Motorola Mobility Introduces Advanced Wireless Headsets With Bluetooth® Technology

IBERTYVILLE, Ill — Oct. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Motorola Mobility, announced the arrival of two new ground-breaking Bluetooth headsets, Motorola ELITE SLIVER and Motorola ELITE FLIP. The innovative Bluetooth headsets boast unmatched sound quality and features, including Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, HD Audio Plus and three times greater connection range than the leading competitors.

Motorola ELITE SLIVER and Motorola ELITE FLIP feature NFC technology, which allows you to pair either headset with your phone with a quick tap1. The inclusion of HD Audio Plus in both headsets increases clarity and provides richer sound for all your conversations with true wideband audio and CrystalTalk™ dual-microphone noise cancellation technology. With an extended roaming range of up to 300 feet2 from Class 1 Bluetooth technology, you can walk away from your phone without disconnecting your conversation.

The Motorola ELITE SLIVER and Motorola ELITE FLIP also work with the My MotoSpeak3 application to read, dictate and send text messages hands-free. The new My MotoSpeak application adds the capabilities for users to initiate and send text messages without touching or holding their phone.

Pricing and Availability
Starting Oct. 24, 2011, both headsets will be available online at Motorola ELITE SLIVER will be $129.99 and Motorola ELITE FLIP will be $99.99.

My MotoSpeak is a free download from Android Market™.

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