iPhone 4S Introduces Few Technology Changes

OTTAWA, Ontario, Oct. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — UBM TechInsights, leveraging its extensive library of teardowns and semiconductor analysis, has taken a closer look at the iPhone 4S announcement and is issuing an estimate of the cost of the phone.  When taking into account current market prices, the iPhone 4S will achieve the same healthy profit margin that they have experienced in previous iPhone launches.

“Technology-wise, you aren’t seeing anything revolutionary or unexpected from the iPhone 4S,” says Jeffrey Brown, Vice-President of Business Intelligence. “As we predicted in July, the iPhone 4S is a moderate improvement over the iPhone 4 – featuring an A5 processor that has been in use for approximately nine months, an image sensor that puts the handset on par with its competitors, and improved battery life.”

The introduction of the iPhone 4S across GSM and CDMA networks in a singular design was also alluded to in the introduction of the Verizon model of the iPhone 4.  ”When the CDMA version of the iPhone 4 was brought to market, it featured a Qualcomm baseband modem that was capable of working across both networks,” says Jeffrey Brown.  ”This was the single biggest indicator that Apple was moving towards a ‘world phone’ that would reduce design times and production costs.  We expect the new antenna design to be very similar to what we saw in the CDMA version of the iPhone 4.”

Visit www.ubmtechinsights.com on October 14th for the iPhone 4S teardown.

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