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1. Uniblue DriverScanner Review. Are out-of-date Windows Devices Drivers slowing your computer down? Give Uniblue's DriverScanner a try.

2.How Do I Update Drivers? Step by step instructions on how to update Windows Device Drivers.

3. PC Cleaner Review. Clean and optimize your PC with the tools from PC Cleaner.

4. Best Data Recovery Programs for Windows and Macs. Recover deleted and corrupted files, pictures, emails, documents, music, databases, passwords, and even reformatted hard drives.

5. Ten Ways to Recover Your System When Windows Crashes. How to get your system up and running again, and tips to protect your software and data.

5. OfficeFIX Review Recover damaged Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access files.

6. Our popular article Computer Maintenance Tips has been updated.









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Advertising, Linking, and Hardware and Software Review Policies

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Linking - It is highly unlikely that we will trade links with your site.
Why? First, we don't have a site that has pages and pages of links, and we aren't going to use that format on this site. Second, we have no way of checking to see if others maintain their links back to us, and we have better things to do with our time -- like writing original articles. So while we believe in the concept of mutual linking - usually it doesn't work for us.

Advertising - The minimum amount of time we will run a link is 3 months.We give discounts to those that prepay for a whole year. We also give discounts for multiple links.

We will run banners, articles, text links, etc. as long as they are in good taste. We will work with you to put together a package that is fair for both of us.

Product Review Requests - Do you have software or hardware you would like reviewed? If you have a software program please send the download link and the registration number to us and we will schedule a review. If you have a computer hardware item you would like reviewed please contact us for a shipping address.

Questions, inquiries, and advertising offers should be sent to or use the contact form below.