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About InfoHQ Free Email

What is it?

InfoHQ Free Email is a web based free email account. This means that you can check your email from any computer connected to the Internet. It is very similar to the popular free "Hotmail" program.

What's Good About It?

One of the nicest features of this email account is it is very good at eliminating unsolicited email. If you're tired of being bombarded by unwanted, offensive, or junk email then this is the account for you.
Also, you get a generous 6 MB of online storage, you can forward other email accounts to your InfoHQ Free Email account, and you can have up to 3 attachments per email. It also has a recently added spell checker.
Another good thing is we can manage user accounts. So if you need help or want to cancel your account, just send us email at

What's Bad About It?

While we host the free email service -- we do not run it. The email provider makes frequent use of pop-up advertising to try to support its free service (like many other free email providers).

An easy way to block the pop-up ads and to obtain other web surfing features is to download the free Alexa toolbar. does not use pop-up ads on its site, so go ahead and let Alexa block all pop-up ads on

Please also remember when your account exceeds 6 MBs you will lose any new mail that arrives, so please delete unused messages.

Email Abuse Policy

We do not tolerate email abuse of any kind. Abuse is defined as sending unsolicited, perverse, fraudulent, hostile, illegal, or otherwise questionable email. Also you should not select an email address that implies you work for, or represent, the InfoHQ web site e.g.,, etc.

We immediately cancel any email account that we consider to be abusing these rules.

Stamp out Spam!

How to Sign Up

You sign up by clicking here. It takes about five minutes. You can choose any name and it will end in

How to check your mail.

You can just remember to go to our homepage at and use the InfoHQ Free Email link or bookmark the link so you can go directly to the log-in page.

We hope you enjoy using your free email account. - InfoHQ Staff


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