Facebook Users Expose Passwords Online

A study from security expert, Jason Hart, commissioned by life assistance company CPPGroup Plc (CPP) has revealed that one third (32%) of Facebook profiles contain at least two pieces of personal information such as their mother’s maiden name, date of birth, hobbies or children’s names. This information is often also used as a password or as an answer to a security question when users look to reset their online account log-in details.

In the study, details including the name of the user’s first school (64%), employer (46%), dates of birth (25%), children’s names (25%) and favourite football team (17%) were found to be visible on many people’s Facebook profiles.

As the most active social media users, those aged 18 to 24 with a Facebook account are the most likely to publicise their personal information – and often to complete strangers. This age group has on average more than 250 friends but 81%[1] say they do not trust all of their Facebook ‘friends’. Half (50%) have accepted a friend request from a total stranger and 9% would accept an invitation from someone they did not know if they were good looking or popular.

But it’s not just the 18 to 24 year olds who are making themselves vulnerable – users of all ages are putting themselves at risk. One third (33%) of all those with a Facebook account admit to accepting an invitation from people they had never met before, with 38%[2] confessing they don’t know everyone they are friends with on the site.

Over half (52%) of the Facebook account holders questioned had received friendship requests from strangers. And despite recent media controversy around privacy and security on the site, one in twenty (6%) users allow anyone and everyone to see their entire profile.

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