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Daily Computer News and Rumors

November 8-14 2003

About News and Rumors. InfoHQ Computer News and Rumors is a daily column. It features news coverage of new PC and Mac computer hardware and software, Internet news, and other technical news items.
Every Sunday, News and Rumors features "Sunday Shopping Watch", which is a comparison and analysis of Sunday computer store advertisements.
The Daily Computer News and Rumors is an archived column, so feel free to review previous week's or month's computer news. Previous Daily Computer News articles can also be searched, by using our site search feature found in the top and bottom menu bar.

InfoHQ Daily Computer News and Rumors Article Index
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Nov 14 Xybernaut and Transmeta to Drive Innovation in Wearable Computing
Nov 14 Internet Home Alliance Survey Reveals 'Ideal' Entertainment 'Hub' of the Future
Nov 14 MDM Releases Dual-Platform Backup Card for Palm OS and Windows PDAs
Nov 14 KDS USA Adds Affordable, Sleek 19-Inch Flat-Panel Display to Radius Line-up
Nov 14 SMC's High-Power Wireless Networking to Satisfy Demands of Home Users
Nov 14 JMTek Releases MelodiBox Digital Jukebox
Nov 13 Fujitsu Unveils Fastest, Most Versatile LifeBook B Series Notebook
Nov 13 SOYO Targets System Integrators with New ''All-In-One'' Solutions
Nov 13 Mitsubishi Digital Brings Big Screen from a Small Projector
Nov 13 M-Systems Ushers in a New Era of Computing by Making Complex Data Security Easy-to-Use
Nov 13 Cingular Wireless and America Online Introduce Instant Messaging for Cingular Customers
Nov 12 Dell Expands Wireless Options For Wide Area Networks
Nov 12 Sharp Actius MM10 Notebook Receives Popular Science Award
Nov 12 SMC Introduces New Performance-Enhancing Antennas to Extend Wireless Network Range
Nov 12 Trend Micro Remote Appliances Secure Remote and Home Offices
Nov 12 NetCell Introduces Multi-Disk Storage Accelerator for Performance PCs
Nov 11 Dell and HP Have 3X Lead in PC Sales
Nov 11 Samsung Electronics Unveils Camcorder Phone Capable of Recording 2 Hours' of Video Streams
Nov 11 Verbatim to Deliver 8x DVD+R Write-once Media as Drives Hit Market
Nov 11 Spam Problem Will Be Solved Soon with Use of Network and Community Approaches
Nov 11 America Online Blocks Half a Billion Virus-Infected Emails This Year
Nov 10 IBM ThinkPad Passes the 20 Million Mark, Best-Selling Notebook Brand Ever
Nov 10 Electrovaya Launches Scribbler SC2000 Series Laptop/Tablet PC
Nov 10 ATI and SAMSUNG Electronics To Cooperate on Next-Generation Digital Television Products
Nov 10 SMC and Cogency Semiconductor Team on Easy to Install HomePlug Networking Products


Nov 14 - Xybernaut and Transmeta Announce Commitment to Drive Innovation in Mobile/Wearable Computing. Xybernaut Corporation (NASDAQ: XYBR) and Transmeta Corporation (NASDAQ: TMTA) today announced a collaboration in which both companies share their respective technology expertise to develop mobile/wearable computing technologies that meet the needs of a wide variety of industry sectors and end-user communities.

Transmeta and Xybernaut continue to work together on research and product development efforts that address specific challenges of mobile/wearable computing at the enterprise level -- including, power management, computing performance, ergonomics, usability and durability. Specifically, over the past 9 months, the companies have strengthened their working relationship to develop next-generation mobile/wearable computers -- particularly related to the Xybernaut Atigo product family.

“Transmeta is dedicated to driving innovation in the x86-processor market, and working with established market leaders such as Xybernaut opens a variety of new ways to implement cost effective products that will boost productivity by enhancing data acquisition and management,” said Arthur L. Swift, vice president of marketing for Transmeta. “We feel that our companies will be able to develop intuitive ways to accomplish various technical tasks, complex repairs, detailed quality assurance inspections, point of sale transactions and customer-related activities."

Both companies are leaders in their respective markets -- Xybernaut in mobile/wearable computing and Transmeta in software-based microprocessors and related efficient computing technologies. Initial joint efforts and Xybernaut technology development concentrates on targeted industry sector such as retail, energy/ utilities, transportation, government/military, aerospace/aviation, manufacturing, hospitality and others.

"Although tangible benefits from mobile/wearable computing have already been proven by our customers in the broad categories of field workforce automation and enterprise productivity, our customers continuously demand that we enhance our products for maximum productivity gains and measurable return on investment," stated Steven A. Newman, president of Xybernaut. "A critical differentiator that our customers recognize is our ability to attract, and work efficiently with, partners that 'push the envelope.' Transmeta is a recognized innovator in the microprocessor sector, a technology powerhouse and a key component for the future of strategic Xybernaut products."

To learn more about Transmeta, visit www.transmeta.com. Visit Xybernaut's Web site at www.xybernaut.com.

Nov 14 - Internet Home Alliance Survey Reveals 'Ideal' Entertainment 'Hub' of the Future. Consumers envision the "ideal" entertainment server as a stand-alone consumer product that can network wirelessly to consumer entertainment and computing devices within the home and act as the central storage device for both pre-packaged and family-created video, audio, and photo content. It enables users to automatically connect to both in-home and portable entertainment devices across their home network and allows them to access any form of applicable content using a simple TV-focused user interface and remote control.

This according to new research into entertainment servers by Internet Home Alliance, the leading cross-industry network of companies advancing the home technology market, and Parks Associates, a leading market research and consulting firm. The research, which included both quantifiable consumer survey data and a series of focus groups across diverse geographies, was conducted to better understand consumer perceptions about, and interest in, the emerging 'home entertainment server' product category.
A key goal of the research was to gauge consumer preferences for entertainment server form factors and functionality, which can be incorporated into a PC platform, standalone consumer electronics device or a cable or satellite set top box.

"Based on this research, there is a significant market opportunity for entertainment servers," said Tricia Parks, founder and president, Parks Associates. "Translating this into real market growth will require developing server platforms that are simple for end-users to manage and use, developing non-intimidating form factors, providing consumers with the assurance that their digital content can be saved and made portable for greater flexibility in use, and assuring consumers that their content will always be accessible to them."

Following are the key findings from the research report, which is entitled Video Distribution:

-- More than 67% of broadband consumers find the concept of an entertainment server appealing. End users surveyed found that the most compelling benefits of an entertainment server are the opportunity to have one entertainment device and realize the "one remote control" dream; the capacity to watch all available content from multiple rooms and from multiple devices; and the ability to download data at will for time-shifted TV and movie watching. Wireless solutions for entertainment networking are strongly preferred.

-- Those not expressing an interest in entertainment servers cite time constraints and discomfort with operating new or complex-sounding devices.

-- There exist paradoxical findings about home servers among participants. Paradoxes are common in pre-market studies and often remain through early market stages as consumers sift through their fears, desires and expectations about new products. Among the paradoxes uncovered in this research was that computer-centric consumers are a population most excited about this concept. Another finding is that true collectors of audio and video, a logical first choice for enthusiasm, reveal a strong attachment to the old ways of storing and managing data.

-- "Simplicity" is cited as critical to the success of entertainment servers. Simplicity of the user interface is cited as a defining issue for the success of entertainment servers. The majority of those surveyed express strong reservations about a PC-oriented solution. An overly complex user interface and the possibility of bugs and operating system crashes were the most cited fears.
This suggests that a great deal of thought will be required in determining the optimal choices for form factors, screen displays, remote controls, etc. It is also interesting to note that many participants express a strong desire to be able to touch their products, share physical media and even display their collections. In addition, the participants expressed a strong desire for backing up and archiving content, whether for recorded or downloaded content, e.g., television shows, or for personally created content from digital cameras or camcorders. This suggests that a DVD recording capability will be a compelling feature for entertainment servers.

"The key to unlocking the exciting potential of digital entertainment devices, including broadband-delivered entertainment, is the home network," says Jeff Cove, Panasonic Vice President for Alliances and Business Development. "At Panasonic, we're committed to delivering products that harness the power of in-home networks and digital media technologies, and the Alliance/Parks research helps us understand the needs and concerns of consumers for network entertainment devices."

"Internet Home Alliance has provided a great opportunity for us to work together with leading manufacturers to develop future product strategies," said Mike Weir, Vice President of Worldwide Consumer Marketing, Hewlett-Packard. "Digital entertainment is an exciting area that HP is exploring and this research provides directional information that we can use to develop simple and rewarding technology for consumers to use in their home entertainment systems."

An executive summary of the report is available to the public at the Internet Home Alliance web site, www.internethomealliance.com, and the Parks Associates web site, www.parksassociates.com. The full report is available to members of Internet Home Alliance.

Nov 14 - MDM Releases Dual-Platform Backup Card for Palm OS and Windows PDAs. Mobile Digital Media (MDM), the largest publisher of AAA-branded consumer software on expansion media, for Palm OS(TM) Windows Mobile(TM)-based Pocket PC and Nokia Series 60 devices today announced the dual platform Secure File PDA Backup for Palm OS and Windows Mobile PDA devices, with expansion slots, is now available at retailers nationwide and online.

MDM Secure File PDA Backup card is an essential tool for every person with a Palm OS device or a Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC. The 64MB PDA backup card can save all of a user's data -- databases, applications, contacts, lists, calendar entries, memos, work files, and photos -- every time they plug it in, for a quick-and-easy backup.

"People put their entire 'lives' on their PDAs but don't bother to regularly back up their data, or find themselves away from their PC and unable to sync when they need to," said Kurt Baumberger, MDM co-founder and chief marketing officer. "The time it takes to backup a PDA with Secure File PDA Backup is literally seconds -- seconds that save hassle, worry, time and money if a user deletes data by mistake. And we have all deleted data by mistake some time in our lives."

Users simply pop in the Secure File PDA Backup card, which automatically launches the backup software. With just one tap of the stylus, most devices are fully backed up. Or users can choose to backup a single file or many different, specific files.

Suggested retail price for the Secure File PDA Backup card is $49.95.

More information is available at www.goMDM.com.

Nov 14 - KDS USA Adds Affordable, Sleek 19-Inch Flat-Panel Display to Radius Line-up. KDS USA, a leading provider of monitors and computer peripherals, today introduced its latest 19-inch flat panel monitor to complement its existing Radius flat-panel display line-up.The Rad-9b affords consumers a large format, multimedia LCD display for an array of business, graphics-intensive and consumer applications.

Combining an ultra-thin -- 1.62-inch -- form factor with the latest in flat-panel technology, the Rad-9b conserves half a consumer's overall desktop space while saving nearly 70 percent in energy required to operate a similarly-sized CRT monitor. With two built-in two-watt stereo speakers, a distinct 500:1 contrast ratio and 1280x1024 resolution rate, the stylish black monitor offers brilliant images and crisp sound for a number of multimedia entertainment uses including gaming, DVD viewing and video editing.

The PC- and Macintosh(R)-compatible display also provides consumers high-quality color imaging by integrating an acute 0.29mm pixel pitch and 16.7-million displayable colors.

"With its streamlined black design, our new flat-panel display presents an attractive and affordable monitor to complement many computers' current industrial designs," said Erin Rippee, vice president of marketing at Garden Grove-based KDS USA. "Consumers will also appreciate the monitor's extensive screen space to better facilitate computing tasks while maximizing the enjoyment of entertainment applications."

The Rad-9b is currently available through www.buy.com and other online sources with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $649.

Nov 14 - SMC's High-Power Wireless Networking to Satisfy Demands of Home Users. SMC Networks, leading provider of networking solutions for the Enterprise, the SMB and all the way home, today announced that the company will begin offering its award-winning EliteConnect(TM) SMC2532W-B 2.4GHz 802.11b High Power Wireless PC Card through the retail channel to satisfy the growing demand for wireless networking products that are optimized for superior range and performance.

The first of the company's High Power Wireless family, the EliteConnect High Power PC Card increases mobility and flexibility for wireless networking by providing 802.11b connectivity with up to 200 milliWatts (mW) of transmit power -- nearly four times the power of standard PC Cards and twice the power offered by any other PC Card on the market today. The SMC2532W-B 2.4GHz 802.11b High Power Wireless PC Card has been available through resellers and integrators since spring, and will now be available in retail stores at an MSRP of $69.99.

With an operating range of up to 2,700 feet -- almost three times greater than standard 802.11b wireless clients -- the SMC EliteConnect 802.11b High Power Wireless PC Card overcomes significant indoor multipath distortion to provide dramatic improvements in networking quality and throughput. The already superior range of the SMC2532W-B can be increased even further by attaching an optional high-gain antenna (SMCANT-OM5) to one of the two available MMCX connectors.

"Wireless networking is big for home users, because running wires is cumbersome and expensive," said SMC's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tom Rizol. "Home environments present challenges, however, with obstacles like odd-shaped rooms and appliances. While initially designed for businesses, and very well received in that market, bringing a higher-powered adapter to retail for home users is a great idea. It will help home users get around the 'rough spots' with its enhanced throughput and range."

The EZ Installation Wizard makes setting up the SMC2532W-B quick and easy. Fully IEEE 802.11b-compliant, it can be configured to operate in Ad-hoc (Peer-to-Peer) or Infrastructure (communication to the wired network via an Access Point) mode, and operates seamlessly on any 802.11b or 802.11g network.
Profile management software lets users of the new high-power wireless PC Card save multiple wireless profiles -- the office, home, the coffee shop -- so that moving around is easy, and its built-in scanning utility detects and displays available access points on the network.
Connections are secured via 64/128-bit WEP encryption and the new Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). It also supports advanced level security and RADIUS authentication through 802.1x, EAP-MD5, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS and LEAP for user authentication, to ensure that only authorized users can access the resources of the wireless network.

For more information about SMC Networks or its products, visit www.smc.com.

Nov 14 - JMTek Releases MelodiBox Digital Jukebox. JMTek, a leading supplier of consumer and corporate portable storage solutions, announces the release of MelodiBox, a compact digital music jukebox holding up to 140GB of storage and offering a wide range of playback and recording features.

MelodiBox departs from the competition by offering additional features that every music lover will appreciate. If a user tires of stored music, he or she can switch to FM radio mode for a change. An MP3 encoder opens up further digital music possibilities - record from the FM radio or a CD player to convert favorite songs to MP3 format. MelodiBox not only records through the device but also externally through a digital voice recorder (DVR). Store audio messages while in a meeting or on the go.

JMTek innovates further by offering a text file viewer. Scan through notes or emails and leave the laptop behind. Better yet, MelodiBox offers "limitless storage space" by allowing customers to upgrade to a bigger hard drive. With this entirely unique feature, users can increase hard drive space up to seven times the initial size.

JMTek Managing Director, Ahmad Aqqad says, "The best part about MelodiBox is that it is uncomplicated and easy-to-use. Instead of installing software and shuffling through multiple screens to get the music, the MelodiBox is plug 'n' play. This means it is simple to store songs, documents or any other file that needs to be transported. "

Like other music players, MelodiBox is housed in a wallet-sized casing with a backlit LCD screen. Standard accessories include headphones, a charger and a USB 2.0 cable. The JMTek MelodiBox will be revealed for the first time at COMDEX Las Vegas 2003 at booth 6844. Estimated MSRP for the 20GB unit is $299.99

JMTek products are available through resellers and distributors worldwide. For more information please visit: www.jmtek.com and www.usbdrive.com.

Nov 13 - Fujitsu Unveils Fastest, Most Versatile LifeBook B Series Notebook. Fujitsu Computer Systems today introduced its latest LifeBook(R) B Series notebook, offering an impressive mix of power and versatility in a slim three-pound design. The latest generation features the Ultra Low Voltage Intel(R) Pentium(R) M Processor operating at 1.0 GHz and can be equipped with high-speed 802.11a+b/g wireless LAN and a spacious 60 GB hard drive

Since its introduction, the LifeBook B Series notebook has become extremely popular with healthcare professionals and other highly mobile workers. The notebook is easy to carry, and with a few taps on the screen with their fingertip or a stylus, users can intuitively navigate and enter information in practically any work environment. Back at the office, the notebook is powerful enough to be used as one's primary computing solution.

"Fujitsu is continuing to penetrate healthcare and the field force markets with differentiated products that can contribute to an organization's bottom line," said Dennis Mull, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Fujitsu Computer Systems. "The speed at which these mobile professionals work demands a highly versatile, lightweight and powerful computing solution. The LifeBook B Series notebook fits the bill in every respect."

For added security in the field and back at the office, the LifeBook B Series notebook features a built-in Smart Card Reader(2) and a pre-boot data Security Panel. The pre-boot data Security Panel offers more than 800,000 possible passwords to help ensure the proper user's data will be safe and secure. The built-in Smart Card Reader(2) can be used to make secure online transactions and verify identification.

To address a variety of computing environments, Fujitsu outfitted the LifeBook B Series notebook with a built-in modem, Ethernet and optional 802.11a+b/g wireless LAN. The wireless model comes equipped with a dual diversity antenna mounted on the display panel to achieve the highest transfer rates and connection reliability.

Fujitsu also offers a variety of accessories for the LifeBook B Series notebook. For example, the external CD-ROM and lightweight, one-click port replicator are among the most popular accessories and can transform the ultraportable into a viable desktop replacement. The port replicator not only allows for convenient attachment to all desktop peripherals and LAN connection, but also saves precious desktop real estate.

The LifeBook B Series notebook comes pre-installed with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000 Professional. The notebook is currently shipping with several recommended configurations available and can also be customized through the Fujitsu Configure To Order (CTO) program. All Fujitsu LifeBook notebooks are sold through the company's retail and reseller channels as well as at us.fujitsu.com/computers. The LifeBook B Series (B3010) notebook starts at $1,599.

Nov 13 - SOYO Targets System Integrators with New ''All-In-One'' Solutions. SOYO Group, Inc. (OTCBB:SOYO), a manufacturer of award-winning motherboards, computer peripheral, barebones systems and wireless networking products, announced a pair of system board solutions designed for both Intel and AMD processors that include many integrated and embedded features on-board. The SY-P4VGA for Intel CPUs and the SY-K7VMP for AMD CPUs are part of a new direction that will help SOYO grow its channel and system integrator business.

The SY-P4VGA is an All-In-One ATX motherboard that supports up to Pentium 4 3.06GHz processor with Hyper-Threading Technology, and the Celeron 2.8GHz processor. The board features Dual SDRAM/DDR Memory Support and includes two 184-pin DDR SDRAM 2.5V DIMM sockets with support up to 2GB (DDR 200/266) and one 168-pin SDRAM 3.3V DIMM Socket with support up to 1GB (PC100/133). It features the VIA P4M266A / 8235 chipset with support for 533/400 MHz FSB.

Embedded "All-in-One" features include on-board 6-channel audio; S3 Graphics ProSavage8(TM) Integrated Graphics; 10/100 Mbps LAN; high speed USB 2.0 and optional IEEE 1394 Firewire ports. The board is expandable with five 32-bit bus mastering PCI slots (V2.2 compliant) and one AGP slot (support 2x/4x mode).

The SY-K7VMP is a AMD Socket-A Based/VIA KM400 Chipset ATX "All-in-One" motherboard, which supports AMD Athlon XP 3000+ or Duron 1.3GHz processors.

It features embedded UniChrome(TM) GFX 2D/3D graphics with motion compensation and 1 AGP 8x slot, 6 channel Audio, integrated 10/100 LAN, four USB 2.0 ports and two IEEE1394 Firewire ports for multimedia peripherals. The board is expandable with three DDR SDRAM (266/333) DIMM sockets with support up to 3GB and five 32 bit Bus Mastering PCI slots.

The P4VGA and K7VMP are both in ATX form factor and are available immediately through SOYO authorized distributors. SOYO will soon launch the micro ATX version of these two models by end of this year.

"We are expanding our channel by offering these two value and complete solutions for the system integrators", said Jim Chan, Director of Sales & Marketing, "We will increase our volume and customer base as early as middle of Q1 of next year."

MSRP of the SY-P4VGA is $89

MSRP of the SY-K7VMP is $99

Further information on SOYO products can be found online at www.soyousa.com.

Nov 13 - Mitsubishi Digital Brings Big Game on a Big Screen from a Small Projector. Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Presentation Products Division, maker of award-winning, high-quality presentation and display products, brings you the big game on the big screen from the HC2 Home Cinema ColorView(TM) projector, its first projector designed for home theater enthusiasts.

It is highly affordable, easily portable, and more streamlined than bulky plasma or heavy big-screen televisions. The HC2 ColorView projector provides crisp, clear live-action images from cable, satellite and HDTV input signals, as well as DVDs, VCRs, gaming consoles and computers.

"The HC2 ColorView offers conventional 4:3 aspect ratio because it's still the most popular format for televised sports, regular programming and computer games," said James Chan, director, projector product marketing for Mitsubishi Digital. "Combined with our advanced color controls, high contrast ratio, and high brightness, the HC2 projects a large dynamic image that is perfect for sporting events, particularly playoffs and World Series or Super Bowl parties."

Mitsubishi HC2 can also be set to display in 16:9 aspect ratio so viewers receive a full movie-theater effect with wide-screen display. With a long-life lamp life of 2500 hours, the HC2 ColorView is an affordable purchase off the shelf that makes the total cost of ownership economical in the long run.

Mitsubishi Digital's new projector offers ColorView(TM), its patented color algorithm that enables more accurate, more realistic colors. ColorView's most important feature is its six-axis color control function: both RGB and CMY color palettes can be independently controlled and adjusted like a graphic equalizer, offering viewers ultimate flexibility in creating more accurate colors and realistic images.

The HC2 offers a high resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, 1100 ANSI lumens bright, and a remarkable 600:1 contrast ratio, all in a small, 6.4-pound package that is easy to set-up in the living room, family room, den, or just about anywhere at home. The learning remote control included with the new projector is easily programmed to operate two additional video sources, such as a DVD player or VCR, allowing users to switch easily between displays and eliminating the need for expensive control systems typical with other projectors.

Aki Ninomiya, vice president, Mitsubishi Digital, said, "We're famous for our high-quality imaging products in the home as well as business, and are pleased to continue that trend with a new home theater projector, complete with our characteristic product excellence and engineering."

Promotion Offers

For a limited time with the purchase of a Mitsubishi Digital HC2 ColorView projector for the home, three promotion choices are available: a free one-year subscription to QwikFliks online DVD rentals; a free Mitsubishi progressive scan DVD player; or a 50 percent discount on a big 72-inch portable, high-quality projection screen.

Pricing and Warranty

The HC2 ColorView is available at $1,799 ESP with a two-year warranty on parts and labor plus a 90-day warranty on the lamp, and will be available in popular resellers of home theater displays and retail outlets such as Fry's Electronics, Buy.com, Aaron Rents and other popular sales outlets, just in time for the Super Bowl.

For more information, visit www.mitsubishihomecinema.com.

Nov 13 - M-Systems Ushers in a New Era of Computing by Making Complex Data Security Easy-to-Use. M-Systems' (Nasdaq:FLSH) Smart DiskOnKey(R) platform makes it easier than ever to secure personal data, with the release of EasyTrust(TM), an intuitive security application designed for Smart DiskOnKey devices.

Nullifying the traditional method of continually entering passwords to access secure information, EasyTrust requires the password once, forming a symbiotic relationship between the DiskOnKey and the users' chosen computers offering constant data protection. Designed into the latest Smart DiskOnKey technology which combines hardware and software as a complete security solution EasyTrust takes inherently complex technology and makes it simple through an intuitive graphical user interface making it the most unique USB flash drive security solution on the market.

"EasyTrust eliminates the need to choose between security and ease-of-use, offering convenience combined with powerful encrypted security," said Blaine Phelps, worldwide marketing manager for M-Systems' DiskOnKey. "EasyTrust is like a high-tech vault door -- after an end-user unlocks the door for the first time with an initial password, it will recognize the user in the future, automatically opening only for them and immediately shutting and locking itself forbidding others from entering."

How EasyTrust Works

Like the DiskOnKey, EasyTrust was designed to provide users with an easy-to-use application for securing critical data. EasyTrust is automatically initiated when the DiskOnKey is plugged into the USB port using the Autorun feature that simulates the same functionality a CD does when it's placed into a CD drive.

Once the primary handshake between the computer and the EasyTrust enabled DiskOnKey is made, the user has the choice of "trusting" the computer. "Trusting" the computer allows the user to never have to enter their password again after the first time on that specific computer, thus forming a bond between the DiskOnKey and their trusted computer.
When the DiskOnKey is used on another computer, the user will be asked upon initiation to enter their password and "trust" this new PC, leaving it up to the user to define which PC should be trusted. The EasyTrust security application resides on the DiskOnKey, where data encryption and decryption is all done through the device's revolutionary DOK T4 ASIC, impeding hacker attacks to information stored on the device.

EasyTrust offers advanced security that is nearly invisible to the user, allowing partners to choose from several data encryption levels including DES, Triple DES and SHA1. Its hardware security features tamperproof and "electronic" innovations ensuring that physical hacking of the device is also made impenetrable, thus continuing to secure the digital assets of the user. EasyTrust is also capable of working between Macs and PCs.

For more information, please contact M-Systems at www.m-sys.com.

Nov 13 - Cingular Wireless and America Online Introduce Mobile Instant Messaging for Cingular Customers. Cingular Wireless, the second largest wireless carrier in the nation, and America Online, Inc., the world's leading interactive services company, today announced the launch of Mobile Instant Messaging for Cingular customers using AOL(R) Instant Messenger(TM) (AIM(R)) and ICQ services. The expanded partnership with America Online lets Cingular customers see when their friends, family and colleagues are online and are able to send and receive real-time text messages on their wireless phones.

Access to the AIM and ICQ services will allow Cingular customers to easily use their wireless phones to manage their AOL Buddy Lists(R), check presence and availability of friends and family, and instant message with anyone in the AOL instant messaging community, for a true mobile IM experience.

"The popularity of instant messaging has grown significantly and we're excited to give our customers the additional convenience of easy mobile instant messaging wherever they go," said Marc Lefar, Chief Marketing Officer, Cingular Wireless. "Offering our customers with a full set of AIM and ICQ capabilities directly on their wireless phone gives them another way to customize their mobile communications."

In September 2003, Cingular and America Online launched PC-To-Mobile (through SMS) and IM Forwarding services to ensure that Cingular subscribers were able to communicate with the millions of people using text messaging services and that their important instant messages would be forwarded to their mobile phones. Today's announcement builds on these features while offering full instant messaging capabilities that are built into their wireless phones, including the ability to view presence and enjoy a seamless, real-time text conversation.

"The convergence of wireless data services and instant messaging communications is a natural evolution for this increasingly 'mobile' and 'immediate' generation," said Bill Schwebel, Vice President and GM for AOL Mobile. "We are thrilled to be the first IM provider to partner with Cingular Wireless to bring the fun, ease and convenience of mobile instant messaging to Cingular's users."

Beginning November, the AIM and ICQ services will be available on select Cingular instant messaging enabled phones, including the Nokia 3595, 3300, 3100, and 3200 phones. PC-To-Mobile messaging will continue to be available on all Cingular two-way text messaging capable phones. Cingular will rollout additional Mobile IM-capable wireless phones throughout the year and beyond.

Additionally, the two companies have launched the first mobile instant messaging compatible client based on the Wireless Village open standard, a universal specification for mobile instant messaging and presence services used for exchanging messages and presence information between mobile devices and Internet-based instant messaging services. This standard makes it easier for wireless providers such as Cingular to develop and implement Internet-based applications like instant messaging.

The AIM and ICQ services are priced as part of the customers' Cingular text messaging package. Cingular offers a variety of text messaging packages, starting at less than two cents per message, allowing you to pick the one that Fits You Best. For more information regarding Cingular's Text Messaging package plans visit and order online at www.cingular.com/textnow.

For more information on Cingular's Mobile Instant Messaging visit online at http://www.cingular.com/instantmessaging.

Members of the AOL(R) service and AIM users that wish to sign up for the IM Forwarding feature or want to learn more about Mobile instant messaging from AOL, please go to http://mymobile.aol.com.

Nov 12 - Dell Expands Wireless Options For Wide Area Networks. Dell today added to its portfolio of wireless products and services with a Dell™ TrueMobile™ 5100 Tri-Band GPRS PC Card and wireless access service plans from either T-Mobile or AT&T Wireless.
GPRS is a next-generation wireless wide area networking solution that uses existing cellular networks within a wireless service provider's coverage area to enable customer connectivity in environments where traditional Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections aren't available.

The TrueMobile 5100 Tri-Band GPRS PC Card, offered at a special promotional price of $99.00, can be used with any Dell Latitude™ or Inspiron™ notebook and provides the ability to manage e-mail, browse the Web or access corporate applications outside of Wi-Fi enabled "Hot Spots".

Dell makes it easy for customers to order the Dell TrueMobile 5100 GPRS PC Card and associated wireless wide area networking service. Any new Dell notebook computer can be configured with the TrueMobile card, or existing customers can order the card through Dell Software and Peripherals. At time of purchase, customers can select between two wireless carriers, T-Mobile or AT&T Wireless, and upon receiving the card, contact the carrier to finalize a rate plan and initiate service. Additional information can be found at www.dell.com/wireless-smb .

T-Mobile offers two GPRS service plan options with the TrueMobile 5100 card. T-Mobile's Internet Plan offers unlimited GPRS data at $29.993 per month while its Combo Internet & HotSpot Plan offers both unlimited2 GPRS data and unlimited Wi-Fi HotSpot access for $49.98 per month. In a special first-time offer for Dell customers, users that sign up with T-Mobile receive one month of service at no additional charge after completing an online rebate form.

T-Mobile provides reliable wireless access to more than 3,200 HotSpot locations across the country, including: Starbucks coffeehouses, Borders Books & Music stores, Kinko's, airports, and several airline clubs.

AT&T Wireless' GPRS plans range from 10 megabytes to unlimited megabytes per month with monthly fees starting as low as $29.99 per month. Customers can also elect to subscribe to AT&T Wireless' Wi-Fi services for access to hot spots within select airports, hotels, and various other locations. AT&T Wireless operates one of the largest GSM™ /GPRS networks in the United States with service in thousands of cities, and roaming agreements throughout Canada, Europe and Asia.

Nov 12 - Sharp Actius MM10 Notebook Receives Popular Science Award. Sharp's Actius MM10 ultraportable notebook computer has been chosen to receive a '2003 Best of What's New Award' from Popular Science in the Computing category.

The 2003 Best of What's New Award winners will be featured in a special editorial section in the December issue of Popular Science, on newsstands November 12.

"Each year, we review thousands of new products and innovations and choose just 100 winners in twelve categories for inclusion in our annual Best of What's New issue," said Scott Mowbray, Editor in Chief at Popular Science. "To win, a product or technology must represent a significant step forward in its category."

"We are extremely proud to have the Actius MM10 notebook recognized by Popular Science for this prestigious award," said Greg Nakagawa, senior vice president and general manager for Sharp Systems of America. "Since its foundation in 1912, Sharp has been dedicated to the idea of innovation as outlined by Sharp's corporate philosophy, 'to make products other companies want to imitate'. Sharp will continue to implement new and innovative technologies in our notebook computers that add value and function for our customers."

The Actius MM10 continues the award-winning heritage of Sharp's Actius notebook family, known for its perfect blend of performance, portability and innovation. Sharp's Actius line of notebook computers includes models that boast features that are unavailable in competing notebooks. Sharp recently introduced the world's first 3D notebook, the Actius RD3D, which features a revolutionary 3D LCD screen that offers a realistic sense of depth and presence using the naked eye.

The Actius MM10 -- Seamless Mobility

Weighing in at only 2.1 lbs and just 0.54 inches thick(1), the quiet, fanless Sharp Actius MM10 notebook computer is one of the thinnest and lightest full-featured notebook computers on the market. Equipped for wireless connectivity via integrated Wi-Fi, the Actius MM10 notebook enables a multi-PC usage model in which users are able to maintain data consistency with other computers through the Connection Cradle.

The ultraportable Actius MM10 integrates built-in IEEE 802.11b wireless technology alongside 100BASE-TX LAN Ethernet connectivity, 256 MB DDR memory, a 15 GB hard drive, two USB 2.0 ports and Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Home Edition. The unit also includes the Connection Cradle (complete with battery-recharging functionality), PCMCIA modem card, and free external CD-R/RW & DVD-ROM Drive through a rebate offer.

The Sharp Actius MM10 is competitively priced with an estimated street price of $1,499.00.


The Sharp Actius MM10 is available immediately through Sharp directly (http://store.sharpsystems.com), or through Sharp's network of retail partners and reseller channels.

Nov 12 - SMC Introduces New Performance-Enhancing Antennas to Extend Wireless Network Range. SMC Networks, leading provider of networking solutions for the Enterprise, the SMB and all the way home, today announced yet another solution for extending home networks -- a pair of high-gain antennas that extend range and improve signal strength for the popular 2.4 GHz WiFi network (802.11b, b+ or b/g) -- at a price that is ideal for the home consumer.

Replacing an existing detachable antenna on a router or PCI network adapter with a new EZ Connect(TM) 2.4 GHz Omni-Directional Home Antenna or 2.4 GHz Directional Home Antenna is plug-and-play easy. Using an innovative design, both antennas can be set up on a desktop or using the included kit and mounted to a wall. Available in December, the new antennas are easy on the wallet too, at an MSRP of $49.99 each.

Perfect for extending overall range of any 2.4 GHz wireless home network, the EZ Connect 2.4 GHz Omni-Directional Home Antenna (HMANT-40) brings 4dbi of power to extend wireless network signals in all directions. With simple plug-and-play replacement of one of the antennas on an SMC Barricade(TM) Router or wireless PCI card -- or any router or wireless PCI card with a Reverse SMA Male Connector -- the new SMC EZ Connect Omni-Directional Home Antenna increases signal strength, quality and overall coverage.

Connecting to the router or PCI adapter in the same way as the Omni-Directional HMANT-40, the EZ Connect 2.4 GHz Directional Home Antenna, HMANT-60, has 6dbi of power to extend wireless signal in the direction in which the antenna points. At just $49.99, either represents a great investment to improve home networking performance.

For more information about SMC Networks or its products, visit www.smc.com.

Nov 12 - Trend Micro Remote Appliances Secure Remote and Home Offices. Trend Micro, Inc. (Nasdaq:TMIC)(TSE:4704), a leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services, today announced the new Trend Micro(TM) GateLock(TM) 3000 and GateLock(TM) 5000 Remote Appliances.

Each device includes Trend Micro's antivirus technology coupled with firewall and virtual private networking (VPN) technologies from NetScreen Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:NSCN) to provide integrated best-of-breed corporate security in easy-to-manage security appliances ideally suited for enterprise remote and home office locations.

The Trend Micro GateLock Remote Appliances allow IT managers to easily deploy and manage antivirus, firewall, and VPN security for remote office locations and individuals. With these appliances, antivirus updates are maintained only by centralized IT administrators, so employees are not burdened with maintaining software to stay current on virus protection, and organizations can be assured that established security policies are consistently followed.

The introduction of these integrated appliances is the direct result of NetScreen and Trend Micro's expanded relationship (see related press release issued May 21, 2003: "NetScreen and Trend Micro to Drive Tighter Integration of Network Security Solutions").

"The timely introduction of these integrated appliances demonstrates the strength of the NetScreen-Trend Micro alliance," commented Robert Thomas, president and CEO of NetScreen Technologies, Inc. "More importantly, customers can now benefit from the best-of-breed functionality for which each company is known, delivered in easy-to-use, cost-effective appliances designed to address a myriad of network security threats seen in today's distributed enterprise networks."

Advances in communications and portability have increased individuals' ability to work from home, or from remote offices shared with a few other employees, with the same level of productivity and connectivity to customers and co-workers in a traditional office environment. Yet these remote sites and home offices can also become vulnerability points through which viruses and malicious code could enter the network, or serve as connection points to untrusted sites and back doors for hackers.
Enterprise IT managers face the additional challenge of coordinating protection for remote employees based on the same policies for on-site employees, and face additional cost of accessing and supporting client sites individually.

Through the GateLock Remote Appliances, client sites can be easily secured and policies configured to help ensure remote sites comply with the corporate security strategy.
In the event of a new threat, outbreak prevention policies can be deployed to the GateLock Remote Appliance from Trend Micro OfficeScan(TM) Corporate Edition connected to the Trend Micro Control Manager(TM) centralized management console. GateLock 3000 and GateLock 5000 models support up to 10 users sharing the same Internet access point, which helps reduce support costs. An appliance-based approach simplifies deployment, management and maintenance which can further reduce operating costs.

"GateLock Remote Appliances are an extension of Trend Micro's gateway technology, and our Enterprise Protection Strategy," said Eva Chen, chief technology officer at Trend Micro, Inc. "By merging our antivirus capabilities with NetScreen's network security appliances, we can easily apply the same concepts of centralized control and policy management to the clients on the other side of the physical network perimeter."


Trend Micro GateLock 5000 (for up to 10 users, priced at $645 USD) and GateLock 3000 (up to 5 users, priced at $395 USD) will be available in Q4 2003. For additional information, visit www.trendmicro.com.

Nov 12 - NetCell Introduces Multi-Disk Storage Accelerator for Performance PCs. NetCell today announced it has begun volume production of the first in a line of multi-disk storage accelerator semiconductor devices for the performance PC and workstation market, based on its recently announced 64-bit SyncRAID(TM) storage acceleration technology.

Aimed at PC gamers and digital library users who are increasingly turning to disk arrays to boost performance and protect large volumes of irreplaceable data, the TD6405 solves the reliability risks associated with simple striped redundant array of independent disks (RAID) systems in performance desktop PCs and workstations, while dramatically simplifying installation and usability as compared to other hardware and software based desktop RAID solutions. NetCell will demonstrate the technology at Comdex in Las Vegas, November 17 - 20 in booth number 9956.

NetCell's TD6405 supports both 64-bit and mainstream 32-bit peripheral component interconnect (PCI) buses and is the world's first single-chip storage accelerator to enable direct synchronous striping of data as 64- or 32-bit words onto an array of standard, off-the-shelf ATA or serial ATA (SATA) hard disk drives without the need for new or special drivers. This ensures superior performance and data protection for media-intensive desktop applications and media streaming servers, along with the low cost and plug-and-play simplicity of the mainstream PC disk storage model.

In a five drive 7200 rotations per minute (RPM) ATA drive configuration, the TD6405 delivers an effective 190 to 200 MBytes/s of sustained read throughput, and up to 110 MBytes/s of sustained write throughput, for a parity protected array with up to one terabyte of storage capacity that appears to the host as a single large disk.

The TD6405 goes one step beyond current RAID controllers by supporting full speed striped-parity reads and writes without impacting input/output (I/O) performance. Its "on-the-fly" hardware exclusive-OR (XOR) engine eliminates the traditional read-modify-write sequence associated with mainstream striped-parity RAID engines and effectively doubles performance as compared to RAID 5 cards in similar applications, for example, at as little as one-seventh the cost.
The hardware XOR engine, coupled with the TD6405 device's cache management engine, enables the highest level of read and write I/O performance from multiple drives without having to move to higher cost SCSI RAID 0 systems or resorting to inefficient disk mirroring schemes such as RAID 10.

"One of the problems with today's desktop RAID offerings is that the user is forced to choose between performance and reliability," said Andy Mills, NetCell's president and CEO.
"For instance, using RAID 0 boosts performance but simultaneously increases the chance of losing data because a single drive problem can cause the entire array to fail. This higher probability of data loss is especially relevant to common ATA class disk drives. In contrast, SyncRAID(TM) and its on-the-fly hardware XOR engine offer the unique combination of performance striping and drive failure protection with the addition of just one more drive, something not offered by any of the low- or high-end RAID cards available today."


The TD6405 chip is designed in a 0.18 micron process and is housed in a 608-pin ball grid array (BGA) package. It is available now in volume production quantities. The product is priced at $79 in quantities of 10,000 units. TurboDisk 3- and 5-port parallel ATA SyncRAID controller OEM evaluation boards are available, including all necessary hardware, software and support tools to create a complete solution.

For more information please visit www.netcell.com.

Nov 11 - Dell and HP Have 3X Lead in PC Sales. PC sales growth has slowed or declined for three years because of three market conditions: PC market maturity, economic slowdown/recession and lack of new PC market opportunities. PC market maturity will remain a factor that limits future growth.

The other two factors are changing and will spur future PC growth. Economic growth is required for PC growth, which is now happening in most countries. There are five emerging PC market opportunities that will increase the long-term PC penetration in homes and offices:

1. Home PC networks. Multi-PC households use PC servers to simplify and lower Internet access cost and to coordinate other PC activities. The home PC server is already established and will grow strongly in the next decade.

2. Media PCs. Media PCs are focused on multi-media functions such TV, video, music and photos. The Media PC has significant future potential to expand the PC market.

3. Tablet PCs. Tablet PCs will expand the mobile PC market because some of the mobile workers that could not use PCs now have a product that can enhance their productivity and capabilities. The Tablet PC may also increase the number of multi-PC workers.

4. Handheld PCs. Technology advances allows PC functionally to be put in smaller packages and eventually handheld PCs will become a viable product segment. Handheld PCs will be attractive to a portion of PDA users due to availability of the PC software base. The market size of handheld PCs could be significant in 10 years.

5. Infrastructure for mobile device and entertainment device networks. The infrastructure that will be required to develop, store, connect and deliver services to the billions of cell phones and digital media devices is another opportunity for PCs -- especially for PC servers.

Dell and HP are currently the leading PC manufacturers and they will remain the top two vendors for many years. The next table shows historical PC sales and future projections of these two companies and the total PC market. Dell and HP sell nearly 3X more PCs than other vendors.

                         1990    1995    2000    2003    2005    2008
USA PC Sales (#M)        9.54    21.4    46.0    46.8   54-55   60-61
Dell Computer: USA (#M) 0.143    1.15     9.7    15.2   18-19   22-23
HP & Compaq: USA (#M)    0.48    3.87    13.3    10.0   11-12   14-15
WW PC Sales (#M)         24.2    58.0   129.6   146.2 176-178 218-220
Dell Computer: WW (#M)   0.20    1.93    15.1    24.0   29-30   38-39
HP & Compaq: WW (#M)     1.04    8.20    28.0    23.1   26-27   32-33

 These are results from a new market research report by eTForecasts. The report explores the markets, technologies, product segments and opportunities for PCs including market estimates for six regions of the world from 1990 to 2008. eTForecasts publishes market research reports for the PC, PDA and Internet industries and can be found online at www.etforecasts.com.

Nov 11 - Samsung Electronics Unveils Camcorder Phone Capable of Recording 2 Hours' of Video Streams. A cellular phone is now available that lets you listen to music, record video and even control certain electronic products. Samsung's new SCH-V410 camcorder phone, capable of storing up to two hours' of video streams, is due to be released on the market next week.

A music player button is installed on the outside of the unit, allowing the user to listen to downloaded music files in stereo without having to first open the phone. Music-related functions include Stop, Skip, and Repeat, and Random Play.

The SCH-V410 can store up to 30 downloaded songs with an average size of 3MB. It works as a remote controller that can change channels or adjust volume on a TV, DVD player, VCR, karaoke machine or set-top box.

The 310,000-pixel camera comes with a backlight compensation function that greatly enhances performance, ensuring clear images in places where light and dark contrasts are severe. A strobe light is also built in, which is handy under low-light conditions.

The unit is loaded with multimedia features, starting with support for video on demand services. The Live Screen function displays video streams in the screen saver, and the Live Bell function plays high-fidelity music as a ring tone. The data transmission is fast and downloads can be reserved for times when connection fees are at their lowest.

The main screen is a 262,000-color TFT-LCD and an external 16-gray scale OLED screen is included on this cdma2000 1x EV-DO camcorder phone model.

For more information, please visit www.samsungelectronics.com.

Nov 11 - Spam Problem Will Be Solved Soon with Use of Network and Community Approaches. Bill Gates is right: Spam will be controlled soon. In October at the Geneva ITU Telcom World 2003 Conference Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft, proclaimed "...by being able to identify who the sender of the message is and making sure that they are really who they say they are, we'll be able to make this spam problem essentially go away, make it not be something that holds back the scenarios here."

It might be surprising to many to find spam so readily dismissed at a time when undesired email has grown well beyond 50% of all mail traffic and necessarily become a key topic for all parties in the world of email.

NetsEdge Research has just completed an update report on spam and spam control, analyzing the considerable technical and business development that has occurred in the last 6-12 months. This analysis concurs with Bill Gates and shows how a new breed of network centric spam blocking techniques will soon be available and dramatically turn the tides in the spam war, providing much greater value than the existing content filtering solutions.

"Spam traffic growing beyond 50% represented a clear tipping point, and was a clarion call to action for all those in the email community" said Peter Christy, co-founder of NRG. "All of a sudden, spam is seen much more as a mail network problem, and network-oriented solution thinking can be brought to bear. That will put spam back under control soon."

This pending disruption creates opportunities for both vendors selling solutions as well as for enterprises that buy and deploy them. This report presents a compressive analysis of the impact that these changes will have on messaging networks and how businesses can move quickly to position themselves to profit from this sea change.

The study is available directly from NetsEdge Research Group www.netsedgeonline.com.

Nov 11 - America Online Blocks Half a Billion Virus-Infected Emails from Reaching Its Members This Year. America Online, the world's leading interactive services company, today announced that it has blocked more than half a billion viruses from reaching its members since it launched automatic e-mail attachment screening this spring.

The virus screening, which debuted in mid-April 2003, is offered through an alliance with Network Associates and uses the McAfee VirusScan service. Since the service was launched, AOL has protected each of its members from an average of 15 different virus attacks, or an attack every two weeks.

"With hundreds of new viruses released each month, anti-virus protection is not a luxury, but a necessity," said AOL Chief Trust Officer and Senior Vice President for Integrity Assurance Tatiana Gau. "
And the risk from an unprotected broadband connection can be even greater -- potentially giving a hacker access to your family's most personal information, including bank accounts, family photos, confidential files, and private records. That's why AOL is proud that we've been able to quietly protect our members from more than half a billion virus attacks over the past seven months, and in doing so, helped keep their computers and families safe from cyber-assailants."

In addition to the half-billion total viruses blocked, AOL also announced:

-- The Company is now blocking roughly one million viruses each day from reaching its members via e-mail;

-- The record number blocked on a single day was during the peak of the Sobig.f outbreak on August 20th when AOL blocked roughly 24 million worms in just 24 hours;

-- The most pervasive virus since April also has been the Sobig.f worm, which infected roughly 350 million of the 500 million total e-mail attachments that were blocked; and

-- The five most pervasive viruses since April (from #1 to #5) have been: Sobig.f, Swen, Sobig.e, Fizzer, and Bugbear.b.

This spring, at no additional charge to AOL members, America Online began automatically scanning all incoming and outgoing attachments to members' e-mail each day for known viruses through the use of the McAfee anti-virus service. If a virus is detected, the attachment is automatically cleaned of the virus, or, if the virus cannot be fixed or quarantined, the e-mail is returned to the original sender with a notice that their attachment was infected.

The virus definitions are regularly updated and provided by the Network Associates' Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team (AVERT), whose virus definition database protects against roughly 83,000 known viruses and identifies an additional 300 new viruses each week.

In coordination with Network Associates, AOL also launched a premium McAfee anti-virus service this spring that not only scans e-mail but also offers comprehensive, PC-based protection for a member's entire machine, guarding against existing viruses on the PC, CD or floppy disk-based infections, hostile web page scripts, and other potential online and offline threats. Automatically updated when a member logs onto the AOL service, that premium service is available to members for an additional $2.95 per month.

Highlighting the dangers of an unprotected broadband connection, a study released in June by the National Cyber Security Alliance showed that the vast majority of broadband households do not have the protections they need against the dangers of an always-on connection. Nearly two-thirds of the broadband households analyzed in the study (62%) did not have recently updated anti-virus protection.

Nov 10 - IBM ThinkPad Passes the 20 Million Mark, Best-Selling Notebook Brand Ever. Since its introduction in 1992, an era that began with the famous "clamshell" notebook design, ThinkPad has delivered many "firsts," including the first notebook with each of the following: color LCD panel, 14-inch LCD, full-sized keyboard, and removable hard drive.
While IBM's competitors have adapted many of these technologies to make them standard features for mobile computing users everywhere, ThinkPad innovation continues to deliver more industry firsts. ThinkPad's latest "first" is IBM's Active Protection System, a new ThinkVantage Technology introduced just last month that helps protect a system's hard drive, and responds much the same way an air bag protects a vehicle's passengers.

"ThinkPad is the standard-bearer for notebook computing, and that's because we listened to our customers from the very beginning," said Fran O'Sullivan, general manager, IBM Personal Computing Division. "We listen to our customers. Find out what they like and value from a notebook system, and then we add what we learn to the next round of products. They get better and better every year, but the basic ThinkPad attributes remain unchanged -- innovation, reliability, performance, security, ease of management, ease of use."

The 20 millionth IBM ThinkPad notebook, is an Intel Centrino mobile technology-based system featuring 512 MB RAM of memory, a 1.7 GHz processor, a 60 GB hard drive and an extended battery life of up to eight and a half hours by combining the system battery with an optional second battery. The ThinkPad T41 is one of the industry's thinnest and lightest 14-inch notebooks, at a little less than one-inch thick and with a travel weight at four and a half pounds.

"From the first Intel processors to our new Intel Centrino mobile technology, IBM ThinkPad has been a pioneer in delivering leading-edge computing capabilities," said Anand Chandrasekher, vice president and co-general manager, Intel Mobile Platforms Group. "The shipment of the 20 millionth IBM ThinkPad, based on Intel mobile technology, represents a milestone in the richness and popularity of the mobile computing experience."

With over 1,000 industry awards worldwide since its inception, IBM ThinkPad notebooks have been used in numerous Space Shuttle missions, under the oceans, and carried in chilling cold during several climbs to K2 and Mt. Everest. An IBM ThinkPad notebook is also included in the permanent design collection of the Modern Museum of Art in New York

Other Notable ThinkPad Firsts:

-- First notebook with 10.4" color Thin Film Transistor display and TrackPoint pointing device: ThinkPad 700C (1992).

-- First notebook with integrated CD-ROM: ThinkPad 755CD (1994).

-- First "ultraportable" notebook: ThinkPad 560 (1996).

-- First notebook with integrated DVD-ROM: ThinkPad 770 (1997).

-- First "thin and light" notebook: ThinkPad 600 (1998).

-- First mini-notebook, under three pounds; with standard ports and 95% of full-size keyboard: ThinkPad 240 (1999).

-- First notebook with a keyboard "nighttime" light: ThinkPad i Series (1999).

-- First notebook with integrated Wi-Fi certified wireless LAN: ThinkPad i series (2000).

-- First notebook with embedded security chip: ThinkPad T20 (2001).

-- First notebook with extended battery life of up to 11 hours: ThinkPad X31 (March 2003).

-- First notebook with Active Protection System ("airbag" for hard drive): ThinkPad T41 (October 2003).

IBM ThinkPad notebooks start at $799, and are available for purchase at www.ibm.com. For more information on IBM ThinkPad notebooks, visit www.ibm.com/thinkpad.

Nov 11 - Verbatim to Deliver 8x DVD+R Write-once Media as Drives Hit Market. Verbatim(R) Corporation, the first media manufacturer to offer a complete family of high-speed write-once and rewritable DVD media, announced today that it will begin shipping 8x-speed DataLifePlus(R) 4.7GB DVD+R media this month as higher-speed DVD multi-format burners become widely available.

At 8x speed, a 4.7GB DVD+R disc can be filled to capacity in less than 10 minutes. Verbatim 8x DVD+R media has been tested and approved by major original equipment manufacturers of 8x burners such as BenQ DW800A, LiteOn LDW-841S, NEC ND-2100A and Plextor PX-708A, as well as the 8x DVD+R burners announced by HP, Philips and Dell.

Recognized for its research and development strength, Verbatim has an unmatched history of being first with the industry's fastest optical media while maintaining its reputation for providing the highest levels of reliability and durability. The key component in achieving 8x speed DVD+R media is Metal Azo recording dye, a proprietary technology developed by Verbatim's parent company, Mitsubishi(R) Kagaku Media (MKM).

For higher reliability, the new 8x DVD+R media is manufactured utilizing Verbatim's proprietary Ultra-Precise Molding (UPM) technology. With UPM, the deflection or tilt of the substrate is minimized so the media spins smoothly at high speeds, regardless of the type of drive. Stable rotation at high-speeds is critical to eliminate the possibility of data errors during the read/write processes.

With the availability of media that complies with the 8x DVD+R specifications, consumers, businesses and professionals can save a tremendous amount of time in recording their content to media that is compatible with the widest possible range of DVD set top players and computer DVD-ROM drives in use today. These features and the low storage cost make Verbatim 8x-speed DataLifePlus DVD+R media ideal for businesses and professionals that need a high-quality DVD duplication solution. The faster speed will enable them to duplicate and distribute DVDs such as training, sales videos, service/support videos, data bases, etc., more efficiently and will help them increase their productivity.

Price, Availability

Verbatim DataLifePlus 8x DVD+R media has an estimated street price of $3.99 and will be available through authorized resellers and the Verbatim web site in November. The new media is packaged in jewel cases, multi-packs and spindles. Blank inkjet printable surface discs will also be available. Verbatim backs the quality of its complete line of DataLifePlus DVD media with a lifetime warranty.

Visit the company's web site at www.verbatim.com.

Nov 10 - Electrovaya Launches Scribbler SC2000 Series Laptop/Tablet PC. Electrovaya Inc. (TSX:EFL) today announced the launch of the Scribbler(TM) SC2000 series, a laptop/tablet PC with the winning combination of computing power provided by the Intel(R) Centrino processor and 5 to 9 hours of runtime provided by Electrovaya's unprecedented 70 Wh thin Li Ion SuperPolymer(R) battery. All of this is elegantly packaged in a thin 0.75", 3.1 lb portable device that includes fingerprint security feature, a 40GB Hard Drive and up to 768 MB of RAM.

"Its advanced design and sleek appearance enables an unmatched computing experience. The Scribbler(TM) SC2000 series design can be adapted to tablet or laptop configurations. Furthermore, no other portable computing device comes close to the functionality and runtime of the Scribbler(TM) SC2000 series," said Dr. Sankar Das Gupta, CEO of Electrovaya.

"Electrovaya's Scribbler(TM) SC2000 series is the next-generation Tablet PC enabling a new range of computing capabilities," said Bill Mitchell, vice president of the Tablet PC Division at Microsoft Corp. "The enhanced mobility features and extended battery life of the Scribbler SC2000 allow users to take full advantage of the power and functionality in the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system and ink-enabled applications."

"Electrovaya's battery technology is second to none. We tested the battery life and were extremely impressed. We can't say enough about that," said Dr. Richard Przybylski, Senior Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin and concluded, "The Scribbler is a fine piece of equipment. The ease of use and maintainability were bar-none the best encountered. The word is out in our company and is spreading."

"Performance of the Electrovaya battery was awesome. After the first day of the conference, during which we had operated the Scribbler(TM) SC2000 for slightly over seven hours, we had depleted only three-quarters of the available charge. No other mobile computing device we've ever used has had this capability," said Dan Guatto, President of Halton Hills Hydro.

"With its full day runtime, I use the Scribbler daily for all of my work," noted Dr. Steven Thorpe, Vice Dean, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at University of Toronto.

The wireless enabled laptop/tablet PC, SC 2000 series comes with a 1.2GHz Intel(R) Centrino processor, a biometrics fingerprint recognition feature, up to 768MB of RAM, 40GB hard drive, firewire, built in Wi-Fi, a 12.1" screen and a light detachable keyboard.

For more information visit www.electrovaya.com.

Nov 10 - ATI and SAMSUNG Electronics To Cooperate on Next-Generation Digital Television Products. ATI Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:ATYT)(TSX:ATY) announced today that it has signed an agreement with SAMSUNG Electronics for strategic cooperation and joint development for Samsung's next generation of digital television platforms.

This new generation of SAMSUNG digital TV's are to be powered by ATI's XILLEON(TM) and NXTWAVE(TM) chips, providing outstanding digital and analog picture quality, and exceptional reception capabilities, allowing consumers to enjoy the ultimate visual experience.

"SAMSUNG recognizes ATI's world class MPEG decoder, and RF signal reception capability. Coupled with ATI's outstanding semi-conductor and software capabilities, they are the technical leader in the visual display market," said Chang-wan Hong, Vice President, Visual Display Division, SAMSUNG Electronics. "We're pleased to utilize and leverage ATI's advantages in our digital television products."

"ATI has a long standing successful relationship with SAMSUNG. We're proud to continue our great work together with these upcoming digital television products," said Geoff Phillips, Vice President and General Manager, Digital Television Business Unit, ATI Technologies Inc. "As a recognized leader in the consumer product marketplace, SAMSUNG has the world class expertise to take advantage of ATI's technology in its digital television products. Our collaborative efforts will deliver amazing visual quality and performance for television consumers."

ATI has developed a number of industry leading chips for the digital television market. Some of which include: XILLEON, the world's first high-definition MPEG decoder system-on-chip; NXT2003(TM), the world's only single-chip ATSC/OpenCable digital demodulator; and the THEATER(TM) 310, ATI's latest receiver -- the performance leader in ATSC (Advance Television Systems Committee), NTSC (National Television Systems Committee) and Digital Cable reception.

More information can be found at www.samsung.com.

Nov 10 - SMC and Cogency Semiconductor Team on Easy to Install HomePlug Networking Products. SMC(R) Networks, a leading provider of networking solutions for the Enterprise, the SMB and all the way home, and Cogency Semiconductor, a leading provider of high-performance semiconductors for powerline home networking and media distribution, today announced that SMC's new line of HomePlug-compliant home networking products incorporates the Cogency chipset.

SMC's new line of HomePlug-compliant products give users everything they need to set up a brand-new network or extend an existing one without running expensive CAT-5 cabling. The only HomePlug solution on the market with configuration software that runs on Mac OS, SMC's new HomePlug solution comes with two versions of the EZ Configuration Manager software: one for the Windows OS and one for the Mac OS, making it a great solution for Macintosh-only networks, Windows-only networks and mixed networks.

The versatile new product line includes two new HomePlug-compliant adapters: the EZ Connect(TM) 14Mbps HomePlug to USB Desktop Adapter and the EZ Connect 14Mbps HomePlug to Ethernet Desktop Adapter; and a new EZ Connect 14Mbps HomePlug Starter Kit, with everything it takes to set up or extend a network using HomePlug technology. SMC's new family of easy networking HomePlug products will begin shipping in November.

At the core of these new products is the Cogency HomePlug 1.0-compliant chipset, a performance-enhanced silicon design for efficient networking via electrical outlets. An exciting technology for easy, reliable networking, HomePlug lets users make network connections over existing electrical wiring. HomePlug 1.0-certified to ensure compatibility with the various types of wiring used in homes and offices, SMC's new products take advantage of the Cogency chipset's auto-sensing, rate-adaptive technology to maintain the best connection available.

And, its throughput is complemented by 56-bit Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Dynamic Key Management, so users have speed and security. Ease of installation is further advanced by the product family's Plug-and-Play compliance and the included SMC EZ Installation Wizard for fine-tuning on Windows and Mac platforms. And, its form factor makes it easier, too -- no bulky adapters to find space for, because SMC's HomePlug networking products are desktop units with internal power supplies.

"HomePlug technology is a great complement to our other networking solutions for the home: WiFi and wired Ethernet solutions," said SMC's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tom Rizol. "Cogency's expertise in HomePlug technology is well-known, so when we decided to develop a line of easy-to-use HomePlug networking products, Cogency's was the natural choice for the chipset."

"We're pleased that a leader in home networking like SMC elected to introduce HomePlug products based on Cogency's chipset," said Peter Wilson, Cogency's Vice President of Marketing, "the exciting features of these new products, like broad OS support and the EZ Configuration Manager, are testament not only to Cogency's flexible silicon offerings but also to SMC's focus on a high quality home networking experience for consumers".

The EZ Connect 14Mbps HomePlug to Ethernet Desktop Adapter (HP1D-ETH) makes extending a network easy -- just plug it into an existing Barricade(TM) or other standards-compliant Ethernet/Broadband router, plug its power cord into an electrical outlet, and the electrical wiring becomes Ethernet-enabled, so any outlet in the house is an Ethernet connection port for sharing Internet access, files, printers and even home entertainment devices.

It is a great way to bring Internet connectivity to a game console, like an Xbox(R) or PS2(R) for online game playing. It is also available in a two adapter HomePlug to Ethernet Starter Kit (HPKIT-ETH), and as a USB Desktop Adapter (HP1D-USB) that facilitates connection of any Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP device to the HomePlug-enabled network using a USB port, so that even devices that are not Ethernet-ready can connect to the network.

SMC's new EZ Connect 14Mbps HomePlug to Ethernet Desktop Adapter and HomePlug USB Adapter will both be available beginning in mid-November, both at an MSRP that's 20% below the competition, at $79.99 each. The new EZ Connect 14Mbps HomePlug to Ethernet Starter Kit takes value even further, packing two HomePlug Ethernet Desktop Adapters at an MSRP of $149.99.

For more information about SMC Networks or its products, visit www.smc.com.

Nov 07 - World's Fastest and Most Advanced Laptop - Codenamed MX51. Today, Michael's Computers introduced the world's first laptop with a 1600MHz FRONT SIDE BUS. Utilizing the new AMD 64-BIT Clawhammer 3200+ processor, this is leading technology operating more than 15 times as fast as any competitor and appearing only at michaelscomputers.com.

With support of more than 1024MB DDR Memory and the ATI's newest M10P VRAM 128MB Graphics card, no other laptop runs faster, clearer or easier.

"Those using Dell, Gateway, Apple, Alienware, Sony, HP, Toshiba, Compaq or other companies should switch at this time. The difference of middle class laptops and a high class laptop like the MX51 is like driving a car with 100 horsepower and then stepping into a 500 horsepower car...you absolutely feel the difference" - Michael, Owner, Michael's Computers

Computer Gaming World December Issue "We tested every laptop and your MX51 SMOKED the competition"

About Michael's Computers:

Michael's Computers, founded in 1996, is a world leader in design and manufacturing of ultra high performance computer systems under the brand names MX7, 357MX and MX5. The company is located in West Los Angeles, California.

Michael's Computers have been designing systems for Gamers, 3D Cad Designers, Law Offices, Realtors, Doctors, Movie Producers, Audio Enthusiasts and associates within the US Navy and US Marine Corp.

Michael's Computers systems are sold throughout the United States and also ship as far as Canada, Ireland and London.

Michael's Computers are sold online at www.MichaelsComputers.com.

Nov 07 - HP and Oracle Set World Record Performance Mark -- First to Top 1 Million Transactions per Minute. HP (NYSE:HPQ) and Oracle (Nasdaq:ORCL) today broke through a key technology performance barrier, becoming the first companies ever to top 1 million transactions per minute on the Transaction Processing Council's TPC-C benchmark.

The result was achieved running Oracle Database 10g, an HP Integrity Superdome server and Intel(R) Itanium(R) 2 processors. The benchmark not only sets a new industry record, but also reflects the power of industry-standard servers running the UNIX(R) operating system in "scale up" single server configurations.

HP and Oracle achieved 1,008,144.49 tpmC with a price/performance ratio of $8.33/tpmC. This result is 30 percent faster than achieved by the nearest competitive hardware vendor. The benchmark configuration consisted of a (non-clustered) 64-way HP Integrity Superdome running HP-UX 11i v2 with Oracle Database 10g and used HP StorageWorks Virtual Arrays 7110 configured with 36 gigabyte and 73 gigabyte drives.

With today's result, HP now holds the top three TPC-C performance results, including the top UNIX, Linux and Windows(R) results.

"HP and Oracle offer the choice, scalability and flexibility to meet customer needs," said Rich Marcello, senior vice president and general manager, Business Critical Servers, HP. "Today's benchmark result is a prime example of HP's leadership with Integrity servers running Oracle and of our joint work to build a platform to support our mutual customers' most demanding requirements as well as scale with them as their business grows."

For more information about Oracle visit www.oracle.com. More information about HP is available at www.hp.com.

Nov 07 - Toshiba's New 40GB 1.8-Inch Hard Disk Drive Caters to Today's Mobile Storage Demands. Toshiba Storage Device Division (SDD), the industry pioneer in small form factor storage, today announced its newest family of 1.8-inch embedded hard disk drives (HDDs) available in 20GB(a) (single platter) and 40GB (dual platter) capacities.

Digital entertainment and business devices continue to drive demand for robust storage in a mobile footprint as people want to take their digital content with them when travelling between the office, home, school and car.

"Toshiba continues to build on the 1.8-inch product line to deliver high-capacity drives capable of storing everything from digital music and photos to videos and presentations," said Amy Dalphy, manager, HDD business unit, Toshiba SDD. "We've been expanding our manufacturing capabilities in an effort to address this burgeoning demand as products are selling faster than the drives can be produced."

Toshiba's 1.8-inch family is now available in 5/10/15/20/30 and 40GB capacities, providing a selection of "digital suitcases" to accommodate a range of applications. Products based on 1.8-inch technology include mobile entertainment devices, MP3 players, handheld computers, ultraportable notebooks, portable handheld GPS units, automotive jukebox systems and other specialized digital devices.

Measuring 54 mm wide and 78.5 mm deep, and weighing 51 and 62 grams, respectively, Toshiba's 20/40GB drives are smaller than a credit card and lighter than a pager -- helping manufacturers create small form factor, more portable digital products. The 1.8-inch drives can withstand operational shock of up to 250g and non-operating shock up to 1,000g, providing a rugged, durable storage solution for today's mobile devices.

For more information, visit www.sdd.toshiba.com.

Nov 07 - Dat Ooptic Inc. Introduces FireWire 800/IEEE-1394b PCI CARD. FireWire 800/1394b bus features hot plug-ability, transfer rates up to 800 Mbps, support isochronous data transfers, and auto-bus configuration. It is the fastest inexpensive peripheral connection available in the market.

DAT Optic Inc., a renowned developer and manufacturer of Optical/Data storage and CD/DVD duplication products, introduces the newest addition to their innovative line of FireWire products, the 1394b PCI host adapter.
DAT Optic’s FireWire 800/1394b PCI card comes equipped with FireWire 800/1394b driver, which supports 1394b in Windows98SE, ME, 2000 and XP operating systems.

With DAT Optic FireWire 800/1394b PCI, PC users can enjoy data transfer rate up to 800Mb/s between 1394b peripherals and a PC, or create an 800Mbps network among PC and MAC systems.

DAT Optic’s FireWire 800/1394b PCI card is fully compatible with Mac OS:
- OS 10.2.4 or higher - 1394a and FireWire 800/1394b functions at full capacity
- OS 9.x or higher - 1394a

The FireWire 800/1394b PCI card is outfitted with a combination of 1394a and 1394b ports.
Three external ports - Two 9-pin 1394b and one 6-pin 1394a
One internal port – One 9-pin 1394b
One internal power connector – Up to 1.5Amp per port can be delivered.

Ordering Info: 1394bPCI – Now shipping at www.datoptic.com.

Nov 07 - Research Shows 18-34 Year Old Men Spend More Time Online Than Watching Television. The Online Publishers Association (OPA) announced today the results of a recent media consumption study of men aged 18-34 who are frequent visitors to online news, information and entertainment Web sites.

The study, conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates, found that this group reports spending significantly more time online each week than it spends watching television. Specifically, men aged 18-34 report spending an average of 21 hours per week online, compared to only 15.7 hours watching television.

"These data suggest that use of the Web may indeed be a contributing factor to the measured decline in primetime TV viewing this season among men 18-34," said Michael Zimbalist, executive director of the Online Publishers Association. "The degree to which Internet use has contributed to a permanent shift in the media habits of U.S. consumers, including men 18-34, will be the subject of a major study of 18-34 year olds and their media habits to be released by the OPA in early 2004."

For more information about the Online Publishers Association, visit www.online-publishers.org.

Nov 07 - Survey Identifies Top Teen Wish Lists and Gift-Giving for the Holidays. Computers top the "must-have" holiday wish list for teens this year, according to results of the recent "First Annual Youth Holiday Purchase Patterns" survey conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

Game consoles, cell phones, portable CD players, and portable MP3 players round out the teens' top five most-wanted consumer electronics gifts. This marks the first time teens age 12-17 were surveyed as part of CEA's annual holiday shopping consumer research.

"The feedback from today's tech savvy and influential teenagers are important to us and our members," said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CEA. "This survey is one of many initiatives we are using to reach out to teens and reiterate the fun and educational benefits of consumer electronics. As expected, the results reflect how teens are actively embracing a wide array of technology and that they recognize technology influences almost all aspects of their lives."

In addition, the survey shows that teens plan to purchase portable CD players as a gift to others (49 percent) this holiday season. Other products targeted for gift giving include game consoles (35 percent), cell phones (30 percent), hand-held game systems (28 percent) and portable MP3 players (27 percent). Just over half of the teens surveyed (51 percent) said they were planning to pay for all or most of the gifts with their own money.

Last month, CEA released the results from its "10th Annual Holiday Purchase Patterns" survey, noting that 70 percent of all adult consumers expect to spend the same amount or more this year on gifts this holiday season, up from 68 percent in 2002. The average adult consumer will purchase approximately seven electronics products this holiday season, up from six products in 2002.

CEA's resources are available online at www.CE.org.

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