New iPhone App intoxicheck™

VERONA, Wis., Dec. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – Innocorp, Ltd’s new iPhone app intoxicheck™ leads users through a simple set of before and after reaction, judgment and memory challenges so drivers clearly see how impaired they are in an effort to stop drinking and driving. Because it works on a smartphone, users have convenient access to the new iPhone app anywhere.

“New Years Day celebrations are just a few days away. This can mean big trouble for some people. Many people who drink tend to underestimate their impairment level. We hope people use our new iPhone app, intoxicheck, and use a designated driver or take a taxi to avoid being arrested for drinking and driving,” said Deb Kusmec of Innocorp, Ltd.

Excessive alcohol consumption makes both driving and walking unsafe. In 2005, the Injury Prevention reported that New Year’s Day is deadly for pedestrians. From 1986 to 2002, 410 pedestrians were killed on New Year’s Day. Fifty-eight percent of those killed had high blood-alcohol concentrations, to say nothing of passengers and motorists killed by drinking and driving.

intoxicheck gives people a reality check about how buzzed they are. The new iPhone app is  research-based and works by comparing results from a series of challenges users take while sober to results they get after drinking. There is no need to count drinks, or guess alcohol content in each drink. intoxicheck results may prove valuable in helping users make better choices, and avoid drinking and driving, based on real impairment level.

“By taking a series of reaction, judgment and memory challenges before drinking, you establish a baseline of sober performance that you can compare to your performance on those same challenges after drinking. In field tests of intoxicheck under controlled conditions, the new iPhone app provided a reasonably accurate assessment of a person’s impairment level,” said Kusmec.

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