BluestSoft® launches DiskArchiver OneTouch Home 2012 Backup Tool

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — From instantaneous Facebook updates to cataloging your photos to allowing users to easily work from home, the personal computer has enriched modern-day life with an emphasis on convenience. But there can be downsides, too. For instance, when the hard drive crashes, there’s no IT department to help you recover everything you’ve just lost.

Small enough to fit in a top desk drawer or a carry-on bag for the plane, the DiskArchiver OneTouch Home is a USB product that’s roughly the size of an iPhone and embedded with powerful DiskArchiver OneTouch Home software. By simply pressing the One Touch Button (OTB), the software kicks into gear, quickly capturing a backup of the entire hard drive or, if preferable, segments of the drive — specific files, folders and additional partitions.

“At some point, almost everyone with a home computer, whether using it for personal or professional reasons, experiences hard-drive issues, whether a virus attacks or the PC just crashes out of the blue,” says Mike Inamine, president of BluestSoft, Inc. “Having an immediate way to restore what’s been lost is critical, yet many of today’s popular backup technologies require a tedious amount of work on the user’s end. With the DiskArchiver OneTouch Home, all that’s required is the touch of a button.”

As soon as the software starts running, the backed-up image gets compressed into one archive. The computer’s complete conditions may then be recovered from the archive. It’s hassle-free with no need to do an OS reinstallation and update, each application’s installations, and all the associated configurations. Of note, the software provides the option to customize what you want to regularly archive, i.e., continuous backups of Windows, standard archiving, whole sector backups and more. Whatever is archived can be recovered from a CD or by booting up from the DiskArchiver OneTouch Home itself.

The software is compatible with many Windows-based operating systems and comes with the freedom and flexibility of five licenses for up to five PCs. The DiskArchiver OneTouch Home is available in two versions: $169/500GB & $259/1TB Model.

Learn more about the BluestSoft® DiskArchiver OneTouch Home 2012 at

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