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Welcome to InfoHQ Computer News and Rumors. InfoHQ Computer News and Rumors is a daily column. It features news coverage of new PC and Mac computer hardware and software, Internet news, and other technical news items.
Every Sunday, News and Rumors features "Sunday Shopping Watch", which is a comparison and analysis of Sunday computer store advertisements.
The Computer News and Rumors is an archived column, so feel free to review previous week's or month's computer news by clicking on the link below. Previous computer news articles can also be searched, by using our site search feature found in the right-hand column.

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Jan 07 Sunday Shopping Watch
Consumer Electronics Show Highlights
Jan 06 Intel's Barrett Charts Course for 'Extended PC Era' At Consumer Electronics Show
Jan 06 SONICblue Unveils High-Speed Powerline Networking Technology
Jan 06 Motorola Unveils Latest in Personal Communications, Broadband, Telematics and DigitalDNA Solutions for 2001
Jan 06 Agenda Computing Demonstrates Its Pocket-Sized Portable PC at CES
Jan 06 SimpleDevices Previews Internet Appliances at CES 2001
Jan 06 Magi-P2P-Enabled PCs Showcased At Consumer Electronics Show
Jan 06 Philips introduces its 2001 electronics lineup at CES
Jan 06 DigMedia Announces Streaming Web Radio Device
Jan 05 Hitachi Ships World's First DVD-RAM Camcorder
Jan 05 Sprint, Palm Alliance to Unleash Wireless Internet Access for Handhelds
Jan 05 Digital Multimedia in Vehicles to Highlight CES 2001
Jan 05 PerfectData Announces Silkyboard PDA Keyboard and Screen Protector
Jan 05 Turn One Windows 98 Computer Into Two
Jan 04 Intel announces 800 MHz Celeron and 810E2 100 MHz Chipset
Jan 04 Motorola introduces Streamaster 5000 Advanced DSL Set-Top Box
Jan 04 Addonics announces USB Interface ''Ultra-Slim'' DVD/CD-ROM Combo Drive
Jan 04 In-System Design USB 2.0 Chip Passes Compliance Testing
Jan 03 Iomega announces new Zip 250MB USB Powered Drive
Jan 03 AOpen America Introduces a New Line of CRT and LCD Display Monitors
Jan 02 Edgewater Technology Annouces Fund for Workers' Families
Jan 02 Intel Introduces Portable Digital Audio Player
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Dell Home / Home Office Storefront

January 07 - Sunday Shopping Watch. Special Discounts and Financing.
Best Buy
is advertising no interest financing for one year on all desktop computers and notebooks.
Circuit City is offering a $100 mail-in rebate on all Celeron desktop computer packages and notebooks.
Office Depot
has no store-wide specials this Sunday..
Staples has no store-wide sales this Sunday.

CompUSA has $100 instant savings on any advertised complete system or notebook, and no interest, no payment, 6 month financing with computer purchase of $299 or more.
Comment on CompUSA advertised prices. CompUSA has stopped its somewhat questionable practice of showing a picture of a complete system with the price of the computer only, exclusive of the cost of the monitor and printer (additional charges applied to monitors and printers). Let's hope this continues.
Internet Rebates. All stores continue to offer the 3 year, $400 Internet Rebates. Please see our article, What You Need to Know About Internet Rebates and Free PCs, for an in-depth discussion of Internet Rebates.
Definitions. A complete system is defined as a computer with monitor and printer.
A built-to-order system is customized and ordered from a Vendor's store. In addition to the computer's stated price, you still pay sales tax and shipping charges (if you order direct from the vendor without going through the chain store, you may not have to pay sales tax).
* Prices discussed in this article. Advertisers typically deduct the $400 Internet rebate from an items true price. We report all prices without subtracting the $400 Internet rebate, however all other rebates and discounts are usually subtracted.

Best Deals this Sunday
Product Description Price* (see above) Store
Best Low Cost Celeron Deal HP 667 MHz complete system $550 Circuit City, Staples
Best High-End Celeron Deal None advertised    
Best Low Cost Pentium III System HP 850 MHz complete system $1200 Staples
Best High End Pentium III System HP 900 MHz complete system $1450 CompUSA
Best Low Cost Athlon System Compaq 750 MHz Duron complete system $650 Best Buy
Best High End Athlon System Micron 1000 MHz DDR complete system $1499 Best Buy
Best Pentium 4 System None advertised    
Best Low Cost Notebook Toshiba Celeron 600 MHz $899 Circuit City
Best High End Notebook Sony 700 MHz with DVD $2400 CompUSA

Additional Information. For additional technical information, advice on how to buy a laptop or desktop, and vendor and manufacturer links, please see our Computer Buying Advice page.
About Sunday Shopping Watch. Sunday Shopping Watch appears every Sunday (except some holidays like Easter and Christmas) in our News and Rumors column. It is a review of the highlights of local (Dayton, Ohio) computer chain store advertisements. While we can not guarantee your local chain store have the same items, this article should help you to make informed buying decisions.

January 06 - Intel's Barrett Charts Course for 'Extended PC Era' At Consumer Electronics Show. As the opening speaker at the 2001 Consumer Electronics Show, Intel Corporation President and CEO Craig Barrett will introduce the "Extended PC Era," setting the stage for a future in which more consumer products go digital and interconnect with powerful home PCs.
"The PC is at the center of the digital universe and the universe is expanding," Barrett said, adding that in the near future one billion PCs will be connected to the Internet. "In the Extended PC Era, the combination of powerful and versatile Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 processor-based PCs and a vast array of digital products will help consumers use their home PCs and the Internet in new, exciting ways. This emerging consumer scenario is what we call PCX -- the PC to the power of X."
To illustrate how consumers can fully realize the benefits of the Extended PC, Barrett will showcase demonstrations on Intel Pentium 4 processor-based PCs. Using digital cameras, toys, camcorders, books, personal audio products and PDAs, he will display how mainstream digital gadgets deliver their full value when linked to a powerful PC. Barrett will also demonstrate how the power of the Pentium 4 processor can save time for consumers who enjoy ripping music tracks, processing images, editing their own home digital movies, and interacting with 3D environments -- all examples of applications that can be customized to a customer's interests and hobbies.
Barrett will preview product concepts for the home that include a cellular phone-based personal digital assistant (PDA) and a wireless Web tablet. One demonstration will include a Pentium 4 processor-based PC that can automatically synchronize voice mail and e-mail with a cellular phone-based PDA. Barrett will explain that such devices and powerful PCs will continue to converge and complement each other in the Extended PC Era.
In a "telewebbing" presentation, Barrett will use a wireless Web tablet linked to a home PC to purchase a Formula One hat online while watching an auto race on television. Such a device is capable of working smoothly even when another person is surfing the Internet on the host home PC.
Barrett will also demonstrate a "media appliance" concept. With it, entertainment media such as digital scrapbooks, digital audio files, home movies and DVDs, can be delivered from the home PC to any television and home theater device within a house.
In a display of peer-to-peer computing, a Pentium 4 processor-based home PC will be used for personal broadcasting of video and digital images.
Intel Booth at CES. Under its "Out of the Blue" theme, Intel's CES booth will feature 7,000 square feet of new consumer products and technologies that extend the power of the PC and the Internet. The multi-leveled booth, number 4535 in the North Hall, will have a retail area showcasing the Intel(R) AnyPoint(TM) Wireless Home Network, Intel(R) Pocket Concert(TM) Audio Player, Intel(R) Pocket PC Camera, Intel(R) Wireless Series family of PC peripherals, and Intel(R) Play(TM) line of PC-enhanced toys. The power of the Pentium 4 processor will be showcased in another area within the exhibit. Additional information about Intel is available

January 06 - SONICblue Unveils High-Speed Powerline Networking Technology. Access, a division of SONICblue(TM) Incorporated (Nasdaq:SBLU), will announce and demonstrate at CES 2001 in Las Vegas HomeFree(TM) Powerline, a home networking solution based on Intellon Corp.'s PowerPacket powerline technology. HomeFree Powerline allows multiple PCs to share broadband Internet connections, MP3 music, video and peripherals, as well as play multiplayer games simply by plugging into a common AC outlet.
HomeFree Powerline technology connects PCs and upcoming network-capable appliances at 10Mbps, creating a secure Ethernet-class network using a home's existing electrical wiring. Based on Intellon's PowerPacket, HomeFree Powerline eliminates previous home networking headaches over lack of security, slow speeds and outside interference.
"With the availability of multiple AC outlets in the home, HomeFree Powerline technology will provide a higher level of ease for consumers to build home networks," Duane Dickhut, vice president and general manager, Access Division, said. "A family will be able to share one DSL or cable connection for Internet access, customize and play music and video streams for each family member, experience multiplayer video games, and share peripherals and files, all of which can be in use at the same time on the home network.
Consumers simply install the HomeFree product into a PC and plug the system into an electrical wall outlet. Additional PCs are connected to the network by attaching them to other wall outlets in any room of the home. No new wires or equipment are required.
HomeFree Powerline technology allows one broadband Internet connection to be shared among all family members' PCs. Whether it's DSL or cable, everyone on the network can access the Internet and e-mail simultaneously utilizing the high-speed capability of the home network. Sharing one broadband connection saves consumers the monthly expense of multiple connections and makes Internet security easier to manage.
HomeFree Powerline Networking products will be available through all major retailers in the second quarter of 2001 at a projected MSRP below $100 per node. SONICblue Incorporated can be found at

January 06 - Motorola Unveils Latest in Personal Communications, Broadband, Telematics and DigitalDNA Solutions for 2001. Motorola Inc. (NYSE:MOT) will arrive at the 33rd annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas armed with its full portfolio of products, including a collection of its latest products and services that will add new dimension and functionality to today's communications arena.
Keeping people connected at home, work, in their car or from locations around the world, Motorola's smart technology is making life better, easier and simpler for consumers everywhere.
Personal Communications Solutions.
This weekend at CES, Motorola will unveil several new additions to its already expansive line of personal communications products. The new lineup will be led by the first true convergence device -- the V.Series(TM) personal communicator, model V100. This addition strengthens Motorola's existing product offering with new design features, cutting-edge technology and the latest in consumer convenience.
The V.Series V100 provides consumers with a new, innovative means to quickly adopt the growing texting trend in the United States. With a full QWERTY keyboard, texting capability, Internet access and phone functionality, the V.Series V100 brings the best of many worlds of communication together with ergonomic user-friendly features to provide consumers with an all-in-one wireless communications solution. The V.Series V100 is scheduled to be released in the United States in the second quarter of 2001 and is expected to retail for under $250.
A new addition to Motorola's mobile phone offering, the V.Series phone, model 60c, also makes its debut at CES. In keeping with the stylish V.Series look, the model 60c boasts a sleek, compact design while integrating the latest in wireless technology. In addition to anodized aluminum housing, cutting-edge features include exterior caller-ID display, a new user interface, Short Message Service (SMS) messaging, voice activation and a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) microbrowser. This device illustrates Motorola's ongoing commitment to developing phones that deliver what consumers want -- a perfect combination of style and substance.
Upholding its leadership position in delivering the mobile Internet to consumers, Motorola introduces the Timeport(TM) phone, model P7389i -- one of the world's first Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) tri-band General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) handsets -- at this year's show. This one-world phone, currently available in Europe, combines Motorola's award-winning handset design with groundbreaking GPRS technology to provide consumers with a constant link to the mobile Internet for high-speed, efficient retrieval of information.
In addition to its cutting-edge design and technology, the Timeport P7389i contains all of the advanced features users have come to expect from Motorola, including Starfish TrueSync(R) software, allowing synchronized data between phone, PC, PDA and other devices; voice note digital voice recorder; data over IrDA; iTAP (TM) intelligent keypad entry, and more.
Motorola's Talkabout(R) T6200 Series, which will make its debut at CES, is the latest addition to Motorola's pioneering Family Radio Service (FRS) two-way radio franchise. Improved convenience, enhanced conversation privacy and information alerts bring a robust feature set to the mid-tier-priced Talkabout T6200 series. The Talkabout T6200 series' vibrate feature allows the user to be signaled without disturbing others. The Eavesdrop Reducer feature scrambles the user's voice, enhancing the privacy of conversations in public places so that only other Motorola two-way radio users with the feature and same code settings can unscramble and understand what is being said.
Also, the Talkabout T6200 helps people enjoy outdoor adventures more safely by receiving National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radio broadcasts and audible alerts when storm warnings are issued. With hands-free operation, 14 channels and 38 codes, and talk confirmation tones, the rugged, weather-resistant Motorola Talkabout two-way radio T6200 series are an important part of consumers' and retailers' communications solutions.
In a joint venture with Timex Corp., Motorola's CES booth will also be the location for the U.S. debut of the Timex Internet Messenger watch, which utilizes the latest in Motorola wireless technology to bring the Web to the wrist. The Timex Internet Messenger watch allows the user to receive Internet e-mail, news, weather reports, sports scores, stock quotes and more, directly to his or her wrist, anytime and virtually anyplace in the United States. This product is the latest product from Timex' Wrist Instrument Division.
All of the above mentioned personal communications products will be available at CES throughout the weekend in Motorola's booth, Gold Pavilions, Booth No. 15032.
Content Solutions
At CES 2001, Motorola and its strategic alliances will showcase innovative ways for businesses and consumers to enter into the vast space of the wireless Web. As a global leader of total communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions, Motorola will showcase its partnerships with business leaders such as MasterCard, Yahoo! and AvantGo.
This year, Motorola is taking m-commerce applications one step further with the introduction of its Pizzacast "Mobile Shopping" concept. A new market trial being conducted with Domino's Pizza will test consumer acceptance of mobile commerce applications for rapid delivery of goods and services delivered via the mobile Internet --beginning with hot pizza.
The trial will take place over the coming months in the Las Vegas metropolitan market and will allow consumers to order Domino's pizza using their Motorola Internet-enabled phones for either pick-up or delivery.
"We believe that the power to purchase goods via wireless Internet will be of tremendous value to the consumer. And to that end, we've made an effort to make Motorola m-commerce applications as easy as PIEs -- personal, instant, easy and secure," said Bohdan Pyskir, general manager, PizzaCast "Mobile Shopping" Core Solution Center, Internet Software and Content Group, Motorola.
In addition, Motorola has recently announced a strategic licensing agreement with Cellmania, a leading provider of time-based, location-centric wireless business platforms, for a customized version of the company's mFinder(TM). mFinder is a resource that will allow wireless site developers to view more than 10,000 of the best wireless sites from 95 countries. This new relationship represents Motorola's ongoing commitment to enriching the wireless experience by providing wireless site developers with a resource tailored specifically to help them create content that is meaningful and easy for consumers to use.

This weekend, Motorola will also announce an agreement with PacketVideo Corp. that will bring full-motion video and audio content to mobile devices, including Internet-enabled wireless phones, smart phones, handheld devices, wireless PDAs and laptop computers. The combined technologies will enable developers to design streaming media applications, including news clips, sports highlights, movie trailers and video e-mail for Java-enabled wireless devices.
Demonstrations of these new applications can be viewed in the Motorola booth, Gold Pavilions, Booth No. 15032, throughout the weekend.
In-Vehicle Communications Solutions
With more Telematics systems on the road today than all of its competitors combined, Motorola will lead the way at CES with the most complete line of in-vehicle technologies available.
iRadio telematic system hits the on-ramp at CES sporting a brand-new look and announcing new partnerships. Complete with voice recognition and text-to-speech technologies, iRadio telematic system will enable drivers to capture music on demand, access turn-by-turn navigation and listen to real-time traffic reports. Users will also be able to download audio books, access their voicemail and e-mail and receive the latest news and weather information.
Current Motorola Telematics offerings including the iRadio telematic system, Timeport(TM) digital phone, navigation and safety systems will be showcased at Motorola's exhibit in the Digital Car Pavilion (LVCC North 1 & 2 Booth No. 18251).
In-Home Broadband Communications Solutions
Motorola will be showcasing several DigitalDNA(TM) systems solutions for the embedded, connected home at CES 2001. On display will be the newly announced Motorola Streamaster(TM) 5000 broadband home entertainment set-top box solution, as well as several alliance partners who provide end-to-end solutions for network service providers.
Motorola's M-DTV module, which makes high-definition TV possible in today's analog sets, and Motorola's latest embedded technologies, leading the way in digital audio and advanced imaging applications, will also be showcased. DigitalDNA systems solutions will be demonstrated at Motorola's Booth N201-N204, LVCC North Hall, Upstairs Meeting Rooms.
Motorola, the recognized leader in digital cable technology, will also be featuring some of its integrated and interactive broadband access and home communication solutions. Specifically, Motorola is demonstrating retail-model digital set-top terminals, including its DCT-2020 with built-in Point of Deployment (POD) Conditional Access Security modules that enable interoperability and portability.
Motorola's digital set-top terminals allow consumers to harness the power of the broadband information age from the comfort of their living rooms. Consumers can simultaneously watch TV (with enhanced picture-quality and sound), access the Internet and e-mail, and enjoy a host of additional interactive services that include gaming, advertising, streaming video, personal video recording, video-on-demand and virtual channels, which can be used for a range of functions such as a community bulletin board and local weather listings.
Motorola works with some of the nation's largest cable operators to provide digital cable service, including AT&T Broadband and Charter Communications.
Motorola also will be exhibiting its latest wireless home-networking solutions -- including its new SURFboard(R) SB4100W multi-user wireless cable modem and SURFboard BB160 wireless home gateway. These new solutions provide affordable, user-friendly home-networking capabilities for multi-computer households and small businesses -- all without interconnecting wires.
Motorola's SB4100W multi-user wireless cable modem and BB160 wireless home gateway deliver integrated voice, high-speed data and streaming media to all connected computers in the home. Up to 15 users can share simultaneous, independent Internet access, along with printers, scanners and other computing devices. Laptop users can even move from room to room, up to 150 feet from the home gateway --surfing the Net, sharing files, sending e-mail, sharing MP3 music or media files, or playing interactive games -- without losing the connection.
Motorola's digital cable technology will be available at Motorola's booth, Gold Pavilions, Booth No. 15032, throughout the weekend.
More information can be found at Motorola's company Web site:

January 06 - Agenda Computing Demonstrates Its Pocket-Sized Portable PC at CES. Agenda Computing, Inc. of Irvine, Calif. will exhibit and demonstrate the Agenda VR3, a new Linux-based portable PC, this week during the Consumer Electronics Show in the Las Vegas Convention Center from Jan. 6-9, 2001, at the Silver Lot No. 24513.
The $199 four-ounce, pocket-sized PC has the power, speed and storage resources to run most current and future desktop-class computer applications. The Agenda VR3 has an open operating system offering compatibility with both PC and Linux-based applications.
The Agenda VR3 comes with a large viewable area and an easy-to-read 160x240 pixel LCD screen with 16 grayscale shades. Agenda Computing's handwriting recognition capability allows users to write anywhere on the screen.
The VR3's 66 MHz 32-bit MIPS processor (roughly four times the speed of comparably priced competitive handhelds) enables users to work on multiple applications simultaneously. This multi-tasking capability permits consumers to download or send e-mails while working on something else at the same time. A 56 kbps modem (available soon) enables users to connect to an ISP via dialup accounts for e-mail, or to simply connect to any phone line to send faxes.
The Linux operating system allows for quick and easy interaction between PCs and the Agenda VR3. With the specialized QuickSync software, the Agenda VR3 can communicate with both PC and Linux applications. The industry-standard infrared port allows for the transfer of information, such as vcards, between the Agenda VR3s and other compatible devices, including Palm handhelds.
The Agenda VR3 comes with 8MB RAM and 16MB flash storage for a MSRP of $199. The Agenda VR3 Developer Edition is available for purchase online, at The Agenda VR3 is expected to ship to consumers by the end of Q1 2001.

January 06 - SimpleDevices Previews Internet Appliances at CES 2001. SimpleDevices, the provider of an automated content delivery channel and wireless home networking platform for a new class of Internet devices, today announced that it will preview its new platform along with three innovative wireless devices at CES 2001.
"The SimpleDevices platform is able to deliver Web content, including streaming media, to devices throughout the home," said Lou Hughes, CEO of SimpleDevices. "SimpleDevices is able to push Web content past the PC and into the palm of users' hands at broadband speeds. The SimpleDevices platform makes it easy to move Internet content and connectivity beyond the PC, throughout the digital home."
Internet Devices

SimpleDevices has developed three wireless Internet devices to demonstrate the power and value of its platform. These devices showcase the speed, functionality, ease of use and cost benefits of the SimpleDevices platform.

-- SimplePad(TM) turns a PDA into a high-speed, wireless home web pad. Users can surf the Internet at high speed through their existing PC and ISP. SimplePad also plays CD quality MP3's and Internet radio, and allows users to interact with live television and radio by receiving and sending synchronized information.

-- SimpleFi(TM) bridges the gap between a PC and home stereo. Users can stream CD quality, digital audio wirelessly from a home PC or the Internet to home Hi-Fi audio equipment.

-- SimpleClock(TM) delivers personalized Web content to the nightstand. Users can wake up to customized news such as weather, traffic, stocks or sports scores. SimpleClock can even synchronize with personal information managers. The vast content and community of the Web is now available to you in an easy to use format in the bedroom.

SimpleDevices is being demonstrated during CES January 6-9, 2001 in both the Proxim (LVCC 4107) and HomeRF (LVCC 6655) booths, located in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

January 06 - DigMedia Announces Streaming Web Radio Device. Internet appliance developer DigMedia today announced DigRadio(TM), a stand-alone Internet device that combines a conventional AM/FM stereo receiver with an advanced Web-based radio tuner and MP3 playback capabilities. Based on Windows CE 3.0, DigRadio connects to the Internet through a built-in Ethernet connector (for broadband cable) or from its on-board 56K modem.
"DigRadio is more a home stereo component than a computer peripheral device," said Pedro Vargas, a former 12-year business development veteran with Intel and current Chairman and CTO of DigMedia. "DigRadio is the ultimate audio entertainment appliance, designed to learn your preferences to deliver the best worldwide audio content available, 24/7."
Powering the new DigRadio will be Intel Corporation's StrongARM(TM) SA-1110 processor. "DigRadio represents an emerging market of home online appliances based on the Intel StrongARM processor," said Mark Casey, director of marketing for the Handheld Computing Division at Intel Corp. "StrongARM -- and the upcoming Intel XScale(TM) processor architecture -- provides a powerful combination of performance and cost benefits that home online appliances, next generation smart cell phones and wireless personal digital assistants can leverage, creating a common platform for users to get the most out of their devices."
DigRadio features eight physical radio station preset buttons and a four-axis navigation wheel. Unlike many Internet appliances, DigRadio simplifies Web browsing with a large color graphic display and remote control for ease of programming. Additional features are controlled from a personal Web site called MyDigRadio. An interactive service, MyDigRadio is used to search out new worldwide audio content based on user preferences, genre or region. Personal music and radio station preferences can be stored in any of seven user profiles to share music content with friends and family.
MyDigRadio eliminates the need for local storage with a unique Web-based service that stores WMA, MP3 and other audio file formats into a digital locker, ready for instant streaming playback on the DigRadio. MyDigRadio is among the first Internet virtual drives created specifically for the storage of sound files, and the only interactive service of its kind to incorporate Digital Rights Management (DRM) in a streaming environment.
For more information about DigMedia, Inc., visit the company's Web site at

January 06 - Magi-P2P-Enabled PCs Showcased At Consumer Electronics Show. One exhibit being showcased by Intel at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is Magi(R), a suite of open-source, peer-to-peer Web software technology from Irvine-based Endeavors Technology Inc.
With Magi-enabled P2P technology, consumers will have an enriched, more enjoyable Web experience with their PCs and be able, for the first time, to find, share and manipulate information located on any other Web-enabled device from anywhere in the world at any time. With Magi, the notion of having limited capabilities when physically distant from a PC disappears.
Beginning January 6, and continuing through the 3-day show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, live demonstrations of Magi peer-to-peer technology will be given by Intel representatives in the vendor's booth (No. 4535). Two Pentium(R) 4 processor-based computers installed with Magi P2P software will be used to browse each other, and a Magi-enabled WAP phone simulator, transformed into a smart remote controller, will email a file stored on one PC to another.
"In the near future, over a billion mobile internet-enabled devices, be they for business or personal use, and whatever their capacity or performance, will no longer be dependent upon a central server to inter-communicate," said Brian Morrow, president and chief operating officer of Irvine-based Endeavors Technology Inc. "They'll be able to interact on an equal, peer-to-peer basis and Endeavors Technology is leading the way in creating architectural standards and P2P software applications for consumers to benefit from this next wave of collaboration and convenience." "Software such as Endeavors Technology's Magi P2P is transforming the Internet and extending the power of the PC," said Kurt Sehnert, Intel director of marketing for Peer to Peer Computing.
"The demonstration at CES shows the potential of peer-to-peer computing by enabling protected access to data and information even when the device containing the data is not physically accessible."
More On Magi
Magi peer-to-peer technology enables organizations, groups and individuals to find, share and act upon information anywhere, at any time, by making the power of a Web server available on any Internet-enabled device. Its open, standards-based application platform incorporates automated e-process agents that enable event-driven, multi-way communications between servers, PCs, PDAs, Internet-ready phones and embedded chips. The Magi suite of tools grew from research carried out at the University of California Irvine, partly funded by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), and integrates Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) technology.
A P2P architecture white paper can be accessed at For further information on Endeavors' P2P solutions, visit the company's Web site at

January 06 - Philips introduces its 2001 electronics lineup at CES. Philips (NYSE: PHG) today unveiled its 2001 consumer electronics product line showcasing cutting-edge TV, audio, video, PC peripherals and digital broadcasting products at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), being held from January 6 - 9 in Las Vegas.
Among the products being showcased are the much acclaimed DVD-Video Recorder and Super Audio CD -- two pioneering innovations that have further reinforced Philips' position as one of the global leaders in video and audio technology. Visitors also can see the latest models in Philips' signature line-up of digital widescreen televisions, audio CD-recorders, home cinema systems, stylish LCD monitors, PC cameras and digital set-top boxes.
The new devices include:

DVD-Video Recorder

Developed from the start to be compatible with both existing and future DVD-Video and DVD-ROM equipment, the Philips' DVD-Video Recorder, DVDR1000, is based on DVD+RW technology. This means that consumers can create their own DVD and play the bare disc back on both existing and future DVD-Video and DVD-ROM equipment. Experts estimate that there will be an installed base of more than 170 million DVD-Video and DVD-ROM players by the end of next year.

Looking for Superior Sound: Super Audio CD

Taking sound to the next level, Philips is introducing the world's first multichannel Super Audio CD (SACD) player, SACD1000, which includes DVD-Video functionality, allowing consumers to experience the best sound and vision in their home. The Philips SACD1000 multichannel player delivers a superior sound experience through its use of DSD (Direct Stream Digital) technology, which captures the emotion and every nuance of a recorded performance. This technology is coupled with the best A/V components available today.

Access the World's Radio Stations with Philips Internet Radio Shelf


The FW-i1000 Internet Radio Mini Shelf System is the first true audio convergence product, combining the Internet with a well-established audio product, a CD mini shelf system. Used with a broadband connection, the innovative new FW-i1000 brings uninterrupted streaming digital audio from the Internet, allowing consumers access to more than 1,000 of the world's best radio stations.

The Ultimate Home Theater Enthusiast Toy - Pronto Pro

Philips is adding a color touch-screen addition to its line-up of Pronto advanced remote controls. The TSU6000 displays 256 high-resolution colors, has 8 MB of memory and is IR/RF-capable. Together with the recently-launched Pronto TSU2000, the TSU6000 will allow consumers even more control and customization of their entire home theater system with one remote.

Digital Widescreen: Bringing the Movie Theater to Your Living Room

Philips offers an array of direct view digital widescreen televisions that range from a 30" HDTV monitor to the 64" rear projection HDTV television. The family includes Philips 55" and 60" HDTV monitors which offer a sharp picture, excellent sound and an array of home cinema features.

ToUcam PC Cameras Built for Performance

Philips will feature two models in its new line of stylish, high-performance, affordable ToUcam PC cameras: the ToUcam XS and ToUcam Pro. All ToUcam models boast a stylish, compact design that easily attach to CRT and LCD monitors as well as laptop computers. In addition, the new ToUcams include an impressive software bundle that includes virtual reality interactive games, video e-mail, video conferencing, photo editing and Webcast options.

150X - 15" Flat Panel Monitor Perfect for Status Seekers

The 150X LCD monitor merges Philips most innovative design with its highest performance and is a symbol of today's convergence of technology with lifestyles. The Philips 150X offers the quality features of the Philips LCD monitor series with an innovative design that will appeal to users seeking high-end status technology products. It is the first Philips LCD monitor to offer variable positioning and height adjustability. Inspired by modern trends in office interior and furniture design, the 150X LCD monitor features a sophisticated off-black and warm silver color scheme with optional slide-in cosmetic panels in a variety of accent colors and finishes that help the monitor blend into its surroundings.

cBright Series Projectors - Compact, Stylish High-Performance Projectors

Philips cBright projectors are ultra silent, up to 20 percent brighter and almost 30 percent lighter than previous models. The new cBright XGA/SVGA Multimedia Projector Series includes the cBright XG1 Impact (1500 ANSI Lumens), the cBright XG1 (1100 ANSI Lumens) and the cBright SV1 (1400 ANSI Lumens). At the heart of the cBright Series is the new and innovative 200W UHP lamp, which produces pin-sharp images and excellent pictures. Even in normal daylight conditions there's no need for lighting adjustments. At just 7.9 lbs., the projectors are more than 3 lbs. lighter than previous models.

Visitors to the show will be able to experience these innovations first-hand at the Philips booth (no. 1326) in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Philips can be found on the Web at

January 05 - Hitachi Ships World's First DVD-RAM Camcorder. Hitachi America, Ltd., Home Electronics Division announced that its revolutionary DVD-RAM camcorder will ship to retailers at the end of January, 2001.
Retailing for $1999.95, the DZ-MV100A records superior-quality video or 1,998 mega-pixel (one million pixels) still photos onto an eight-centimeter DVD-RAM disc that is rewritable up to 100,000 times with no image degradation.
"This is a revolutionary product that opens a completely new door to home video," said Leo Delaney, director of marketing for Hitachi America, Ltd., Home Electronics Division. "Not only will the DZ-MV100A raise the camcorder picture and sound quality bar to a new level, consumers will find editing home video easier than ever."
The DVD-RAM discs used by the camcorder not only far outlast traditional tape media, but they also feature multi-compatibility with DVD-RAM products, such as future DVD-RAM equipped personal computers and future DVD-RAM recorders and home DVD players. With DVD video recorded on the Hitachi DVD-RAM Camcorder, consumers can easily connect the camcorder to a TV to enjoy the recorded video or plug into the USB port of a PC (equipped with Windows 98 or Windows 98 second edition) or drop the disc into a 4.7GB DVD-RAM drive for editing, viewing, printing or even posting recorded memories on a personal home page.
Also included with the camcorder is disc navigation software providing immediate and random access editing to any scene recorded on the disc. There is no rewinding so editing is simplified and can even be done directly from the camcorders LCD screen. For more information, visit

January 05 - Sprint, Palm Alliance to Unleash Wireless Internet Access for Handhelds. Sprint PCS (NYSE:PCS), the fastest-growing wireless carrier in the United States, and Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq:PALM), a pioneer in the field of mobile and wireless Internet solutions and a leading provider of handheld computers, today announced an agreement to market and sell wireless solutions for handhelds using the Palm OS(R) platform, the leading handheld operating system.
This strategic alliance represents the first CDMA solution for Palm(TM) handheld computers that will enable access to real-time information on the nation's largest all-digital voice and data PCS network. The CDMA solution will ensure the fast, secure transfer of data and provide a richer wireless Internet browsing experience than currently available.
The companies plan to offer a co-branded version of the MyPalm(TM) portal, which will include Palm wireless PIM services, access to personal and corporate e-mail(1), e-commerce purchase options, as well as access to personally relevant information on local and national events, such as movie listings and sporting event schedules. By extending the availability of the Sprint PCS network, customers will also have access to a rich suite of Internet content via the Sprint PCS Wireless Web on their Palm handhelds or Palm OS smartphones.
Additionally, this deal will allow enterprise customers to access critical information, such as their corporate e-mail, sales tool applications and corporate directories, as part of the Sprint PCS Wireless Web for Business suite of products and services and Palm's wireless enterprise solutions.
Multiple wireless connectivity options will be available -- allowing millions of enterprise customers and Palm handheld users to wirelessly access valuable information, communicate with co-workers and clients, and perform transactions on their Palm handhelds or Palm OS smartphones that will enable them to be more productive in the mobile environment. The agreement will not only extend the breadth of Palm's wireless services in the United States, it will provide another wireless technology option for Palm handheld users and Sprint PCS customers.
Initial solutions for the Palm series handhelds will be available in the form of a co-branded connectivity solution that will allow customers to connect their Palm handhelds to a Sprint PCS Internet-ready Phone. The kit will include a data cable, a Palm handheld adapter, a CD-ROM and a user's guide. It is expected to be available through Sprint PCS and online at The Palm Store ( in early 2001. Sprint also intends to distribute Palm OS based smartphones that integrate voice and data. Availability is expected in the first half of 2001. An additional solution -- a CDMA wireless modem for Palm handhelds -- is expected to be available mid-year in 2001.
Visit the Sprint PCS web site at and Palm at

January 05 - Digital Multimedia in Vehicles to Highlight CES 2001. Advanced multimedia for the car, truck and SUV takes center stage at the annual Consumer Electronics Show Jan. 6-9, with a pair of new vehicles demonstrating a wide range of networked consumer electronics and computer products linked over the new automotive-grade IDB-1394 multimedia standard.
In the 1394 Trade Association exhibit: a Lincoln Navigator from Ford Motor Company, equipped with a Sony Playstation 2 interfacing with two in-vehicle 1394 video displays, showing how portable consumer electronic multimedia devices can interface in vehicles without major modifications.
The Navigator also features an interchangeable CD player, camcorder, and digital versatile disk that demonstrates the universal plug-and-play advantages the IDB-1394 specification enables. A customer `convenience port' built into the network backbone lets users plug in their choice of electronic devices, such as a notebook computer or handheld device, using the same cable that is used in the home.
Down the corridor in 10169, the IDB Forum's exhibit, revolving around Mack's Vision model truck, with a complete array of consumer products including an 18-inch flat panel and touch panel displays from Planar Systems, DVD system and CD changer from Panasonic, Fujitsu CD/MD audio system, Motorola iDEN telephone, Rand McNally Palm V, Sony camcorder, VST hard disk drive and other systems running on plastic optical fiber from Sumitomo under an interface module, called DHIVA, developed by Digital Harmony Technologies. DHIVA also is in use in the Navigator.
"These in-vehicle multimedia exhibits demonstrate the potential of the IDB-1394 specification to provide complete, easy-to-use, multimedia connectivity in cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles," said IDB Forum Executive Director Arlan Stehney. "IDB-1394 is the most efficient, powerful standard for these exciting applications, and we're pleased to be able to show both the Mack Truck and the Lincoln Navigator at CES."

January 05 - PerfectData Announces Silkyboard PDA Keyboard and Screen Protector. PerfectData Corporation (NASDAQ:PERF) today announced the national availability of its Silkyboard(TM) PDA keyboard and screen protector.
Designed for Palm(TM) and Handspring devices (Palm OS), Silkyboard doubles as both a screen protector and as an efficient and effective replacement for existing PDA keyboards. Silkyboard eliminates the need for users to learn Graffiti and enables them to simply "tap" a key for any letter or number. With a keyboard layout identical to that of a standard PC keyboard, users can quickly write notes and enter data without searching for keys or trying to recall seldom used Graffiti strokes, allowing them to work quickly and accurately.
Consisting of a keyboard overlay and software, Silkyboard is as easy to install as it is to use. Simply load the software into your PC, download it to your PDA, apply the overlay across the PDA handwriting area, and you're off and "tapping." In addition to allowing the user to simply tap in their information, Silkyboard will also allow handwriting concurrently and will automatically determine when the user is writing Graffiti or using the keyboard.
Priced at $39.95, the Silkyboard package includes four (4) Silkyboard keyboard overlays, a Silkyboard applicator and software that is compatible with Palm OS 2.0 or higher. Silkyboard is currently available nationwide at Fry's, CompUSA, IBS, RCS, Micro Center and soon-to-be announced other national retailers.
For more information about PerfectData visit

January 05 - Turn One Windows 98 Computer Into Two. IOGEAR releases ShareView Version 2.8, a hardware and software package that turns one Windows 98 machine into two independent workstations.
Two people can access Microsoft Word, Excel, etc., or surf the Web simultaneously using one Internet connection. Share a printer, scanner, or any other peripherals attached to the computer. Access documents from either workstation or listen to two different MP3 files. The possibilities are endless.
The company's latest version includes our ShareView 2.8 software, ShareView Video Card, a USB Multimedia keyboard and a 15 foot cable to put the second workstation up to 25 feet away from the first workstation. Add any VGA monitor and a PS/2 mouse and have two complete computers. The MSRP is $169.99 and available now at all major catalog retailers.
Visit for the company's complete product line or for information about ShareView link:

January 04 - Intel announces 800 MHz Celeron and 810E2 100 MHz Chipset. The new Celeron(TM) processor 800 MHz is the first Intel desktop value PC processor to include a 100 MHz system bus, a technology that offers a wider communications path between the processor and the rest of the system, resulting in faster overall system performance. The new Intel(R) 810E2 Chipset supports the bus and a variety of other system innovations. The new technologies are now available worldwide.
The Intel 810E2 Chipset brings new Intel technology innovations to value PCs, including an advanced I/O controller, support for ATA-100 Ultra DMA hard drives, and new USB controllers to support four "plug-and-play" ports for system attachments and other consumer items. Chipsets serve to intelligently route information within a computer.
Intel also announced two new desktop boards for OEMs that support the Intel 810E2 Chipset, the microATX D810E2CA3 and FlexATX Intel Desktop Board D810E2CB. The boards support both Pentium(R) III and Celeron processors, and systems based on the products are expected later in Q1'01.
Intel Celeron processors are now available in volume at 800 (100 MHz system bus), 766, 733, 700, 667, 633, 600 and 566 MHz. In 1,000-unit quantities, the Intel Celeron processor 800 MHz is $170. The first systems based upon this new processor are expected at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. More system introductions are expected worldwide within the next 30 days. In 1,000-unit quantities, the Intel 810E2 Chipset is priced at $27.
For complete benchmark information on Intel(R) Celeron(TM) processors, visit the Intel Web site at

January 04 - Motorola introduces Streamaster 5000 Advanced DSL Set-Top Box. A wide and powerful range of consumer broadband multimedia services such as digital-quality broadcast television, high-speed Web access, 3-D games, video and music-on-demand, karaoke and online shopping are now possible with the introduction of Motorola's (NYSE:MOT) Streamaster 5000(TM) advanced set-top box.
As one of a new breed of advanced TV set-top systems, Streamaster 5000 targets telecommunication carriers and other network service providers wishing to enhance revenues and fend off competition by delivering convergent voice, video and data services to customers via high-speed Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology.
In addition to making such robust consumer offerings available to network service providers today, Streamaster 5000 is designed to help them to continually offer new consumer services. In the very near future, Motorola plans to incorporate into Streamaster 5000 a hard drive option that can enable personal video recording capabilities, as well as an optional DVD drive.
The Streamaster platform is enhanced by VM Labs' NUON(TM) technology, which incorporates a completely programmable media processor. NUON technology enables many of Streamaster 5000's capabilities, such as 2D/3D games graphics, general MIDI music, Dolby Digital(TM) audio, Spatializer, MPEG1/2 with video trick modes and MP3 playback.
Today, multiple international customers are announcing their selection of Streamaster 5000 to deploy broadband entertainment services to consumers. TransACT Capital Communications Pty expects to begin offering digital-quality broadcast television, video-on-demand, Web access and e-mail via VDSL services in February 2001 to subscribers in Canberra, Australia. Aliant Telecom has announced that they plan to use Streamaster 5000 for customers of its VibeVision service in Atlantic Canada.
Streamaster 5000 is available to telecommunications service providers and will be demonstrated in booth numbers N201-N204 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, Upstairs Meeting Rooms at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 6-9, 2001.
For more information, visit the Motorola Web site at

January 04 - Addonics announces USB Interface ''Ultra-Slim'' DVD/CD-ROM Combo Drive. Addonics Technologies today announced an ultra-slim DVD/CD-ROM device that weighs less than one pound, and is barely larger than a compact disc. Mobile computer users can play DVD movies, DVD material or CD-ROM data at high-speed with Addonics' new ultra-slim Pocket DVD8x24 combo drive.
Barely larger than a compact disc, the Addonics Pocket DVD8x24 provides DVD/MPEG II as well as CD/CD-RW audio and video playback on all USB interface mobile computers and desktop PCs.
The Pocket DVD8x24 turns any notebook PC into a portable DVD/CD-ROM player to deliver high quality audio and video with low CPU utilization. Users can play full-screen DVD movies with the drive's MPEG2 decoding software. The drive is also compatible with the leading multimedia compact disc formats, including CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, CD-DA, CD-Bridge, CD-Extra, and Video CD. It will read all CD-R and CD-RW recorded media and is Photo CD multi-session compliant.
The Addonics Pocket DVD8x24 drive features a front-panel loading tray that requires no caddies or cartridges. It has a list price of $349, and includes Windows 98, 2000, Me (Millennium Edition) MPEG II decoding software. The drive ultra-slim enclosure measures 6.4 x 5.4 x 0.9 inches, and weighs only 14 ounces. The drive can be powered from the keyboard port of the notebook computer for true portability or from the included 110/240V AC/DC power adapter.
System requirements are Pentium III/AMD 300MHz or greater CPU, a USB port, and a minimum 64 MBs RAM. Designed with the Addonics' Universal Storage Interface Bus (USIB standard), the Pocket 8x24 DVD player can connect to other interfaces such as Firewire, CardBUS or the future USB 2.0 interface by changing the interface cable.
The drive will be available through major catalog companies, resellers, VARs and distributors, including PC Connection, CDW,, Insight, Egghead, Ingram Micro, and D&H. Visit Addonics at

January 04 - In-System Design USB 2.0 Chip Passes Compliance Testing. In-System Design Inc. (ISD), a system-on-chip design company specializing in digital bridging solutions, announced today its Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 high-speed bridge chip, the ISD-300, has successfully met the compliance testing standards set by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF).
The ISD-300 becomes the first peripheral bridge solution to meet USB 2.0 high-speed specifications.
"The introduction of tested and certified USB 2.0 devices is important to continuing the high-quality experience that USB offers," said Jason Ziller, Intel technology initiatives manager for USB 2.0. "By introducing the first certified USB high-speed peripheral bridge device, ISD has made an important contribution to furthering USB 2.0 as the preferred connection for most PC peripherals."
The ISD-300 supports data transfer rates of up to 480 Megabits per second (Mbps) -- a 40x improvement over USB 1.1 -- and will enable the design of PC peripherals with more functionality, including higher resolution video conferencing cameras, next generation scanners and printers, high-speed storage units, and faster broadband Internet connections. The ISD-300 is targeted specifically at enabling industry standard mass storage devices like hard drive, CD-RW and DVD-RAM to be easily connected to USB 2.0.
Samples of the ISD-300 and developer kits are available now. The companies web site can be found at

January 03 - Iomega announces new Zip 250MB USB Powered Drive. Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM), today announced the new Zip® 250MB USB Powered Drive.
By receiving both data and power through a single USB cable, eliminating the need for an additional power cable, the ultra-thin drive offers improved mobility and simplified connectivity for both PC and Macintosh® users.
The new Zip® 250MB USB Powered Drive is hot swappable, meaning users can connect and use the drive without turning off the computer. The drive weighs just nine ounces and is one of the smallest high-capacity, portable storage solutions on the market.
The drive is also compatible with all Zip 250MB and Zip 100MB disks, ensuring that customers can continue using the more than 240 million Zip disks shipped worldwide. One Iomega Zip U250TM disk, the new premium design Zip disk, will be included with the drive. Laptops without a USB port can connect to the drive with a PCMCIA card available through Iomega.
The Zip® 250MB USB Powered Drive is available in the United States at retail stores and through for a suggested retail price of $179.95. The Zip 250MB USB Powered Drive will be available in Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America by the end of the first quarter in 2001.
For more information on the new Zip 250MB USB Powered Drive, visit

January 03 - AOpen America Introduces a New Line of CRT and LCD Display Monitors. AOpen America, Inc. today announced an aggressive and bold line of CRT and LCD display monitors aimed at both home and business users. This new line of displays covers the gamut from lower end, price-conscious requirements up to the professional 21" monitors for high-performance users plus a new line of LCD displays.
The new CRT line includes four new models: the A50S, A70S, A90S and A21S, available in diagonal color display sizes of 15", 17", 19", and 21" respectively. Resolutions range from 1024x768 for the A50S to 1600x1200 for the A21S. All monitors accept analog input with frequency ranges varying from 30-55 Hz up to 30-95 Hz for the A21S.
The new LCD line of displays is represented by the F50L, F75L, and the F23L with display sizes of 15", 17.4" and 23.1" respectively. All are TFT Active Matrix technology with resolutions starting at 1024x768 up to 1600x1200. Signal inputs are analog for all models (F75L has dual D-type analog connectors). The F23L also includes digital input capability. Viewing angles are an impressive 120 degrees for the F50L and 160 degrees for the F75L and the F23L models.
The displays utilizing Ultra Fine Dot pitches ranging from 0.27" down to 0.26 inch for the CRT models and 0.27-0.297 dot pitch on the LCD models. All CRT displays have the Power-On Auto Degauss feature built in. OpenControl(TM) OSD and DDC1/2B Plug & Play capability is provided on both CRT and LCD models.
All CRT monitors and the F50L LCD display are available today through AOpen's registered channel partners. The pricing on the new CRT line is: A50S-$145.00, A70S-$199.00, A90S-$299.00, A21S-$799.00 and all include a full 3 year warranty. The LCD pricing is: F50L-$899.00. The F75L and F23L pricing will be announced in early 2001. A 3 year limited warranty (1 year on Back Light Source) is included.
The company can be found on the Web at

January 02 - Edgewater Technology Annouces Fund for Workers' Families. Edgewater Technology, the eSolutions division of Edgewater Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:EDGW), announced that employees and management of Edgewater Technology returned to work today.
Shirley Singleton, President and CEO of Edgewater Technology said, "Our priority today, as it has been every day, is to support each other and help our co-workers heal, and we will continue to have counselors available for all employees for as long as they need as we gradually return to normal operations."
"We are aware that the families of our friends and colleagues that lost their lives are struggling to cope with the tragic events of last week and we continue to do everything that we can to ease their burdens. In addition to making grief counselors available to the families, members of the executive team have been working one on one to ensure that each families' needs are being met. We have also worked with our insurance company and benefits providers to expedite the process and eliminate unnecessary delays."
"Even in the darkest moments of the past few days," she continued, "our staff rallied around our customers and maintained consistent service to our clients, who along with vendors and the community have been very supportive. Everyone at Edgewater Technology is grateful and appreciative of the continued help, encouragement and good wishes."
If you wish to do something that will be meaningful and helpful, we would hope that you consider supporting the Edgewater-Wakefield Memorial Fund. Tax-deductible contributions can be dropped of at any Boston area Fleet Bank branch or sent c/o The Edgewater-Wakefield Memorial Foundation, Inc., Post Office Box 2133, Wakefield, MA, 01880-6133. Every dollar will be distributed to the families who lost loved ones last Tuesday.

January 02 - Intel Introduces Portable Digital Audio Player. Intel Corporation today introduced a portable digital audio player that provides up to four hours of music programming and more than 20 hours of spoken-word audio. The new product is equipped with 128 MB of memory for storing digital audio in MP3 and Windows(1) Media Audio (WMA) formats.
The Intel(R) Pocket Concert(TM) Audio Player can be used with the optional Intel(R) Audio Accessory Kit that includes a home stereo dock and car audio adapter so consumers have more ways to access, use and enjoy their music.
The Intel Pocket Concert Audio Player is designed to deliver longer playing times, better sound quality and the ability to enjoy music in a more versatile format now and in the future," said Don Whiteside, general manager of the Intel Connected Products Division. "Bringing Intel technology to the emerging portable digital audio market will provide consumers with trusted brand option and an enhanced audio experience."
The Intel Pocket Concert Audio Player and the Intel Audio Accessory Kit will be available nationwide in February 2001 at most computer stores and online retailers. The Intel Pocket Concert Audio Player equipped with 128 MB and FM Stereo is priced at $299.99; the Intel Audio Accessory Kit is priced at $59.99; and the Intel Pocket Concert Audio Player with 128 MB, FM Stereo and Intel Audio Accessory Kit is priced at $349.99. More information is available at

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