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Computer Problem Help

Page 11

Restoring the Windows Registry

Problem: Reloading a previous version of the Windows Registry. I have a system registry error and need to restore my registry without reinstalling windows 95 all over again and if I do need to reinstall it I do not want everything that is on the CD disc and do not want to lose the files I have on there now. Please help.

InfoHQ Answer: It is possible for you to restore your registry only if you have not successfully booted into Windows 95 or 98 since your problem occurred. The following is an excerpt from the Windows 95 Resource Kit. "Each time Windows 95 successfully starts, the operating system backs up the Registry by copying the current SYSTEM.DAT and USER.DAT files to SYSTEM.DA0 and USER.DA0, respectively.

"If Windows 95 fails to start, the backed-up Registry from the last successful startup can be copied over the current Registry. This method recovers the last successful settings after a system failure."

If this doesn't work you can reinstall Windows into its current directory which will usually repair a corrupt version of Windows and does not require reloading your programs (read our articles below for instructions on how to do this). It may or may not repair your registry.

Note: Windows Me and Windows XP Professional users can use System Restore to reload their Windows Registry.

InfoHQ Tip: Restoring Windows Registry using System Restore in Windows Me and XP Professional

Problem: Hi, I am using an IBM ThinkPad T22 model, 900mhz Windows XP Pro, and when I play DVDs all is fine until suddenly it just freezes. The picture freezes and the sound is a continuous grinding one (sounds like a saw). I can't press any buttons or anything, the computer is completely unresponsive. I can take the DVD out of the drive but the computer is still frozen. The only thing I can do is take the battery out and the power out and restart.
I have never had this problem before with playing DVDs, everything has always worked, the playback is always smooth. So I don't know what could be suddenly causing this problem. I played the DVD using Mediamatics and Windows Media Player, and it happened under both. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

InfoHQ Answer: Usually when a computer starts acting up after it has been working normally for awhile, the problem is a misbehaving Windows driver, or some other new software that was loaded.
Since you are running Windows XP Professional, one of the fastest ways to get your computer back on track would be to use System Restore. System Restore is a Windows XP Professional program that regularly backs up your Window's Registry.
To start System Restore, choose Start/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore. Choose to "Restore your computer to earlier time" then click Next. Then use the calendar to select a restore point when you think your system was functioning normally. Windows XP will then load the Registry form the date you selected.
A couple of things to keep in mind when using System Restore. Any programs/hardware drivers loaded after the Restore date probably will not function because they no longer exist in the older Registry. The other thing to remember is that you can undo any restore you make or choose another restore point.

Note to Readers: System Restore was only shipped with Windows Me and Windows XP Professional. You can buy a commercial program, GoBack, which is the same thing as System Restore. Some newer versions of Norton Utilities also have system restore software.


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