Memoright 7mm Ultrathin SATA III SSD

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Storage Vision – Memoright, a leading provider of integrated SSD products, will showcase its ruggedized, extended temperature SSD solutions as well as a wide range of SDDs for embedded systems, servers and storage systems at the Storage Visions 2012 to be held in Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas from January 8-9 at Booth 20.

Memoright unveils 7mm ultrathin SATA III SSD solution, FTM Plus Slim, is the best choice for an upgrade in SSD performance of ultrathin notebooks that can fit directly on HDD slots of the next-generation Ultrabook models to optimize the performance of STAT III 6Gb/s interface that breaks through the performance bottleneck of PC systems.

For users of enthusiast notebook models such as ThinkPad X220/T420s/E420s, an upgrade in SSD will not only improve substantially boot speed and read/write performance, but also increase battery life and shock-resistant capability. Many next-generation sleek notebooks are built to fit with 7mm HHDs or SSDs, but most of SSDs currently available in the market have a standard thickness of 9.5mm, making a number of Ultrabooks unable to access high-speed storage performance through a direct upgrade to SSD.

The roll-out of 7mm FTM Plus Slim SATA III SSDs from Memoright enable direct performance upgrading for next-generation notebooks, delivering a read/write speed of up to 550/500 MB/s.

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