Bluetooth Wireless Speaker “+Knob” Announced for Mobile Devices

MIAMI, Oct. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-iReach/ —  High fidelity audio has been considered the domain of thousand dollars speakers and audio components. The time has come for the iPhone/iPod, iPad and Android owner to enjoy this level of quality without breaking the bank. Connecting their music collection to a pristine reproduction is now as easy as Bluetooth mating the +KNOB to their device.

“It is born out of necessity and frustration,” says Raul Chinda, the founder of DesignHuman Colectiv, a Miami-based design studio, and producer of the +KNOB. “Digital music does not have to equate to horrible sound”

Chinda tried the systems available on the market and remained unimpressed. “Bluetooth as a technology has a good foothold with it being implemented in most modern communication devices, but has yet to come into it’s own;” says Chinda making a circle with his hands “we haven’t even scratched the surface” So Chinda and his team set out to do what they do best, design and manufacture a speaker based on the classic principles of design. Great value to the masses. A speaker that is affordable by most, great sound and good materials. One that provide both convenience and sound quality. Instead of accepting the situation, he set off creating a simple, wireless speaker that has all the qualities he’s been searching for. Light, expansive, with full vocals. You can pre order them right now at search name: +KNOB , cost is $100.

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