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Daily Computer News and Rumors

June 01-07 2003

About News and Rumors. InfoHQ Computer News and Rumors is a daily column. It features news coverage of new PC and Mac computer hardware and software, Internet news, and other technical news items.
Every Sunday, News and Rumors features "Sunday Shopping Watch", which is a comparison and analysis of Sunday computer store advertisements.
The Daily Computer News and Rumors is an archived column, so feel free to review previous week's or month's computer news. Previous Daily Computer News articles can also be searched, by using our site search feature found in the top and bottom menu bar.

InfoHQ Daily Computer News and Rumors Article Index
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Jun 06 Toshiba Ushers in New Era in Mobile Computing with Media Center Notebook PC
Jun 06 EZQuest Cobra FireWire 800 / USB 2.0 External Hard Drives Available Now
Jun 06 U.S. Robotics Unveils Secure and Expandable Broadband Router with Network Storage
Jun 06 Mitsubishi Announces New Affordable Home Cinema Projector
Jun 06 Plug Power Introduces First Fuel Cell Product for the Telecommunications Market
Jun 06 InterVideo Unveils CD/DVD Duplication Software with Direct to Disc Recording
Jun 06 Atari's Enter the Matrix Sells Through More Than 1 Million Units in North America
Jun 05 Sharp Demonstrates Industry-Leading High-Tech Products At Infocomm 2003
Jun 05 3Com Introduces New Entry-Level Gigabit Ethernet Products
Jun 05

BenQ Introduces New 15-inch LCD TV

Jun 05 SendPhotos Gold Emails Photos up to 25 Times Faster
Jun 05 61% of U.S. Internet Households Now Own Scanning Devices
Jun 04 ARCHOS Offers Cinema-to-Go with Handheld Personal Video Recorder/Player
Jun 04 Sharp Introduces New Actius AV18 Notebook
Jun 04 Kodak Announces Three New Digital Cameras
Jun 04 Canon Intoduces New PowerShot G5 Digital Camera
Jun 04 Spam Control Market Share Battle Predicted To Be over in 18 Months
Jun 03 Intel Delivers Enhancements For Centrino™ Mobile Technology
Jun 03 HP Continues Leadership in Worldwide Notebook PC Market
Jun 03 ATI's MOBILITY RADEON 9600 Mobile Visual Processor Now Shipping
Jun 03 HP Introduces Low Cost Small Business Desktop PC
Jun 03 Spam Now Represents More Than 50% of Corporate Email
Jun 02 HP Captures No. 1 Position in Total Server Revenue Worldwide
Jun 02 Global Chip Sales Total $12.1 Billion in April 2003
Jun 02 Itronix Introduces Rugged GoBook Tablet PC
Jun 02 FirewireDirect Ships FireWire 800 1394b Cables
Jun 01 Sunday Shopping Watch




Jun 06 - Toshiba Ushers in New Era in Mobile Computing with Media Center Notebook PC. Redefining the functionality of a mobile computer from a productivity tool to a personal home entertainment console, Toshiba's Computer Systems Group (CSG) today announced the Satellite 5205-S705 notebook PC.

Powered by Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition and the easy-to-use single remote control, Satellite 5205-S705 users are able to watch and record their favorite television programs directly to the notebook for later viewing, store and access digital images, video files, and play DVD movies anytime and any place. Toshiba's latest wireless-integrated multimedia notebook PC also allows users to enjoy industry-leading 3D graphics and convenient Internet access at home, work or a local public hotspot.

In addition to recording digital content, Satellite 5205-S705 customers can take advantage of the built-in DVD-Multi drive to burn CDs and DVDs and can be used as a second hard drive.

"The Satellite 5205-S705 represents a convergence of mobile computing and digital entertainment that empowers consumers to develop new and creative ways to use a notebook PC," said Oscar Koenders, vice president of product marketing and worldwide product planning. "Our customers continue to use their mobile PCs for entertainment functionality and it's our goal to meet that demand by delivering new technology -- everything from desktop quality graphics to integrated wireless connectivity and now the ability to bring television to the mobile PC."

A Multimedia Wonder with the Industry's Fastest Graphics

Providing a complete multimedia experience, the Satellite 5205-S705 is the first notebook PC to ship with the NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600 graphics processing unit, the industry's fastest graphics. The new cinematic graphics allows users to play any desktop PC computer game and develop multimedia-intensive presentations. Combined with a 15.0" diagonal UXGA display and Harman/Kardon(R) stereo speakers with a built-in subwoofer, the Satellite 5205-S705 enhances any movie or computer gaming experience for the multimedia enthusiast.

Satellite 5205-S705 customers also enjoy the flexibility of the Toshiba Style Bay(TM), ready for a second hard drive, second battery or a bridge media adapter. The bridge media adapter provides the capability to easily receive, retain and move data by a variety of digital media formats, including Memory Stick(R), Compact Flash(R) and Smart Media(TM).

Pricing and Availability

The Toshiba Satellite 5205-S705 notebook PC is available direct via www.shoptoshiba.com for $2,699 and through Toshiba's retail distribution channels including computer superstores and consumer electronic stores.

Jun 06 - EZQuest Cobra FireWire 800 / USB 2.0 External Hard Drives Available Now. EZQuest's first FireWire 800 product -- the Cobra FireWire 800 / USB 2.0 external hard drive -- is available now. Because it has both a FireWire and a USB port, the drive can be used to transfer or back up files on both Mac and PC desktops. With capacities up to 250GB, it is ideal for transferring and storing large amounts of data.

"Our new 250GB drive is particularly valuable for independent video editors," said Ebrahim Zmehrir, EZQuest president. "Video requires massive storage capacity, which can be very expensive. By striping four 250GB Cobra drives, an editor can store a terabyte of data for $2400. That same terabyte would cost $9000 or more with SCSI.

"FireWire 800 allows data transfer as fast as 800mbs per second, the equivalent of a CD full of data, every 10 seconds," continued Zmehrir. "When two or more of our drives are striped together via FireWire 800, data transfer rates of up to 75MBs per second can be achieved. This is more than twice as fast as FireWire 400 or USB 2.0. In addition, FireWire 800 is capable of bursting data over 100-meter cables -- twenty times as far as FireWire 400. So, you could set up an editing workstation in one room and send data to EZQuest FireWire 800 drives located several rooms away."

The Cobra FireWire 800/USB 2.0 drive is housed in a light-gray, streamlined case that is fully shielded with 0.6mm metal. It comes ready to use, and includes a built-in universal auto-switching power supply, a cable and software. The Cobra drive is compatible with Mac OS 8.6, Mac OSX and WIN 98SE, as well as later Mac and WIN versions.

It is stackable and ships with Intech Hard Disk Speed Tools, a RAID level-0 striping software for Macs. It is also compatible with the striping software that comes with Windows 2000. The new drive comes with a one-year warranty. MSRPs are $299 for 120GB; $459 for 200GB and $589 for 250GB.

Cobra+ FireWire hard drives with Mac 400 ports are also available from EZQuest. Downloadable product spec sheets and a list of dealers are available at www.ezq.com.

Jun 06 - U.S. Robotics Unveils a Secure and Expandable Broadband Router with Network Attached Storage. U.S. Robotics(R) announces the Secure Storage Router Pro, the only affordable, secure office gateway available that acts as a dedicated file server. Introduced at SuperComm 2003 (Booth 10819), the powerful and expandable broadband router comes with network attached storage (NAS) and virtual private network (VPN) capabilities.
Especially designed for small offices, the router lets users store and retrieve documents from a hard drive or other storage device connected to its USB 2.0 or IEEE-1394 FireWire ports.

"The U.S. Robotics Secure Storage Router Pro is an expandable network and data sharing device and a cost effective foundation for any small office network," said Frank Sugino, strategic development manager, U.S. Robotics.
"Adding accessories like an external FireWire or USB 2.0 hard drive eliminates the cost and maintenance of a traditional server and allows users to efficiently connect and manage an entire home or office network. U.S. Robotics is the only CPE provider exclusively offering a secure gateway, VPN client and server, network attached storage, and user expandability packaged in a single device," he added.

Unique to the Secure Storage Router Pro are the built-in IEEE-1394 FireWire and USB 2.0 ports. By attaching external hard drives, memory card readers or other storage class devices, users can instantly take advantage of sharing networked files. Powered by the Intel(R) IXP422 network processor, it delivers exceptional performance for all attached devices.
Moreover, the storage router offers the flexibility of an upgradeable, customizable platform and expandable design, so Linux programmers can create new modules using a software developers kit available later this year.

"Using technologies that deliver compelling price/performance and enable faster time to market is critical for broadband access and wireless networking equipment providers," said Jim Finnegan, general manager of the Network Processor Division at Intel Corporation. "The high performance, low power, and integrated encryption features of the Intel IXP422 network processor help OEMs offer capabilities typically found in larger corporate networks at SOHO/SME price points."

With the emphasis on security, Sugino added, the ability to encrypt/decrypt massive amounts of data is a primary concern. "As one of the most powerful network processors available in this category, U.S. Robotics selected the Intel IXP422 because it's faster and more efficient than software-based encryption."

The U.S. Robotics Secure Storage Router Pro provides a comprehensive set of security features designed to protect businesses from uninvited guests. In addition to standard NAT and DMZ features, the router includes a true Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall and protection against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Moreover, the router's excellent VPN capabilities include support for PPTP server, PPTP client and IPSec connections, so there is no need for expensive VPN services or dedicated VPN servers.

Ideal for small office use, the router's modular and sleek design easily stacks with other U.S. Robotics networking and broadband equipment to minimize desktop clutter. Its simple Web-based interface eliminates the need for users to learn complicated network management tools and supports universal plug and play (UPnP) for easy installation and configuration. Additionally, the router is virtually silent, reduces power consumption and emits much less heat in comparison to a dedicated file server.

The Secure Storage Router Pro, (Model 8200) will be available in July for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $349. For further information regarding the company and its products, please visit the Web site at www.usr.com.

Jun 06 - Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Announces New Affordable Home Cinema Projector. Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Presentation Products Division, maker of award-winning, high-quality presentation and display products, today introduced the Mitsubishi HC2 Home Cinema ColorView(TM) projector, its first projector designed for home theater enthusiasts. Highly affordable, easily portable, and more streamlined than bulky plasma or projection televisions, the HC2 ColorView projector provides crisp, clear images from DVDs, computers, VCRs, or even HDTV input signals.

"The HC2 ColorView is our first ColorView projector designed and developed for use at home. It offers the conventional 4:3 aspect ratio since it's still the most popular format for home programs and computer games," said James Chan, director, projector product marketing for Mitsubishi Digital. "Combined with our advanced color controls, high contrast ratio, and high brightness, the HC2 projects a large dynamic image that is perfect for movies, sporting events or video games."

Mitsubishi HC2 also supports 16:9 aspect ratio that means viewers can get a full movie-theater effect with wide-screen visibility. With an extended lamp life of 2,500 hours, the HC2 ColorView makes the total cost of ownership economical in the long run.

Mitsubishi Digital's new projector offers ColorView, its patented color algorithm that enables more accurate, more realistic colors. ColorView's most important feature is its six-axis color control function: unlike any other television or projector, both RGB and CMY color palettes can be independently controlled and adjusted like a graphic equalizer, offering viewers ultimate flexibility in creating more accurate colors and realistic images.

The HC2 offers a high resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, 1100 ANSI lumens bright, and a remarkable 600:1 contrast ratio, all in a small, 6.4-pound package that is easy to set-up in the living room, family room, den, or just about anywhere at home. The learning remote control included with the new projector is easily programmed to operate two additional video sources, such as a DVD player or VCR, allowing users to switch easily between displays and eliminating the need for expensive control systems typical with other projectors.

Aki Ninomiya, director, Mitsubishi Digital, said, "We're famous for our high-quality imaging products in the home as well as business, and are pleased to continue that trend with a new home theater projector, complete with our characteristic product excellence and engineering."

The HC2 ColorView is available at $1,999 MSRP with a two-year warranty on parts and labor plus a 90-day warranty on the lamp, and will be available in popular resellers of home theater displays and retail outlets.

For more information, visit www.mitsubishi-presentations.com.

Jun 06 - Plug Power Introduces First Fuel Cell Product for the Telecommunications Market. Plug Power Inc. (Nasdaq:PLUG) introduced today the GenCore(TM)5T, the Company's new 5-kilowatt fuel cell system, designed to provide extended run back-up power specifically for the telecommunications industry in the demanding outside plant (OSP) market.

GenCore(TM)5T is Plug Power's first direct hydrogen product based on a proprietary, modular, scaleable, architected GenCore fuel cell platform. Future products from this platform, ranging from 2-12 kilowatts, will be marketed to the cable broadband and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) industries.

"Providing back-up power to the telecommunications industry demands tough, reliable and predictable power solutions," said Mark A. Sperry, Chief Marketing Officer, Plug Power. "The GenCore(TM)5T is expected to provide the most effective solution to meet the increasing energy needs of the telecommunications market. Priced at $14,995 ($3,000/kilowatt), the zero-emission GenCore(TM)5T will appeal to system operators concerned with reducing life-cycle maintenance and total equipment expenses."

GenCore(TM)5T will be introduced at SuperComm, a premier communications and information technology exhibition produced by the Telecommunications Industry Association and the United States Telecom Association in Atlanta, Georgia, from June 3-5 2003. The system will be on display at the Tyco Electronic Power System booth (# 23737) and Plug Power booth (# 23478) throughout the three-day SuperComm event that started today. Tyco Electronics Power Systems is showing the system as part of its next generation telecom power display.

Shipment of the GenCore(TM)5T is expected to begin during the fourth quarter of 2003 under a controlled introduction strategy driven by customer demand and the establishment of a distribution and support infrastructure. Plug Power is actively working with technical and fuel service providers to support the GenCore(TM)5T product rollout. Plug Power currently has a 10-unit order backlog for the GenCore(TM)5T product.

GenCore(TM)5T joins Plug Power's product GenSys(TM)5CS, which has generated approximately 2 million kilowatt hours of electricity and heat to more than 130 customers over the past 15 months. More information can be found at www.plugpower.com.

Jun 06 - InterVideo Unveils CD/DVD Duplication Software with Direct to Disc Recording. Leveraging the technology that has made its WinDVD(TM) DVD Player software the world's most popular way to watch DVDs on a PC, InterVideo, Inc. announced today InterVideo DVD Copy, a fast and easy way to make true 1:1 copies of personal DVDs and CDs without any loss of quality.

Equipped with InterVideo's revolutionary UniPass(TM) technology, DVD Copy records in a single pass, rather than making the user wait while the video is buffered on the hard drive before recording. With direct, disc-to-disc recording, users can make archive and backup copies of their DVD movies and home videos up to 45 percent faster than other solutions that are currently available. InterVideo DVD Copy does not support copying CSS-encrypted movies.

"DVD Copy empowers users to create duplicates of their DVD movies to share with friends and family, to take with them when traveling, and to protect irreplaceable memories by making a backup copy," explained Steve Ro, CEO and co-founder of InterVideo. "Even people who don't own a DVD burner can still back up their DVDs, because DVD Copy also lets you copy a DVD-Video onto multiple CDs in the VideoCD (VCD) or SuperVideoCD (SVCD) format. CDs and DVDs created by DVD Copy can be played back on most living room set-top DVD players."

With DVD Copy's intuitive, single-screen interface, even a novice can create duplicates of their DVD movies in just three quick, easy steps. Users simply select the source, destination (CD-R/RW, DVD+/-R/RW/-RAM disc or hard drive) and video format (DVD, VCD, SVCD or DivX(R)).

In addition to its unique direct burn capabilities, InterVideo DVD Copy offers key features that differentiate it from the competition, including:

-- The ability to copy DVD movies from multiple folders on the
hard drive. Most competitors only support one VIDEO_TS folder
loading, but with DVD Copy, users can load as many as they can
fit onto a disc.

-- Support for the DivX(R) format which enable users to fit a DVD
onto a single, 700MB CD.

-- InterVideo's superior codec with a proven track record for
delivering true, quality copies. With DVD Copy, users can copy
their DVDs, VCDs and SVCDs without transcoding, so there is no
loss of quality. The powerful codec also enables users to
create copies of dual-layer DVD-Videos onto two blank DVDs
without losing any of the content or video quality.

InterVideo DVD Copy can also be used to replicate personal DVD-Videos onto a PC hard drive in the MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or DivX(R) format for editing. Once the videos are on the hard drive, users can click on DVD Copy's Customize Button to select the chapters, audio and subtitle features they want to include in their DVD or CD. This feature gives consumers the flexibility to tailor the home videos they want to share. It also enables businesses to quickly customize marketing and training videos.

Pricing, Availability

DVD Copy is available at InterVideo's web site, www.intervideo.com, with an MSRP of $59.95 and will soon be in leading retail stores. DVD Copy is compatible with Microsoft Windows(R) 2000 and XP systems.

Jun 06 - Atari's Enter the Matrix Sells Through More Than 1 Million Units in North America. With just 18 days on store shelves, Atari's Enter The Matrix(TM) has sold through more than 1 million units in North America, making it the fastest-selling game in that territory in the Company's history.

Enter The Matrix is a third-person action game that parallels Warner Bros. Pictures' and Village Roadshow Pictures' action blockbuster, The Matrix Reloaded, the second chapter in the Wachowski Brothers' revolutionary film trilogy. The game was released in North America on May 15 for the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox(TM) video game system from Microsoft, the Nintendo GameCube(TM) and the PC.

"Selling more than 1 million units of Enter The Matrix in the world's largest gaming market in just 18 days validates the confidence we have had in this title since the very beginning," said Bruno Bonnell, Chairman and CEO of Atari, Inc. "We knew that by integrating ourselves with the Hollywood community and accessing the content and resources of the Wachowski Brothers and Warner Bros. Studios from the outset, we could create an explosive property. These sell-through numbers indicate we've succeeded in doing just that."

Enter The Matrix is the #1 selling video game worldwide and the fastest selling movie-based video game in history. Game sales combined with box office tallies from The Matrix Reloaded accounted for the largest multi-genre entertainment premiere ever.

Developed by award-winning Shiny Entertainment (an Atari studio), Enter The Matrix is a revolution in interactive entertainment - a third-person action game that effectively blurs the line between Hollywood blockbuster films and next-generation video games. The game is directed by and features a script written by the Wachowski Brothers, writers/directors of The Matrix movie trilogy, creating the most intensive collaboration between a video game publisher and a movie studio to-date. The game features the same over-the-top gunplay, mind-bending martial arts, and insane driving and stunts that made The Matrix famous.

Enter The Matrix includes approximately one hour of never-before-seen footage - shot exclusively for the game - using the actors, sets and crew from the blockbuster film, The Matrix Reloaded. In addition, the game features an hour of cineractives, directed by the Wachowskis and rendered within the game engine to help tell the epic story of Enter The Matrix.

Enter The Matrix carries an estimated retail price of $49.99 and an ESRB rating "T" for Teen. More information about Enter The Matrix is available at www.enterthematrixgame.com. To learn more about The Matrix Reloaded, visit www.thematrix.com.

Jun 05 - Sharp Demonstrates Industry-Leading High-Tech Products At Infocomm 2003. Sharp Electronics Corporation, the U.S. sales and marketing subsidiary of Sharp Corporation, Osaka, Japan, will showcase a range of one-of-a-kind products in the home entertainment category at InfoComm 2003, including AQUOS™ flat panel televisions and DLP™ front projectors. The products feature proprietary technologies and unique styling for design- and environment-conscious consumers and video professionals.

"Sharp's full line of professional and consumer display products demonstrates the selection available to the professional market and showcases our worldwide AQUOS Liquid Crystal Television leadership," said Bob Scaglione, vice president of marketing, Sharp Electronics Corporation. "Today, we are debuting a breakthrough in Liquid Crystal Television - a wireless, battery operated AQUOS TV that lets the consumer watch TV, video and DVD programs anywhere around the home by wirelessly connecting to a video source."

At InfoComm 2003, Sharp's leading AQUOS Liquid Crystal Televisions and consumer DLP projection products will be showcased. Brief descriptions of Sharp's key products on display follow and product press releases are available at www.sharpusa.com.

Wireless, battery operated AQUOS TV

Sharp makes wireless TV a reality for the first time with a television that brings crystal clear TV, video and DVD enjoyment virtually anywhere in the home without wires. The new 15-inch wireless AQUOS Liquid Crystal Television (model LC-15L1) features a built-in battery and a Smart Link wireless digital audio video transmission system, which operates on the 802.11B wireless standard.
With Smart Link, the user simply connects the transmitter to a video source, such as a DVD player, and the system will transmit digital wireless signals using the 2.4 GHz band high-speed spread spectrum wireless protocol. The built-in, high-capacity lithium-ion battery provides approximately three hours of viewing time and is rechargeable.
The LC-15L1 features a new, sleek silver design by the world-class industrial designer, Toshiyuki Kita, which has sculpted, rounded side speakers, a built-in carrying handle and a table stand, so the consumer can easily move the AQUOS TV from room to room. Pricing and availability will be announced at a future date.

AQUOS Liquid Crystal Televisions

Sharp adds even more state-of-the-art quality, styling and size options to its AQUOS Liquid Crystal Televisions line. Prominently on display are the new Widescreen 37-inch High Definition AQUOS TVs, which provide a crystal clear home theater experience and an attractive alternative to plasma television.
Designed by Toshiyuki Kita, whose designs reside in the Museum of Modern Art, the stylish AQUOS is lightweight and less than three inches thin. Ideal for wall mounting, AQUOS is equipped with a detachable table stand and speakers. In addition, the included Audio Video Computer system effectively minimizes clutter and maximizes space by housing all wires connected to the television.
AQUOS TVs are also available in 10, 13, 15, 20, 22 and 30-inch screen sizes and are available in silver, black or white. Manufacturer's suggested retail prices (MSRP) range from $599.95 - $7,499.95, depending on screen size.

DLP Front Projectors

The new SharpVision™ XV-Z10000U DLP front projector provides the ultimate in home theater entertainment. Utilizing the new Texas Instruments Mustang/HD2 DLP chip set, the XV-Z10000U provides a 16:9 aspect ratio with a native resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It features a switchable contrast/brightness function that allows a 2600:1 contrast ratio in the high contrast mode. Sharp's second generation Computer & Video Integrated Composer (CV-IC II) System delivers state-of-the-art, proprietary video scaler circuitry that upconverts standard signals to the projector's native HD resolution. Its DVI terminal, capable of High Definition Content Protection (HDCP) protocol, ensures compatibility with next generation high definition set-top boxes and is Home Theater PC (HTPC) compatible.

The SharpVision XV-Z90 weighs just over seven and a half pounds so it can be easily moved from room to room. The XV-Z90 delivers brilliant clarity and features an extremely high contrast ratio of 1200:1, high brightness at 600 ANSI Lumens, and 2D keystone correction, which enables the user to position the projector almost anywhere in the room without picture distortion. The projector can exhibit both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, for viewing traditional or Widescreen content. The XV-Z90 is outfitted with a long-throw lens, making it perfect for a large room.

The XV-Z10000U is available for an MSRP of $11,995.95 and the XV-Z90 is available for an MSRP of $3,999.95.

Jun 05 - 3Com Introduces New Entry-Level Gigabit Ethernet Products. 3Com Corporation (Nasdaq: COMS) today announced a range of new entry-level Gigabit Ethernet switches that provide cost-effective, high-speed connectivity for enterprise networking applications. The products expand 3Com's current offering of Gigabit Ethernet products and are key to driving continued market leadership in this technology.

The new offerings are designed to meet the specific needs of small-to-medium enterprises, particularly those with limited IT staff requiring low-cost, easy-to-use, Layer 2 equipment. 3Com's broad product portfolio provides small office and small-to-medium enterprise customers with competitively priced products that scale to meet the needs of larger enterprises, as their business grows.

"The accelerated adoption of Gigabit Ethernet, due to the continued drop in Gigabit pricing, is a great opportunity for 3Com with its new entry-level Gigabit Ethernet products and a wonderful prospect for users," said Joshua Johnson, research analyst, Synergy Research Group. "Installing Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 switching now - rather than simply going with a 10/100 switch - is finally beginning to make sense as a business investment for customers looking to get more value and the longest life from their network, as it speeds performance and is ready to match the Gigabit connections included with the latest servers and high-powered desktops."

Available through 3Com(R) channel partners, the new entry-level Gigabit Ethernet switches give customers general-purpose networking solutions at compelling prices. Customers get more bandwidth per dollar spent when they buy a Gigabit Ethernet switch compared with buying a 10/100 switch.
It is a sound business decision to invest in the new higher-speed Gigabit products based on the economics as well as to future-proof the network for new applications. An increasing number of PCs are configured with Gigabit as the standard offering. Users can take advantage of the faster access with the cost-effective networking products introduced today.

New Gigabit Ethernet Solutions Fortify 3Com's Product Portfolio at the Lower End

The following are brief descriptions of the new fully featured Gigabit Ethernet switches that can easily be integrated into a network and work "out of the box" for cost-effective, high-speed networking.

Unmanaged Switches for Ultimate Ease-of-Use

3Com OfficeConnect(R) Switch 8 with Gigabit Uplink - a compact unmanaged, 9-port switch with eight 10/100 ports and an added 10/100/1000 port for an uplink or server connection.

3Com OfficeConnect Gigabit Switch 5-port - 3Com's first small form-factor, pure 10/100/1000 switch, designed for small offices.

3Com Switch 2816 & Switch 2824 - unmanaged, 16-port and 24-port 10/100/1000 switches, fixed configuration, for rack-mounted or standalone installation, designed for the small-to-medium business environment.

Managed Switches for More Demanding Networks

3Com Switch 3824 - a managed 10/100/1000 switch with 24 Gigabit ports. This standalone, non-stacking switch is designed for the branch office, regional office and small-to-medium enterprise.

Pricing and Availability

The 3Com OfficeConnect Switch 8 with Gigabit uplink is orderable now and available later in June. Unit U.S. street price is expected to be approximately $100. The 3Com OfficeConnect Gigabit 5 is orderable now and available in July. U.S. street price is expected to be approximately $30 per Gigabit port, or $150 for the unit.

The 3Com Switch 2816 and Switch 2824 are expected to be available in August. Final pricing has not yet been established, but U.S. street price is expected to be approximately $60 per Gigabit port for the two units. The 3Com Switch 3824 is expected to be available in August. Final pricing has not yet been established, but U.S. street price is expected to be approximately $100 per Gigabit port for the unit.

More product details are available on www.3Com.com.

Jun 05 - BenQ Introduces New 15-inch LCD TV. BenQ America Corp., a leading manufacturer of digital lifestyle devices, today introduced the latest edition to its line of LCD TVs, the BenQ Q150. As one of the largest manufacturers of LCD monitors, BenQ utilizes its strength in high-quality panels to develop its line of LCD TVs.

The BenQ Q150 is a 15-inch, HDTV compatible LCD TV that features a built-in TV tuner, 3D Dynamic Edge Filtering system, built-in subwoofer and an optional wireless kit. Its bright display delivers sharp images and flicker-free pictures. De-interlacing technology adds definition to onscreen pictures, while the 3D Dynamic Edge Filtering and Gamma Gray-scale correction functions improve the depth and sharpness of images, enhancing the overall image quality and stability.

With a 4:3 aspect ratio, a contrast ratio of 500:1 and a brightness of 450 nit, the BenQ Q150 LCD TV is an exceptionally bright addition to any environment. It can be used as a computer monitor or with a DVD player. With its built-in TV tuner, handle and optional wireless kit, the Q150 can be taken from room-to-room, to be enjoyed throughout a home. The Q150's speaker and subwoofer system provides a richer and deeper sound experience with any video application.

"The BenQ Q150 LCD TV is a terrific crossover display," said Stephanie Wang, product manager of Digital Media at BenQ. "It delivers the functionality and flexibility needed to operate in various environments, from desktop to kitchen. With its high resolution and speedy response time to its video compatibility and portability, the Q150 LCD TV is an ideal display for business or leisure needs."

The BenQ Q150 LCD TV has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $995 and will be available in June 2003. The optional wireless kit is available for $199.

For more information about BenQ, visit their Web site at www.BenQ.com.

Jun 05 - SendPhotos Gold Emails Photos up to 25 Times Faster. Novatix Corporation, which provides software that makes emailing digital photos simple and fast, today released SendPhotos(TM) Gold, a new photo utility for digital camera owners. SendPhotos Gold automatically inserts pictures into the body of custom-designed emails, eliminating attachments and making delivery up to 25 times faster.

According to the Photo Marketing Association, almost 75 percent of Americans email their digital photos. In addition, 78 percent of households use slow dial-up connections. This translates into a demand from people who want to email their photos, but are confused by attaching photo files, and frustrated by "bounced" emails, inbox size constraints, and sluggish downloads.

Unlike existing methods for emailing and reviewing digital photos, SendPhotos Gold inserts pictures into the body of an email, so people don't waste time opening attachments or visiting online photo services. In addition, SendPhotos' innovative technology dramatically shrinks the file size, so recipients don't wait for photos to load, or worry about an oversized inbox.

With SendPhotos Gold's new features people can:

-- Customize backgrounds for their emails by inserting designs,

colors, company logos and layouts with Stationery Creator

-- Easily crop, remove red-eye, and adjust images' brightness and

contrast levels

-- Email digital photos quickly by simply right-clicking on an


-- Export SendPhotos emails, including photos, captions and

unique stationery, to an HTML file for uploading to a Web site

-- Support all popular file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, GIF,

BMP, Kodak and Adobe standards

"Children, vacations, and special events like graduations generate roughly 22 billion new photos every year. SendPhotos Gold is the fastest way to email those photos to friends and family," said Mike Kronenberg, president of Novatix. "In addition, small businesses that email pictures as a sales tool can use Stationery Creator to design their own backgrounds. This personalization, and the ease with which senders and receivers can view the photos, is a strong differentiator."

SendPhotos Gold is designed for Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP operating systems, and will run on VirtualPC for Mac users. SendPhotos works with any email program, including Yahoo and Hotmail, and integrates fully with Outlook 2000/XP and Outlook Express. The Novatix site, www.novatix.com, offers a free trial and the ability to purchase SendPhotos Gold for $19.95, which includes a 30-day money back guarantee. SendPhotos is also available through Amazon.com, CompUSA.com and BestBuy.com.

Jun 05 - 61% of U.S. Internet Households Now Own Scanning Devices. Scanning devices continue to be a popular consumer peripheral, according to a recent survey of nearly 6,500 U.S. Internet households conducted by InfoTrends Research Group. The study found that 61% of U.S. Internet households own a scanning device, whether it be a flatbed, all-in-one, film or other type of scanner. 49% of Internet households own a flatbed scanner, and 18% own an all-in-one (AIO) device.

"Scanning is still a popular activity among U.S. Internet households," says Kerry Flatley, senior research analyst at InfoTrends Research Group. "While the penetration of flatbed scanners has not increased over 2002, the penetration of AIOs is rising quickly. In 2003, 30% of U.S. Internet scanning device households said they own an AIO, up from 21% in 2001. Consumers are eager to purchase AIOs because given their functionality, AIOs are relatively inexpensive and space-saving."

This year, InfoTrends asked this growing AIO user group many questions to better understand this segment of the scanning market. AIO users were asked if they originally planned to purchase a printer or standalone scanner instead of an AIO, if their AIO has a flatbed scanner and their general satisfaction with AIOs. InfoTrends found that 12% of scanning device owners have both an AIO and a flatbed scanner. "While some scanning device owners still have both a flatbed scanner and an AIO, data from the survey suggests that this trend will not last and most of these owners will make AIOs their primary scanner," says Ms. Flatley.

InfoTrends Research Group, Inc. (www.infotrends-rgi.com) is the leading market research and consulting firm for digital imaging technologies and markets.

Jun 04 - ARCHOS Offers Cinema-to-Go with Handheld Personal Video Recorder/Player. The ARCHOS handheld product line takes a major leap forward today with the announcement of the much anticipated Video AV300 Series Video Recorder / Player. Now available in all major retail outlets throughout North America, the ARCHOS Video AV300 is the industry's first true personal video player that can record and play back movies with stereo MP3 audio. ARCHOS, a world renowned innovator for handheld and mobile devices, has successfully raised the competitive bar in consumer electronics by establishing a new category in mobile media devices.

Sporting the industry's only high-resolution 3.8-inch color LCD screen, the Video AV300 series offers the most enjoyable video play back experience in any portable device. But the real power behind the Video AV300 is in its ease to record video from any video source. On the go enthusiasts are able to record their favorite video content direct from any video source, TV, or VCR. They can also quickly download and save large volumes of MPEG-4 video files acquired legally through the Internet. Once the video is saved to the Video AV300, users can play back the video either on the built-in color display or on any TV or PC in near-DVD-quality.

"At home people have TVs, stereos, DVD players and PCs for personal entertainment. Now consumers want to watch the latest release of a movie, a favorite TV show, or a music video while killing time, or additionally listen to MP3 music in the car or share videos and photos with friends, all while on the go," said Henri Crohas, President and Founder, ARCHOS. "People also want to record music from their stereos or video from a TV, but they do not want to have to go through a PC. ARCHOS has created the perfect solution with the Video AV300 series --a single personal device that does it all."

With the capacity to hold up to 80 hours1 of video with MP3 audio, the AV300 video recorder / player becomes a 'live' cinema player. Recording from the analog signal and playback in VHS resolution, the AV300 series allows for comfortable viewing of full-length movies, entire seasons of TV shows, complete collections of music videos, or simply a young producer's own personal home videos.

The Video AV300's innovative modular design allows consumers to pick their price and feature needs. The 'out of box' experience comes fully ready for recording and playing video, music and voice, and transferring and storing data files. The Digital Video Recorder module, a USB 2.0 cable, AC adapter, batteries, stereo headphones, MusicMatch software and user's manual are included.

The ARCHOS Video AV320 (20 gigabytes) and Video AV340 (40 gigabytes) comes bundled with the Digital Video Recorder module and are currently available at leading retailers and Archos.com for suggested retail prices of $569.95 and $629.95, respectively.
Optional accessories will be available at www.archos.com with the following suggested retail prices: AVCam 300 $199.95, FM Tuner $29.95; and Memory Card Readers, Compact Flash $29.95, Memory Stick & MultimediaCard-in-one $29.95, and SmartMedia $29.95.

Jun 04 - Sharp Introduces New Actius AV18 Notebook. Sharp Systems of America today announced a new addition to its award-winning Actius line of notebook computers.

The Actius AV18 expands Sharp's family of ultramobile notebook computers by providing a powerful Actius computer at a budget-friendly price.

"The Actius AV18 offers advanced powerful computing performance plus audio-video entertainment in a slim design," said Terry Hanly, product marketing manager at Sharp Systems of America. "It's an ideal notebook for students as well as business professionals. Complete with a budget-conscious price, the Actius AV18 is perfect for anyone looking to benefit from the portable yet powerful benefits that have become the Sharp Actius trademark."

"Notebook users today want to be connected at home, school, work and while on-the-go, and the new Actius AV18 is an excellent choice to help them meet their mobility needs," said Marc Warshawsky, director, Mobile Business Segment, AMD Computation Products Group, "Low-voltage mobile AMD Athlon(TM) XP-M processors let world-class computer manufacturers like Sharp design high-power, thin-and-light notebooks with excellent battery life and crisp, clear graphics, keeping notebook users productive no matter where they are."

The Actius AV18

The new Actius AV18 is an ultramobile notebook that includes an integrated combo DVD/CD-RW drive. With an extremely compact 11.1" x 9.4" footprint, the AV18 features the low-voltage mobile AMD Athlon XP-M processor 1800+, CD burning and DVD playback capabilities, Windows XP Home Edition, 256 MB memory and a 40 GB hard drive in an ultrathin, lightweight design. Measuring just one inch thick and starting at 3.9 pounds, the Actius AV18 is one of the thinnest and lightest notebooks in its class.

The Actius AV18 also includes 'sharp-fx,' Sharp's proprietary DVD optimization software. This included module for InterVideo's WinDVD player automatically adjusts image contrast for optimum clarity. Combined with the Actius AV18's high-quality 12.1" LCD screen, this image enhancing software brings out the best in DVD picture quality.

"With the new Actius products, we're continuing our quest to provide maximum productivity on the go," said Hanly. "The Actius AV18 continues that tradition with a very thin, yet powerful machine at a great price."

The Actius AV18 is competitively priced with an estimated street price starting at $1,499.


Sharp Actius notebook computers are available immediately through Sharp at www.sharp.smartermall.com, or through Sharp's network of retail partners and reseller channels.

Jun 04 - Kodak Extends Its EasyShare Digital Photography System with Three New Digital Cameras. Eastman Kodak Company today introduced three new cameras designed for its EasyShare digital photography system.

The Kodak EasyShare DX6440 camera (US$399) incorporates stunning picture quality, powerful features, a host of photographic creative controls and exceptional ease of operation. The Kodak EasyShare CX6330 camera (US$279) combines award winning ease-of-use and multi-mode functionality with outstanding picture quality, while the Kodak EasyShare CX6200 camera (US$129) pairs simple operation with significant price-to-performance value.

"These new EasyShare cameras clearly demonstrate how Kodak is applying innovative technology to develop products that deliver superb image quality, performance, and ease of use," said Rowan Lawson, director of worldwide product marketing for Kodak's digital & applied imaging products and services. "Take the EasyShare DX6440 camera, for instance. It has a number of advanced photography features that, when combined with phenomenal ease of operation and new image processing technology, set this camera apart from the crowd."

Kodak EasyShare DX6440 zoom digital camera

The Kodak EasyShare DX6440 zoom digital camera, available in August 2003, provides stunning image quality thanks to a number of innovative features. It incorporates a professional quality Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon 4X optical zoom lens, an exclusive high-speed, low-light precision auto-focus system, new Kodak Color Science image processing algorithms, and 4 megapixel (MP) resolution that results in sharp, striking prints up to 20 x 30 inches.

Kodak EasyShare CX6330 zoom digital camera

The EasyShare CX6330 zoom digital camera is ideal for taking pictures that can be made into crisp, sharp prints up to 11 x 14 inches. Multiple scene modes such as a sport, night, landscape and close-up make it simple to shoot under various conditions. It provides 3.1MP resolution, a 3X optical Kodak Retinar aspheric all-glass zoom lens, 3.3X Advanced Digital Zoom, exclusive Kodak Color Science technology for outstanding image fidelity, multi-zone auto focus, and auto picture rotation. The camera also captures continuous digital video with audio, and incorporates the popular sharing features common across EasyShare products. It will be available in June 2003.

Kodak EasyShare CX6200 digital camera

Designed for value-conscious people making their first foray into digital, the Kodak EasyShare CX6200 digital camera offers all the simplicity of the EasyShare system. Getting great prints -- up to 8 x 10 inches -- is no problem, thanks to 2 MP resolution and 3X continuous digital zoom. The 1.6-inch LCD screen can be used to both preview a shot and instantly review the snapped picture. Like other CX/DX6000- and LS600-series cameras, it includes Kodak's exclusive red-jeweled "Share" button. It will be available in August 2003.

More information on Kodak EasyShare products is available at www.kodak.com/go/EasyShare.

Jun 04 - Canon Intoduces New PowerShot G5 Digital Camera. Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon Inc. (NYSE: CAJ), today launched its new five megapixel PowerShot G5 digital camera.

This serendipitous combination of high resolution, speed, portability and creative control presents photographers and photo enthusiasts with a versatile, full-featured tool for greater creative latitude.

"The unique combination of high-quality Canon optics, DIGIC processing and ergonomic design presents a significant advantage to the prosumer," said Yukiaki Hashimoto, senior vice president and general manager of the Consumer Imaging Group at Canon U.S.A., Inc. "The PowerShot G5 digital camera provides photographers and photo enthusiasts with optimal image quality, versatility and speed both seamlessly and instantaneously."

Housed in a rugged black enclosure, the PowerShot G5 digital camera features a 1/1.8" five megapixel CCD sensor that captures 2592 x 1944 pixel images with exceptional detail and color fidelity. Canon's DIGIC processor increases image-processing speeds compared to general purpose CPUs found in other comparable digital cameras.

Canon's powerful 4x all-glass optical zoom lens provides shooters with a 35mm equivalent range of 35 -140mm, a fast maximum aperture of f/2.0-3.0 and macro focusing down to 2 inches. The additional 4x digital zoom extends the camera's telephoto capabilities to provide photographers with 16x zoom functionality.

And, like other PowerShot series cameras, the PowerShot G5 camera also has a Direct Connect print function that allows printing without a computer via Canon's line of dye-sublimation and Bubble Jet printers for fast, high-quality photos.

The PowerShot G5 digital camera will be available in June for a suggested retail price of $899. For more information, visit www.usa.canon.com.

Jun 04 - Spam Control Market Share Battle Predicted To Be over in 18 Months. Spam is an annoyance that's getting worse by the day, but over time spam control won't be something that people pay a lot of money for, according to a new study by NetsEdge Research Group (NRG). Today spam is a very real problem and a growing one, but it's one that diminishes in visibility and importance in two years.

The study, titled Spam Control: Neither Silver Bullets Nor A Pot of Gold, is based on research conducted by NRG into the technologies involved with blocking spam "right" and today's current spam blocking software.

"Spam control is an exciting and growing business today because spamming is growing and because most F1000 companies haven't yet selected a solution" said Peter Christy, co-founder of NRG. "But within two years, those purchases will have been made, the solutions will be largely comparable; the amount of money spent on spam will be diminishing under buyer pressure and the amount of spam left in peoples' mailboxes will be entirely acceptable. In the end people will accept an OK solution, and that fact will drive the prices down."

The study -- which includes a five year market forecast and a research finding showing that 70% of network security executives consider spam to be a security issue and not simply an email inconvenience -- found that most companies on both the vendor and the user side of the business are still struggling to understand spam and the right means of its control.

NetsEdge Research Group www.netsedgeonline.com provides marketing and strategy research reports and consulting services, specializing in areas related to Internet infrastructure.

Jun 03 - Intel Delivers Enhancements For Centrino™ Mobile Technology. Intel Corporation today disclosed new performance enhancements, support for more robust wireless security standards and a number of key market acceptance milestones for Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology-based systems.

Intel Centrino mobile technology performance has been enhanced with the availability of a new processor operating at 1.70 GHz, a low-voltage 1.20 GHz processor and the ultra-low-voltage part running at 1.0GHz. Later this month, Intel will also provide updated networking software that delivers additional support for security features designed to protect information transmitted while connecting to networks using wireless technology.

When introduced in March there were 34 systems enabled with Intel Centrino mobile technology. Today, PC makers worldwide are shipping 58 different models, and Intel expects more than 125 designs to be available for sale by the end of the year. Systems range in style from tablet PCs to thin-and-light designs with large screens to ultra-mobile systems that weigh less than three pounds.
In some cases these mobile systems can achieve greater than five hours of battery life on a single charge. Importantly, Intel has now verified the compatibility of Intel Centrino mobile technology with more than 14,000 hotspots worldwide, exceeding its end-of-year goal of 10,000.

"From PC makers to service providers to airports, hotels and retail locations, we are seeing strong acceptance for Intel Centrino mobile technology," said Anand Chandrasekher, vice president, Intel Mobile Platforms Group. "Consumers and business professionals alike are enjoying the benefits of being able to unwire and unplug, along with the world-class performance and unique designs made possible by Intel Centrino mobile technology."

Security Enhancements On Tap

Later this month Intel will make available updated networking software that provides additional support for Intel Centrino mobile technology security features. This software update for the Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 network connection (Intel PRO Network Connection software V7.1), provides support for the latest enhancements to wireless LAN security such as Wi-Fi Protected Access* (WPA). The networking software has been Wi-Fi CERTIFIED* for WPA by the Wi-Fi Alliance and validated by Intel to provide greater compatibility for notebook users.
Additionally, the software release provided for Cisco* Compatible Extensions (such as LEAP and CKIP), on notebooks should be certified by PC makers through the Cisco Compatible program. These enhancements improve the authentication and encryption of wireless LAN connections.

Product Specifications and Pricing

Intel Centrino mobile technology is Intel's best technology for mobile PCs and is optimized for thin-and-light, mini and sub notebooks and tablet PCs. The pricing includes the Intel® 855 Chipset Family, the Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection and the Intel® Pentium® M processor, at speeds of 1.70 GHz, the Low Voltage at 1.20 GHz and the Ultra Low at 1.0 GHz. In 1,000 units, they are priced at $694, $341 and $319 respectively. These prices represent the cost of the three components (processor, chipset and wireless capability) that together make up Intel Centrino mobile technology. Intel also sells each device separately.

Additional information about Intel is available at www.intel.com.

Jun 03 - HP Continues Leadership in Worldwide Notebook PC Market. For the second consecutive quarter, HP (NYSE:HPQ) is the leading vendor of worldwide notebook PC sales with 15.9 percent of the unit market share in the first quarter of calendar year 2003, according to data released today by IDC. HP gained 1.1 points in share on 6 percent unit growth, while its nearest competitor lost 0.3 points in share on a 3 percent decline in unit growth.

[Note: HP is basing its numbers on the combined sales of Compaq and HP notebooks. - Ed]

"HP continues to extend its leadership in the notebook market by focusing on industry-leading innovation and customer value," said Alex Gruzen, senior vice president and general manager, mobile computing global business unit, HP Personal Systems Group. "As we move forward, our strong international presence and the strength of our global network of partners will continue to provide real value to our customers and set us apart in the marketplace."

HP increased its notebook unit share sequentially in all major regions: North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. In the United States, HP holds the No. 2 position with 18.9 percent of the market. HP increased unit sales 7.4 percent sequentially, while the market leader's unit growth declined by 2.4 percent.

HP offers a broad portfolio of wirelessly enabled notebook products designed to meet the needs of consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses and enterprise customers around the world. The company was among the first to market with new consumer and SMB notebooks featuring 802.11g wireless connectivity. HP is also recognized as a market leader with the innovative HP Compaq TC1000 Tablet PC, which was introduced in November 2002.

More information about HP is available at www.hp.com.

Jun 03 - ATI's MOBILITY RADEON 9600 Mobile Visual Processor Now Shipping. Dramatic visual effects, unmatched performance and vibrant cinematic realism are now available to notebook users for the first time, as ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX:ATY)(NASDAQ:ATYT) today announced that the MOBILITY(TM) RADEON(TM) 9600 mobile visual processor is now shipping in the Overdose RADEON(TM) 2040 XL notebook PC by Gericom, one of Europe's foremost notebook manufacturers.

The MOBILITY RADEON 9600 is the first mobile graphics processor to ship with full hardware support for Microsoft DirectX(TM) 9.0. It runs DirectX(TM) 9.0 graphics at full-speed, with full image quality and color precision at all times - a requirement for true-to-life cinematic special effects.

The first mobile graphics processor to be manufactured using the leading-edge 0.13 micron manufacturing process, MOBILITY RADEON 9600 offers higher DirectX 9.0 performance than any competitive chip.

Gericom's Overdose RADEON 2040 XL is powered by ATI's MOBILITY RADEON 9600 mobile visual processor with 64MB DDR RAM, an Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 Processor-M running at 2GHz, 512MB RAM, a 60GB hard drive, a DVD-R/RW drive, and a 15" SXGA+ panel display.

"Gericom has created a notebook that offers incredible cinematic imagery, performance and features superior to many high-end desktop PCs," said Phil Eisler, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Integrated Business Unit, ATI Technologies Inc. "MOBILITY RADEON 9600 once again demonstrates ATI's ability to bring powerful new technologies to market ahead of the competition."

MOBILITY RADEON 9600 uses an extraordinarily efficient 3D core delivering 12 pixel shader operations per clock cycle, and is a multimedia powerhouse with comprehensive hardware acceleration for encode, decode and de-blocking of MPEG-2 and streaming video formats. The MOBILITY RADEON 9600 also extends ATI's leadership in notebook graphics power management, giving users both the longest battery life and highest performance.

With the availability of MOBILITY RADEON 9600, ATI has extended its leadership by bringing the highest performance, cinematic realism and DirectX 9.0 graphics to all segments of the PC market - high-end and mainstream desktop and notebook PCs.

Visit ATI at www.ati.com.

Jun 03 - HP Introduces Low Cost Small Business Desktop PC. HP (NYSE:HPQ) today introduced the HP Business Desktop d325, bringing value and performance to small, medium-sized businesses and public sector customers.

The HP Business Desktop d325 has the power to handle a variety of challenging business and graphic-intense applications by featuring AMD Athlon XP processors, integrated NVIDIA GeForce4 MX graphics, as well as standard, built-in dual-monitor functionality.

"The HP Business Desktop d325 complements our high-performance, value-oriented, desktop offerings for small- and medium-sized businesses," said Jeff Groudan, vice president of marketing, business desktop division, HP Personal Systems Group. "This desktop offers users a reliable solution at a great value. Whether customers define value as increased productivity, procurement savings, quality, product innovations or great service and support, the d325 delivers."

Pricing for the HP Business Desktop d325 starts at an estimated US street price of $499, with the most popular configuration priced at $669 for an AMD Athlon XP model 2200+ processor (1.8 gigahertz), 40-gigabyte hard drive, 256-megabyte DDR (double data rate) SynchDRAM, 48x CD-ROM drive, six USB 2.0 ports and Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Professional.

HP provides users the flexibility to select the right set of features for the right price-to-performance mix by offering pre-configured models of the HP Business Desktop d325 as well as the choice to customize their own solution with options such as AMD Athlon XP processors up to 3000+ (2.17 gigahertz), up to 160-gigabyte hard drives, up to 2-gigabyte DDR SDRAM and a 48X CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive.

The HP Business Desktop d325 is now available directly from HP or can be ordered through authorized resellers. More information about the d325 is available at www.hp.com/products/d325.

Jun 03 - Spam Now Represents More Than 50% of Corporate Email. MessageLabs, the world's leading provider of managed email security services, today released its MessageLabs Intelligence Monthly report for May, highlighting some disturbing trends in email security threats.

The most startling finding this month was that MessageLabs found spam accounted for 1 in every 1.8 (55.1%) of the 133.9 million emails scanned from its global network of control towers. This represents an increase of 38.6% over last month's figures and an increase of over 40.6 % on the year to date and also indicates that the majority of email received by business enterprises is now spam.

"The volume of spam now facing computer users every day has now far surpassed the point of being a nuisance and is now causing significant productivity losses and IT costs at businesses across the world," noted Mark Sunner, Chief Technology Officer of MessageLabs.

MessageLabs also found that the ratio of viruses in email was 1 in 145.3, an increase of 47.4% since April. May saw the spread of two significant viruses, "Fizzer" and "Sobig.B" (aka "Palyh"), both of which were intercepted by MessageLabs before any of the major anti-virus vendors had a viable update available (for more information see the charts provided in the MessageLabs Intelligence report).

MessageLabs analyzes the distribution of emails within its customer base and is thus able to determine which industry sectors are more susceptible to particular threats. In the US it found that the accounting industry was the most vulnerable to spam in May, followed closely by the wholesale and sports & entertainment industries. The marketing, media & publishing industry was most vulnerable to viruses, with IT & telecommunications and retail industries following behind.

A complete copy of MessageLabs Intelligence May 2003 Monthly report is available at www.messagelabs.com.

Jun 02 - HP Captures No. 1 Position in Total Server Revenue Worldwide. HP (NYSE:HPQ) today announced that it has taken over the No. 1 worldwide position in overall total server revenue, with 27.9 percent market share for the first calendar quarter of 2003, according to figures released today by IDC. HP gained 2.1 percent in server market revenue share over the previous quarter, Q402.

HP continues to showcase the power of its broad server portfolio for enterprise customers, as demonstrated by the following worldwide leadership positions:

-- HP tied for the No. 1 position in overall UNIX(R) server
revenue, extending HP's UNIX high-end enterprise server
leadership (servers priced at $500,000, or more) for a third
consecutive quarter, based on IDC's new server taxonomy.
HP's growth in UNIX high-end enterprise servers is based on
strong HP Superdome server sales worldwide.

-- HP continued its No. 1 position in overall Windows(R) server
revenue, based on strong ProLiant server sales worldwide.

-- HP maintained its No. 1 position in overall Linux server
revenue and sustained its leadership for the Linux x86
segment, gaining market share sequentially in both revenue and

"Thanks to loyal customers, a powerful portfolio and continued innovation, HP is now the world's most popular server vendor," said Peter Blackmore, executive vice president, HP Enterprise Systems Group. "HP's multi-OS strategy uniquely sets us apart from others, and it is evident that customers are embracing HP's vision for the Adaptive Enterprise."

More information about HP is available at www.hp.com.

Jun 02 - Global Chip Sales Total $12.1 Billion in April 2003. Worldwide sales of semiconductors totaled $12.1 billion in April, 2003, sequentially unchanged from the $12.1 billion in revenue reported in March of 2003 and a 9.7% increase from April 2002 revenue of $11.3 billion, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) reported today.

"Sluggish global economic growth and the Chinese SARS outbreak caused a deferral of sales in April to future months," stated SIA President George Scalise. "In the U.S., an anticipated corporate PC upgrade cycle, expected to add strength to continuing consumer purchases of PCs, has again been pushed back, as executives cite continuing economic uncertainty and reduced visibility."

In the first three months of the year, the global wireless sector had brisk growth, led by record numbers of new subscribers in Asia and rapid adoption of new functionality. Consumers in China, the world's fastest growing handset market, purchased 20 million handsets during the first quarter of 2003 or 6-7 million units per month. However, handset sales and production levels in China fell in April as the spread of SARS brought shopping and consumer spending to a standstill, halting temporarily an important source of growth for the global market.

Sales of Digital Signal Processors used in cell phones fell 9.8% during the month, as units fell 11.7%, and Flash memory grew less than 1%. Among computer chips, Microprocessor revenue fell by 1.3% in April, while DRAM revenue was off 5.1%. Application Specific Standard Products for wired communications grew 6% and optoelectronics grew 2.5%.

"There are some positive indicators in the market," Scalise said. "Leading edge capacity utilization reached 97% in April, essentially full capacity, and inventories are at or below target levels. Any pick-up in demand will translate directly to revenue and profit growth."

More information about the SIA can be found at www.sia-online.org.

Jun 02 - Itronix Introduces Rugged GoBook Tablet PC. Itronix Corp., the world's leader for implementing wireless, rugged mobile computing systems, today introduced the GoBook Tablet PC, a uniquely designed, truly portable, wireless, rugged slate Tablet PC.

Designed to support mobile professionals in industries such as telecommunications, utilities, government, and insurance, the mid-sized GoBook Tablet PC weighs only 3.7 pounds, making it the most compact and lightest Tablet PC in the rugged category. The GoBook Tablet PC can support up to three wireless networks concurrently, operates on the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system, and is powered by an Intel ultra-low voltage 866-MHz mobile Pentium III processor. Debuting today at SUPERCOMM (booth #20753), the GoBook Tablet PC will be available for delivery in September 2003.

"Offering our customers quality is paramount. By delivering a portable, rugged slate tablet in addition to our advanced wireless, rugged laptops and handelds, our customers - whether they are field service technicians, insurance adjusters, or soldiers - know they can depend on Itronix for all of their wireless, rugged mobile computing needs," said Matt Gerber, vice president of marketing and business development for Itronix. "Developed specifically for field workers who spend their days and nights on the road, the GoBook Tablet PC fits like a hand in a glove, enabling users to always stay connected and remain productive."

Sized to the requirements of mobile field workers, the rugged GoBook Tablet PC's ergonomic footprint and light weight, optimizes it for the truly mobile user. Like Itronix's other wireless, rugged mobile computing devices, such as the GoBook II and the GoBook MAX™ laptops, the GoBook Tablet PC can withstand any situation a mobile workforce may encounter, including rain, snow, wind, dust, shock, vibration, and chemical exposure. Designed to exceed Mil Spec 810F test standards, the GoBook Tablet has a die-cast magnesium casing and sealed I/O ports, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -20o to 60o C (-4o to 140o F).

"In both its sturdy design and its exceptional versatility, the Itronix GoBook® Tablet PC is a great addition to the growing array of mobile PCs running Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition," said Bill Mitchell, vice president of the Tablet PC division at Microsoft. "Itronix has created a unique, mid-sized slate that will allow mobile users to remain productive and connected in more places than ever."

Itronix is currently accepting orders for the GoBook Tablet PC, which will be available for delivery in September 2003. The unit has a limited three-year warranty and will have an MSRP of $2,995, making it the first tablet PC under $3,000.

Additional information is available on the Itronix web site at www.itronix.com.

Jun 02 - FirewireDirect Ships FireWire 800 1394b Cables. FirewireDirect.com, Inc has announced the introduction of a series of FireWire 800 / 1394b cables designed for both legacy FireWire / 1394a devices and the new class of faster 800Mbps FireWire devices. The company is opening their cable line up to 800Mbps with the sale of a family of FireWire 800 cables that include “beta” and “bilingual” versions of cabling fully compatible with the new standard and ready to support your existing FireWire devices as well.

“Beta” refers to true FireWire 800 cables, with new 1394b 9-pin connectors on both ends and designed for connecting new 800 devices and peripherals to 800 equipped computers.

“Bilingual” refers to cables used to connect legacy FireWire to the new FireWire 800, and have a high speed 800Mbps connector on one end and either a 4-pin iLink connector or a standard 6-pin FireWire connector on the other. Firewire 800 is backwards compatible, but legacy devices connecting to FireWire 800 ports will require these special cables.

Both types of cables are available and for sale now at www.firewiredirect.com.

Jun 01 - Sunday Shopping Watch.

Best Sunday Deals - See our Best Sunday Ad Deals Table below for specific system prices.

Weekly Comparison. While not the best Sunday I've seen, there are still some good deals to be found.

This Sunday's Special Discounts and Financing. In addition to sales on specific items, the following store-wide sales are advertised this week. (Note that these ads are for the Dayton, Ohio area. Prices or offerings may be different where you live.)

Best Buy has switched back to offering 3 Months of free AOL with any computer purchase. They are also offering $150 mail-in rebates on all desktop packages, $100 mail-in rebates on all laptops; and 12 month no-interest notebook financing.
Circuit City is offering 12 months no-interest financing and $100-$200 mail-in rebates on all laptops and desktop packages.
Office Depot has 1 year no interest financing on purchases of $299 and higher.
CompUSA has 6 months no payment, no interest financing on purchases of $199 and higher when you bring its Unadvertised Specials print-out to store.
Staples has no store-wide promotions this Sunday.
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1. Best Celeron Deal
eMachines 2.2 GHz complete system
Best Buy
1. Best Pentium 4 System
HP 2.4 GHz complete system
Best Buy
2. Best Pentium 4 System
HP 2.66 GHz Windows Media Center with 15" flat panel and DVD-RW
Best Buy
Best AMD Athlon XP System
Compaq 2000+ with 17" monitor
Circuit City
Best Low-cost Laptop

Toshiba 2.0 GHz Celeron with DVD/CD-RW

Circuit City
1. Best High-end Notebook
HP 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 with DVD/CD-RW
Best Buy, Circuit City
Best Sunday Deal
Western Digital 7200 RPM 80 GB hard drive with 8 MB buffer
(after rebates)
Circuit City
Best Sunday Deal
Western Digital 7200 RPM 60 GB hard drive with 8 MB buffer
(after rebates)
Best Buy
Best Sunday Deal
ATI 9000 Radeon 64 MB
(after rebates)
Best Buy
Best Sunday Deal
Sony 4X DVD-RW
(after rebates)
Best Buy
Best Sunday Deal
Sony 52X CD-RW
(after rebates)
Office Depot


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Video Cards ATI Radeon
  GeForce4 FX
Hard Drives Maxtor
  Western Digital
CD-RW Drives 40x/48x Write Speed
CPUs All AMD Athlon XP CPUs
  All Intel Pentium 4 CPUs
Antivirus Software All Manufacturers
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