Live In-Vehicle Digital TV Demoed at CES

NETANYA, Israel, January 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Siano, the world’s leading supplier of mobile broadcast DTV solutions, today announced the launch of RallyTV, a new platform for the delivery of high-quality, live in-vehicle digital TV for consumers on-the-go. RallyTV enables travelers to enjoy live TV broadcasts directly on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops with superior reception and unrivalled mobility performance.

“RallyTV marks a significant expansion of Siano’s offering in the world of mobile TV,” said Alon Ironi, CEO of Siano. “This system is perfectly compatible with any and all smartphones, tablets and laptops on the market and eliminates the need for special hardware or software on the terminal side. Unlike 3G video streaming, RallyTV enables end-users to enjoy high quality live TV broadcasts with no cellular data charges and without inflating their data bills.

Additionally, RallyTV deploys an ultimate mobility platform that maintains high-quality, even in the harshest conditions when DTV infrastructure is far from optimal, such as in the suburbs of London or Paris.”

RallyTV simultaneously serves large numbers of end-users on public transportation, such as on trains and buses, and smaller groups riding in private vehicles. It guarantees perfect reception of broadcast MDTV signals while traveling at high speeds, allowing consumers to watch real-time live TV, including local programming, without having to install any hardware or software on their personal devices.

Catch a preview of Siano’s RallyTV ”in actionHERE.

Siano will showcase RallyTV at CES 2012, January 10-13, 2012 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Mobile DTV TechZone, Booth #13545.

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