3D Gaming A Flop?

NEW YORK, January 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –Nintendo has posted a $626m loss for the first 9 months of the fiscal year ending March 2012, a complete reversal of its fortunes compared to the same time last year, where the console manufacturer netted $637m in profit. An independent survey of site users shows that gamers are against 3D gaming, perhaps providing an explanation for Nintendo’s about-turn.

It would appear that 3D enabled consoles have not been a hit with gaming fans, according to the results of a new study which has revealed that almost three quarters of gamers are opposed to future generation consoles having 3D capability.

The independent survey by leading coupon website http://www.CouponCodes4U.com polled 2,291 gamers and was conducted following Nintendo’s recently announced financial losses, to delve into whether or not consumers were against 3D gaming. Nintendo cut the price of their handheld 3DS console in August following disappointing sales.

Gamers taking part in the study were asked; ‘Are you in favour of future next generation consoles having 3D technology?’ to which the majority, 71%, of respondents answered ‘no’.

Of those who stated that they were not in favour of next generation 3D console technology in future devices, the majority, 84%, claimed that they simply thought 3D gaming was ‘a fad’. More than a third, 36%, claimed to have played on the Nintendo 3DS and were ‘unimpressed’.

18% of those who said they’d played the 3DS claimed that playing the 3DS made them feel dizzy, while 46% said they just didn’t feel it improved their gaming experience.

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