phones using a single platform design, offering leading performance and connectivity from entry-level GSM/GPRS to faster EDGE cellular networks."

The Intel PXA800EF cellular processor is sampling today with production volumes expected in the first quarter of 2004. Cellular phones using the new processors will be available later in 2004. The Intel PXA800EF cellular processor has a suggested list price of $29.15 (US) in 100,000 unit quantities.

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products. Additional information about Intel is available at www.intel.com.

Sep 10 - Industry's Lowest-Cost Bluetooth Adapter Developed for USB-Enabled Peripherals. CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio), the Bluetooth technology leader, and Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: CY), the industry leader in USB, today announced that they have jointly developed the industry’s lowest-cost solution for true ad hoc Bluetooth connectivity for off-the-shelf USB-enabled peripherals.

The result is CSR's USB Bluetooth printer dongle example design, which enables a total bill of materials of under $15, bringing together CSR's BlueCore™ Bluetooth chipset and Cypress’s USB On-The-Go (OTG) semiconductor technology.

The printer dongle design allows standard USB-enabled printers to receive and print Bluetooth data from laptops -- or eventually PDAs, digital cameras or mobile phones -- without turning on the printer’s host PC. In time, the design will be applied to other USB peripherals, such as storage devices, web cams and audio speakers, creating a range of affordable, host-free wireless connections between Bluetooth and USB devices. CSR is already providing samples of its complete example design to several manufacturers worldwide, and is expecting volume quantities of products featuring the technology to be available in Q4 this year.

"Products that address both consumer and business markets will help move Bluetooth into a pervasive stage," said Joyce Putscher, director, at high-tech market research firm In-Stat/MDR. "Technology, such as the wireless printing solution from CSR and Cypress, can accelerate this process by offering Bluetooth wireless connectivity and building upon standard USB ports."

"This is the first marriage of Bluetooth and USB of its kind," said Paul Novell, managing director of Cypress’s Wired Business Unit. "The fact that CSR, the world leader in Bluetooth, has selected Cypress for this project speaks volumes about their recognition of Cypress as an industry leader in USB."

Simon Finch, vice president, strategic marketing (software), CSR added, "We are happy to be working with other technology leaders such as Cypress to deliver new and innovative solutions to our customers – a list which already includes more than 130 companies making over 60 percent of the Bluetooth products on the market." Finch continued, "Having combined USB technology from Cypress with our own BlueCore Bluetooth technology, we have enabled an entirely new range of Bluetooth printer adaptors ideal for ad hoc communication."

CSR and Cypress's new USB-to-Bluetooth dongle plugs into standard USB printer ports, and the technology may eventually be integrated into printer designs. Cypress's EZ-Host™ USB controller inside the dongle acts as "host," mediating data "traffic" between the portable device and printer. CSR and Cypress are developing the technology to ensure full compatibility with all USB-enabled printer makes and models and other USB devices.

More information can be found at www.csr.com www.csr.com and the partner web site www.btdesigner.com www.btdesigner.com. More information about Bluetooth can be found on the SIG web site at www.bluetooth.com.

Sep 10 - LaCie Races Ahead with New Line of Hard Drives and DVD-RW Drives. LaCie, a leading producer of storage devices, will ship an exciting new line of hard drives and DVD drives designed by the celebrated agency Porsche Design GmbH beginning in September.

With prices beginning at only $99 dollars, the LaCie Hard Drive gives desktop users room to store up to 250GB of valuable data. Available with Hi-Speed USB 2.0 or FireWire® interface makes switching between a PC or Mac effortless.
Boasting fast data transfer rates (up to 480Mbits/s using Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connection) and up to 7200 rpm fast 3.5” disks, the LaCie Hard Drive is perfect for the vast amount of data utilized by digital technologies, such as digital photos, music editing or archiving home videos.

The new DVD drives feature DVD-RW and DVD+RW technologies in one device, and eliminate the need to choose one format over another. LaCie DVD±RW Drives are available with high-speed FireWire® or Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connection, and can be connected to any PC or Macintosh computer.

The LaCie hard drive and DVD range will be available beginning in September through LaCie authorized resellers. For more information, visit www.lacie.com.

Sep 10 - Canon's New I860 Desktop Photo Printer Creates Realistic Photos And Quality Text. Fast, flexible and photographically fine, Canon's new i860 Desktop Photo Printer is also a super-efficient all-purpose printer that achieves up to 4800 x 1200 color dpi and speeds of up to 23 pages-per-minute (ppm) in black text and up to 16 ppm in color.
The successor to the multi-award winning Canon i850 printer, the i860 printer features ContrastPLUS, an advanced five-color ink system that is the next evolutionary step in digital printing.

Key to the extraordinary flexibility of the i860 printer, ContrastPLUS features a dye-based photo-grade black ink tank for photo printing, delivering improved image contrast and overall sharpness, particularly when used on photo paper. The i860 Desktop Photo Printer also has a pigment-based black ink tank to achieve crisp, fast, high-quality black text.

New features on the i860 printer include PictBridge technology, the newly adopted industry standard for cross-brand direct printing from PictBridge compatible digital still and digital video cameras, and a photo paper tray that supports 4x6 inch photo paper that can act as a dual paper feed allowing the i860 printer to simultaneously accommodate 8.5 x 11 or 5 x 7 inch paper as well as 4x 6 inch photo paper.
The photo paper tray has a cover to protect the 4x6 photo paper and is set into the main auto sheet feeder. This new feature allows users to alternate printing modes or printing sizes without stopping to change paper.

Shipping in mid-September, the Canon i860 Desktop Photo Printer carries an estimated street price of $149.99. For more information, visit www.usa.canon.com.

Sep 10 - Wireless Computing Technology Is Becoming Crucial To Business. Business travelers view wireless computing technology as a business necessity only a year after "hotspots" - places where people can tap into a wireless Internet connection with their notebook PCs - became available in cafes, hotels and airports. Today, there are approximately 20,000 hotspots worldwide, a number expected to grow sixfold by 2005.

According to an international survey of business travelers released today by Intel Corporation, 71 percent of road warriors are convinced that Wi-Fi - short for wireless fidelity - will enable business travelers to seize a communications advantage over their competition. While only one in ten road warriors has tried Wi-Fi, nearly 90 percent see wireless computing in their future. A third of Asian road warriors said they plan to try Wi-Fi within the next three to six months.

The survey also revealed that being without Internet access while traveling puts businesspeople in an awkward position with bosses, co-workers and customers who have become accustomed to expect prompt email responses. When working in the office, 31 percent of road warriors reply to email within one hour. When road warriors are traveling, only seven percent respond within that same time frame. Thirty percent of road warriors do not respond to email for 48 hours or more while on a business trip.
One third of survey respondents said they have suffered significant consequences - such as missed meetings, lost revenue, irate customers, disappointed family members and even job termination - as a result of not having timely access to the Internet while on the road.

While business travelers predictably identified airports (77 percent), hotels (76 percent) and airplanes (60 percent) as the places where they most need hotspots, they also expressed a desire to have wireless Internet access in automobiles, trains and hospitals.

With built-in Wi-Fi viewed as the next logical step in mobile computing, 70 percent of road warriors said they intend to buy a Wi-Fi-enabled notebook when they make their next notebook PC purchase. Analysts foresee dramatic growth in sales of wireless-enabled notebook PCs. Market research firm IDC predicts that wireless-enabled notebooks will represent 42 percent of all mobile PC sales in 2003 and 95 percent in 2006.

"Road warriors were the first consumers to make cell phones part of their daily business lives more than 10 years ago, and Wi-Fi is following a similar life cycle," said Sean Maloney, executive vice president, Intel Corporation, and general manager of the Intel Communications Group. "Right now, we see business travelers and technology buffs using Wi-Fi, but the technology is spreading to general consumers even faster than it did with cell phones."

More details from the Intel "Road Warriors & Wi-Fi" survey are available at www.intel.com/unwire.

Sep 09 - Intel Expands Reach of Intel Itanium 2-Based Systems with Two New Processors. Intel Corporation today introduced two Intel(R) Itanium(R) 2 processors optimized for dual-processor systems, expanding the processor family's
reach and enabling lower-cost, lower-power systems for technical
computing and front-end enterprise applications.
The number of server and workstation models based on the Itanium
processor family, including systems from Dell, HP and IBM, is expected
to double this year to more than 40 two- and four-way systems. In
addition, Intel offers to manufacturers a rack-optimized,
dual-processor Intel server platform for these new Intel Itanium 2

The two new processors are the Intel Itanium 2 processor at 1.40
GHz with a 1.5 MB level three (L3) cache, providing leading
price-performance for technical computing applications, and the Low
Voltage Intel Itanium 2 processor at 1.0 GHz with a 1.5 MB L3 cache,
which consumes approximately half the power of existing Itanium 2

Complementing the existing large-scale Itanium 2-based systems
with up to 128 or more processors per system, the new processors allow
for lower-cost and lower-power dual-processor systems for use in
network edge, security and software engineering applications. These
dual-processor platforms can help IT managers realize increased
flexibility and efficiencies in broadening their Itanium
architecture-based environments.

"Itanium 2 processor-based systems deliver industry-leading
performance, business value and choice for data-intensive,
business-critical enterprise solutions," said Richard Dracott, group
marketing director for Intel's Enterprise Platforms Group. "With these
new processors, Itanium 2-based systems can now power virtually all
facets of the data center, from entry-level systems to supercomputers
and massive database servers."

The Intel Itanium 2 processor at 1.40 GHz with 1.5 MB of cache is
optimized for dual-processor, high-performance technical and
scientific computing systems and clusters and entry-level, front-end
enterprise systems. Enabling systems for less than $7,000, it also
delivers outstanding floating point performance per compute node,
resulting in an industry-leading price per gigaflop (billion
calculations per second), a measure of price-performance for
compute-intensive workloads.

The Low Voltage Intel Itanium 2 processor (formerly code-named
Deerfield) supports entry-level, front-end enterprise systems,
offering a compelling alternative to entry-level RISC-based platforms.
With maximum power consumption of 62 watts -- less than half the power
of existing Itanium 2 processors -- it is optimized for lower-power
and lower-cost systems. These solutions are typically used in network
edge and software engineering where power consumption and cost are
primary considerations.

The Intel Itanium 2 processor at 1.40 GHz with 1.5 MB of cache and
the Low Voltage Intel Itanium 2 processor at 1.0 GHz with 1.5 MB of
cache are now available worldwide for $1,172 and $744 in 1,000-unit
quantities, respectively.

Additional information about Intel is available at www.intel.com.

Sep 09 - Fujitsu Offers Adds Convertible LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC to Product Portfolio. Following through on its commitment to "anytime, anywhere" computing, Fujitsu PC Corporation today introduced yet another addition to its Tablet PC product line, the LifeBook(R) T3000 Tablet PC.
The company has artfully blended its award-winning LifeBook notebook and Stylistic(R) Tablet PC product lines to produce one of its most versatile PCs ever. With a flip of its screen, the LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC transforms from a traditional notebook into a highly mobile Tablet PC.

Fujitsu has more than a decade of experience under its belt and remains the technology leader in pen computing. The convertible LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC will compliment its already extensive line of Stylistic tablets and touch screen LifeBook notebooks.

"Having offered pen-enabled PCs for more than 10 years, Fujitsu brings a depth of experience to addressing its customers' needs," said Alan Promisel, analyst for International Data Corporation. "Touch screen notebooks and Tablet PCs have become viable tools for companies seeking to improve the productivity of mobile workers. With the addition of the convertible LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC, Fujitsu has enhanced its suite of pen-enabled portables, providing its customers with a greater number of computing options."

The Fujitsu LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC comes well equipped to tackle anything mobile professionals, students and frequent travelers are likely to do. Featuring Intel(R) Centrino(TM) mobile technology, the system is powered by an Intel Pentium(R) M processor operating at 1.4 GHz and comes with the Intel 855GM chipset and Intel PRO/Wireless Network Connection 802.11b. The combination of technologies delivers excellent performance and battery life, allowing users to stay mobile for extended periods of time.

"We understand that small things, such as a bridge battery and port replicator, can make a world of difference for mobile users," said Paul Moore, director of product marketing for Fujitsu PC Corporation.

The LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC's bridge battery can last up to five minutes while users replace a spent main battery for a fresh one. This gives users the ability to stay mobile for the entire workday. When they choose to return to their desks, they are likely to fall in love with the LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC's optional port replicator. It has all the ports users need to connect desktop peripherals. A quick release mechanism, combined with the unit's tight integration with the operating system, allows for instant removal, enabling users to take their LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC with them at a moment's notice.

Both models of the LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC are currently shipping and sold through the Fujitsu direct sales force, Web site and channel partners. Pricing starts at $1,799 for a base configuration.
More information on the complete line of Fujitsu IT solutions is available at www.fujitsupc.com.

Sep 09 - Canon Premieres a Pair of Powerful and Popularly Priced All Purpose Printers. Phenomenal photos fast and brilliant black text even faster are but two of the benefits of the new Canon i455 and Canon i475D Desktop Photo Printers. Successors to the enormously popular Canon i450 and Canon i470D printers, this dynamic duo adds PictBridge compatibility, the newly adopted industry standard for cross-brand direct printing from PictBridge compatible digital still and digital video cameras.

Both the i455 and i475D printers offer a maximum 4800 x 1200 color dpi with microscopic ink droplets thanks to Canon's precision print head design and construction using advanced MicroFine Droplet Technology(TM). Utilizing Canon's revolutionary nozzle system that ejects consistent, prescribed-volume ink droplets in sizes as small as 2 picoliters, these printers deliver professional photo quality results.

The i455 and i475D printers also feature true edge-to-edge borderless printing in 4x6, 5x7 and 8.5x11 inch sizes, and can easily serve as an every day, all-purpose printer with a top speed of up to 18 pages-per-minute (ppm) in black and up to 12 ppm in color. The i455 and i475D printers use Canon's BCI-24 pigment-based Black ink cartridge and Canon's BCI-24 color cartridge.

"We designed the i455 and i475D printers for users who are on a budget that do not wish to compromise on print quality, printer versatility and reliability," states Yukiaki Hashimoto, senior vice president and general manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon Inc. (NYSE:CAJ). "These printers reinforce Canon's commitment to providing value, versatility and very high quality products at every price-point."

The i475D Printer Advantage

In addition to the high-definition print quality and high-speed print capability shared by the two printers, the i475D Desktop Photo Printer has the added advantage of onboard media slots that permit direct printing from a wide variety of digital camera memory cards. This added compatibility makes the i475D printer the ideal choice for cost-conscious digital camera enthusiasts. Media formats supported by the i475D printer include CompactFlash(TM), MicroDrive(TM), SmartMedia(TM), Memory Stick(TM) (excluding PRO(TM)) SD Card(TM) and Multimedia Card (TM). Memory Stick Duo(TM), xD PictureCard(TM) and mini SD Card(TM) can be used with the addition of a special adaptor sold separately.

PictBridge Compatibility

Among the significant technological advances found on the i455 Desktop Photo Printer and i475D Desktop Photo Printer is the inclusion of the new PictBridge technology standard. The new industry standard for digital printers, digital cameras and digital camcorders, PictBridge allows the direct printing of images from PictBridge compatible digital cameras and camcorders to PictBridge compatible printers, regardless of brand or manufacturer without the use of a computer.

The Canon i455 and Canon i475D printers carry estimated street prices of $79.99 and $129.99 respectively. For more information, visit www.usa.canon.com.

Sep 09 - Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2004 Protects Against Spyware and Spam. Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq:SYMC), the world leader in Internet security, today announced Norton Internet Security 2004, an easy-to-use and comprehensive online security and privacy suite for home and small office PC users.

Norton Internet Security 2004 will provide comprehensive protection against today's most prevalent Internet threats and will now offer expanded protection against spyware and unwanted email. Scheduled to be available by mid-September, Norton Internet Security 2004 will include Symantec's best-of-breed antivirus, firewall, intrusion detection, privacy protection, spam filtering, and content filtering solutions in a single tightly integrated suite.

"Users are at risk from an increasing number of Internet threats such as the recent Blaster and Sobig worms. This increase in attacks is driven in part by the growing use of always-on broadband services and laptop computers," said Steve Cullen, senior vice president of Consumer and Client Product Delivery at Symantec. "With the release of our effective yet simple-to-use Internet security suite, Symantec is making it easier for all users -- from novices to professionals -- to secure their systems."

Protection Against Viruses and Spyware

Norton Internet Security 2004 will include Norton AntiVirus 2004, which introduces expanded threat detection. This new technology identifies certain emerging non-virus threats such as spyware, adware, and keystroke logging programs. These rogue applications can compromise system security, pry into confidential data, and track online behavior.

Norton AntiVirus 2004 will also proactively protect users of file-exchange services such as peer-to-peer networks by scanning for viruses in compressed file archives. Norton AntiVirus scans both incoming and outgoing email and automatically removes viruses, worms, and Trojan horse infections as well as viruses hidden in email and instant message attachments. In addition, worm- and script-blocking technologies automatically defend users against known and unknown threats without the need for virus definitions. As a result, Norton AntiVirus will effectively protect Norton Internet Security 2004 users against an expansive range of malicious online code.

Filtering Unwanted Email

Norton Internet Security 2004 will also include the new Norton AntiSpam 2004, which will automatically detect and filter out unwanted commercial email, or spam, at the desktop. Spam is a growing threat both to productivity and security. It can clog email systems and often proliferates online scams.
Norton AntiSpam 2004 will work with any standard POP3 email program and will integrate automatically with the latest versions of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Eudora to efficiently filter and eliminate incoming spam directly from the user's email in-box. Norton AntiSpam 2004 will offer multiple filtering layers to minimize the false positives that typically plague other spam-fighting products. As a result, users will be able to continue to receive the email they want while unwanted messages are filtered out.

Securing Users On Wireless Networks

Norton Internet Security 2004 will include Norton Personal Firewall 2004 as well. This new version of Norton Personal Firewall will introduce innovative technology to help laptop users get immediate protection from online threats regardless of the network to which they connect. When a laptop user connects his or her PC to a new or previously saved network, Norton Personal Firewall 2004 will adjust firewall settings accordingly. This technology ensures that users who connect to multiple networks in multiple locations enjoy appropriate online protection wherever they go. Norton Personal Firewall 2004 will also include a new usability component that gives users control of firewall settings from the convenience of their Internet Explorer Web browser.

Norton Personal Firewall will feature robust intrusion detection technology to thwart serious threats such as Bugbear, Nimda, and Code Red. This system will add another full layer of security to the perimeter protection of the firewall. The intrusion detection system will inspect the actual content of the Internet traffic, automatically and effectively blocking Internet attacks.

Norton Internet Security 2004 will also include powerful privacy protection technology. This feature prevents confidential information from being sent without user authorization to unsecured Web sites or through email, Microsoft Office attachments, and instant messaging services. For additional security, Norton Internet Security will provide tamper-proof password protection that prevents security settings from being turned off manually or by a Trojan horse virus.

Norton Internet Security 2004 Professional/Norton Personal Firewall 2004

Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2004 Professional and a stand-alone version of Norton Personal Firewall 2004 are also set for mid-September availability. Norton Internet Security 2004 Professional will include all of the components of Norton Internet Security 2004 and will add advanced features for small office or home office users and professionals. Data recovery technology will protect and restore important applications and files from accidental deletion and virus damage. Data cleaning technology will eliminate all traces of unneeded confidential files.

Advanced Web tools will promote productivity by deleting unneeded files left over from Internet sessions as well as preventing dial-up Internet sessions from being interrupted. Norton Internet Security 2004 Professional will also enable a workgroup administrator to create multiple user profiles to limit Internet access to certain categories of Web sites that could thwart productivity. Norton Internet Security 2004 Professional will be available as a single license as well as in 5- and 10-user packs for small offices.

Pricing and Availability

Norton Internet Security 2004, Norton Internet Security 2004 Professional, and Norton Personal Firewall 2004 are available now for preorder at www.SymantecStore.com for an estimated retail price of US$69.95, US$99.95, and US$49.95, respectively. Norton Internet Security 2004 Professional 5- and 10-user packs have an estimated price of US$449.95 and US$799.95, respectively.

All products are expected to be available in mid-September at various retail locations, the Symantec online store at www.SymantecStore.com, as well as other online retailers.

Sep 09 - Game Boy Advance Celebrates Sales Milestone. Nintendo of America Inc. today reported its industry-leading family of Game Boy(R) Advance portable game systems surpassed U.S. sales of 15 million units and, to celebrate, announced two new casing colors: Flame (red) and Onyx (black) for the new Game Boy Advance SP model.

The front-lit, flip-top Game Boy Advance SP is an unprecedented hit, in recent months accounting for 40 percent of all gaming systems sold. Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP models have sold an average of more than half a million units per month; a rate of more than one unit sold every six seconds since the introduction of the Game Boy Advance in June, 2001.

"With the depth and breadth of games we offer for people of any age, it's no surprise that both systems are selling at record levels," says George Harrison, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Nintendo of America. "The new hues are just our next step in leading the portable gaming industry, allowing consumers to match their personality or enhance their style with this gaming device."

Game Boy Advance SP is available now at an MSRP of $99.99. For more information about Nintendo, visit the company's Web site at www.nintendo.com.

Sep 08 - Panasonic Premieres Industry Firsts At CEDIA. Panasonic appeared here today at the CEDIA Expo 2003 with an impact statement: consumers' and custom installers' need for innovation has been met with a series of technological firsts. Panasonic's HDTV displays, DVD recorders, home theater packages and other high-end products shown here today continue the company's tradition of bringing innovative digital electronics products to market.

The nation's first cable-ready digital TV set, the widescreen (16:9) 53-inch PT-53WXD63 (diagonal screen measurement), high definition projection TV, sets the tone of this show for Panasonic, and raises the bar for the industry. The PT-53WXD63 is the first to be certified by CableLabs. This TV can connect directly to a digital cable and terrestrial broadcast system.
With the use of an authorized CableCARD (which may be available from some cable operators, at a fee), this TV can receive digital cable services, including premium channels, without requiring a cable set-top box. Home theater designers can also enjoy their first look at Panasonic's new series of flat panel screens: two plasma displays and two LCDs. All are HDTV models and incorporate a full range of features and appealing style details.

Four DVD recorders are at CEDIA for the first time, with the DMR-E50, DMR-E60, DMR-E80H and DMR-E100H all stating a clear case for the unique features available with DVD-RAM technology. And the E80H and E100H each add an 80 GB and 100 GB hard drive, respectively, making these among the most versatile and capable home theater devices on the market.

Panasonic puts innovation into its home-theater-in-a-box systems as well. The SC-HT1000 is the first HTiB to feature a built-in DVD recorder. The SC-MT1, SC-ST1 and SC-HT900 include a set of acoustically matched home theater speakers plus subwoofer, and these three HTiBs all feature a high-quality, progressive scan DVD player.
The SC-HT800V, SC-HT810V, SC-HT425D and SC-HT405D also feature HighMAT, which was co-developed by Panasonic and Microsoft. HighMAT sets a new standard for sharing digital media between PCs and a variety of consumer electronics devices making it easier to play back personal music, photos and video collections. All of the HTiB systems support DVD-Audio.

The best seat in the house to watch these products in action will be the Panasonic EP1061K massage chair lounger. This chair incorporates some of the most advanced technology in massage therapy with the techniques of soothing Swedish massage and strong Shiatsu style massage, all in one unit, appropriately called Swede-Atsu(TM). Panasonic has been a leader in massage chair design for more than 20 years, and this chair continues that strong tradition.

Panasonic is also giving special attention to its IP/networking products, including the KX-HGW600, the perfect product for home offices or small businesses. Users can create a home or small office Local Area Network (LAN) by seamlessly linking computers to each other and to enabled peripherals, like printers and scanners, via an Ethernet network all without complicated connections or expensive re-wiring of homes or workplaces.
Also among Panasonic's networking products is the KX-HCM280 network camera. This device allows remote viewing, via the Internet,of homes or businesses. Users remotely control the camera's movement a full 360 degrees, record still pictures or full-motion video, or have the camera e-mail them an alert when a connected security device is triggered.

For more information, visit www.panasonic.com.

Sep 08 - Microsoft Corporation and Be Incorporated Reach Agreement to Settle Litigation. Be Incorporated (Nasdaq:BEOS)(OTC:BEOSZ.PK) and Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq:MSFT) today announced that the parties have reached a mutually acceptable mediated settlement of an antitrust lawsuit filed by Be Incorporated in February 2002, which is currently pending in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland in Baltimore.

Be will receive a payment from Microsoft, after attorney's fees, in the amount of $23,250,000 to end further litigation and Microsoft admits no wrongdoing. All other terms of the settlement will remain confidential. Both parties are satisfied with the Agreement and believe that it is fair and reasonable. This is the second private antitrust lawsuit Microsoft has settled this year.

Be is currently in the process of completing its dissolution pursuant to the plan of dissolution approved by Be's stockholders in November 2001. In accordance with that plan and upon completion of its dissolution, Be's net cash will be distributed to shareholders of record as of March 15, 2002 after payment of any taxes, officers' and directors' compensation, and other expenses, and the satisfaction of any and all of Be's remaining liabilities.

More information can be found at www.beincorporated.com.

Sep 08 - Epson Introduces $1,299 Home Theater Projector with Widescreen Display. Epson America Inc. continues to expand its presence in the home theater market with the introduction of its EPSON PowerLite Home 10. This projector enters a new market segment by delivering a dramatic 16:9 widescreen cinematic experience in any home for only $1,299.

"This product opens the door to a new and exciting product category for Epson and represents a great value for the home theater market," said Jodi Maugham, product manager, Epson.
"The seemingly endless growth of widescreen video content from DVDs and a steadily growing wave of HDTV broadcasting is dramatically increasing consumers' demand for entry-level 16:9 display devices -- and especially for products that produce extremely large images in the living room. We believe Epson's reputation for outstanding digital imaging solutions combined with our latest advancements in video display technology will help make this new and affordable projector an extremely popular addition to home theaters everywhere."

Advanced Digital Video Performance

The PowerLite Home 10 projects high-resolution video at 480p native resolution (854 x 480) and in a 16:9 wide aspect ratio used in nearly all of today's major motion pictures. Users also have the ability to switch between three aspect modes, Normal, Squeeze and Zoom for viewing 4:3, 16:9 and letterbox material. The projector is also HDTV-ready and supports other popular digital video signals such as 480i, 720p and 1080i.

The PowerLite Home 10 uses a specialized video processor to clarify and sharpen video content in addition to a built-in cinema filter that enhances the colors and tones found in dark scenes. Users can also choose between four specific projection modes that automatically adjust the display to match different room environments and source materials -- these modes include: Dynamic, Living Room, Theater and Theater Black.

The PowerLite Home 10 is built on Epson's renowned 3-LCD display technology, resulting in high levels of image quality, such as brightness distribution (illumination ratio), color saturation, color accuracy and efficiency. These newly designed 0.55-inch wide LCDs create varying shades of red, green and blue that blend to produce a projected image with brighter, richer, truer colors and sharp black text. Furthermore, its 700:1 contrast ratio (in Theater Black Mode) makes it possible for shadows to stand out more from their backgrounds and ensure a sharp, rich image at every level of brightness.

For more information on Epson's current projector product line, customers can visit the company's website at www.epson.com.

Sep 08 - DISH Network Expands High-Def Offerings. EchoStar Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) announced today that the company's DISH Network(TM), America's fastest growing satellite subscription television service, will begin offering four channels of high-definition entertainment in a single, low-priced package Sept. 16.

Further establishing itself as the leader in high-definition initiatives, DISH Network will offer ESPN HD, Discovery HD Theater, HDNet and HDNet Movies in a new package for $9.99 per month or $109.89 annually, the lowest prices in the industry. DISH Network also offers high-definition channels such as CBS-HD, HBO-HD, Showtime HD, and DISH-On-Demand pay-per-view HD movies.

DISH Network's entry-level DISH 811, designed as the first affordable high-definition receiver/decoder, will be available this fall at an MSRP of only $399.

DISH Network will further strengthen a high-definition product line that currently includes the popular model 6000 with the release of the DISH Player-DVR 921, available by the end of October. The first-of-its-kind high-definition digital video recorder (DVR) will carry an MSRP of $999. It will feature a 250-gigabyte hard drive capable of recording up to 25 hours of high-definition video or up to 180 hours of standard-definition content, or some combination of both.

The state-of-the-art DISH Player-DVR 921 contains all the features of DISH Network's complete line of DVRs, plus a dual tuner that allows the user to record two different shows while viewing a third pre-recorded show. The DISH Player-DVR 921 also includes a picture-in-picture feature on any TV. No other pay TV company offers the innovative combination of HD and DVR features -- including rewind, fast-forward, pause, and 30-second skip-ahead -- as the DISH Player-DVR 921.

For information on DISH Network and its products or services, visit www.dishnetwork.com.


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