CMS Products Releases BounceBack USB 3.0 Backup and Recovery System

IRVINE, Calif.,  /PRNewswire/ — CMS Products, Inc., ( an award-winning developer of disaster recovery and data security products today announced the release of its latest USB 3.0 version of BounceBack Backup and Recovery System.

Utilizing the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface, the new BounceBack Backup and Recovery System sports a sleek new look, maintaining its lightweight, portable profile at a mere seven ounces. The system is available in capacities of 250 gigabytes (GB), 500GB and one terabyte (1TB) with data transfer rates of up to 5.0GB, which is up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

“The BounceBack Backup and Recovery System delivers professional-grade data backup and instant recovery,” said Ken Burke, president, CMS Products. “The solution maintains an exact copy of a computer’s system hard drive, allowing users to start their Windows®-based computer from the external hard drive — with no data loss and no downtime — and saving otherwise irreplaceable files such as data, photos, music and video, as well as the operating system.”

The new BounceBack USB 3.0 Backup and Recovery System boasts powerful tools, such as easy setup with simple reminders and flexible features. The instant recovery feature allows users to start immediately from their backup device and system restores can be done when it is convenient.


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