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NEW YORK, Dec. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — After 10 years in planning and construction, one of the most advanced computer systems ever made is being released to the public to change the way people live their life in the 21st century. Lifepool is a computer system where you can store your information and connect it with the rest of life.

STORE YOUR LIFE – Every memory, piece of work, appointment or anything imaginable has a place in Lifepool and is accessible from any device with an Internet connection. Things can be shared, rated, commented on, made popular or set as private. With the hundreds and soon thousands of different types of things that can be added to Lifepool, everyone regardless of age or background will find a unique way Lifepool makes their life better.

SEARCHING LIKE NOTHING ELSE – Using the live network of life’s information in Lifepool, people can search for ‘types’ of things for the first time, and even more powerfully, their ‘link’ to other things and their ‘properties’. “Find the ‘Room’ at home where I left my ‘Phone’?” or “find the closest ‘Business’ to my current location that one of my friends ‘Ate At’, they ‘Liked’ the ‘Steak’, and – if the information is public – ‘Owned’ by a man who is at least 30 years of age and has blue eyes?”

YOUR LIFE IN YOUR HANDS – Applications run inside of and use Lifepool’s network of information to bring to life software never possible before. The application ‘LifeLens’ is a window into a person’s life in the palm of their hands. It uses the network of their life and what is important to them to present a live view of what is happening now. LifeLens is given free of charge to everyone who registers in Lifepool.

ALL YOUR FAVORITE WEBSITES – Users can browse any websites in Lifepool, but get the advantage of having it connected with everything else they do. Lifepool works with the rest of the Internet so everything familiar still works.  Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia, twitter, Blogger, craigslist, Windows Live can all be visited.

SOCIALLY ALIVE – Communicate with anyone, organise work or school, or comment on things of common interest. Anything that is public has a common area where people can talk, rate, or add their own ‘Visited’ it, ‘Want’ it or any one of the hundred other link types.

MADE FOR EVERYONE – Individuals, businesses, governments, every country, every language, every currency, full security settings on everything, full viewing and editing control, and age restrictions that prevent a younger individual being shown content made for an older audience. Each person’s view is unique to them.

MAKE A LIVING – Anything in Lifepool can have a view cost. Every person has an equal chance to create content people want to see and generate an income.

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