Companies Must Wake Up to ‘Mobile Economic Time’or Risk Losing Customers

MORGES, Switzerland, October 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –A new study conducted on behalf of CA Technologies reveals that the average Smartphone and Tablet PC user has converted their ‘dead-time’ into ‘Mobile Economic Time’ – equivalent to 38 days or nearly five and half weeks per year.  Mobile Economic Time illustrates how and when consumers engage with brands, and their zero tolerance attitude to online brands and apps that fail to deliver a secure and positive mobile online experience 24/7.

Professor Chanaka Jayawardhena, expert in internet services marketing who worked with CA Technologies on the study explains, “The 38 day a year calculation demonstrates the significance of ‘Mobile Economic Time’ to brands and commerce.  Anything less than a superior mobile online experience is bad for business. Companies must wake-up to ‘Mobile Economic Time or risk losing customers’.

“This study is a ‘wake-up’ call for businesses to recognise the importance of Mobile Economic Time, as consumers and knowledge workers use their Smartphones and Tablet PCs to engage with brands and increase their productivity,” says Kobi Korsah, product marketing director, CA Technologies, EMEA. “To make the most of Mobile Economic Time and drive revenue, growth, and customer satisfaction, organisations need to proactively assure and manage their mobile presence at a time when many Smartphone and tablet PC users have no limits on their data consumption.”

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