Aegis USB 3.0 Padlock Secure Drive for Desktops

POWAY, Calif., Feb. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Apricorn  (, a leading designer and manufacturer of data security products for business, has expanded their award winning Aegis Secure Drives to the desktop environment with the announcement of a new, powerful desktop edition, the Aegis Padlock DT. Sporting a spacious capacity of up to 3 TB with a Super Speed USB 3.0 interface, the Aegis Padlock DT not only provides immense storage and lightning fast access speeds, but also protects its data with seamless AES-XTS hardware encryption and secure PIN access. With its software free design, simple setup and starting price of $229, the Aegis Padlock DT provides a complete data storage solution that is affordable, secure and effortless to deploy in a demanding office environment.

“On site data security is just as critical as a firewall protecting a company’s network, customer records and other sensitive files,” said Mike McCandless, VP of Sales and Marketing at Apricorn. “With several high profile cases of hard drives being stolen or missing from an office, or sensitive data being accessed by unauthorized personnel, the need for a high capacity secure desktop drive was apparent.”

Protection From Unauthorized Access

  • Alphanumeric keypad for secure access – The Aegis Padlock DT uses an onboard keypad to unlock the drive with a unique 6-16 digit PIN. The embedded keypad prevents hardware or software malware attempts to capture your password entered via the host system.
  • Military grade hardware encryption – All data on the drive is protected in real-time using your choice of AES-XTS 128-bit or 256-bit hardware encryption.  Encryption keys and PINs are never exposed to the host system and are protected using SHA-256 hashing cryptographic algorithm.
  • Auto-lock – The unattended Aegis Padlock DT can be configured to lock after a pre-determined amount of time of your choosing. Ideal for protecting your data when you’re away from your desk.
  • Brute Force Defense Mechanism – Protecting against automated attempts to crack the drive’s PIN, the Aegis Padlock DT uses a three pronged approach to protect itself from hackers; after denying access to incorrect PINs 5 times, the DT requires the drive to be disconnected and reconnected to the USB port.  Once the maximum number of failed attempts has been reached the Aegis Padlock DT deletes the encryption key rendering all stored data useless and requiring a complete reset of the Aegis Padlock DT in order to redeploy the drive.

Apricorn’s Aegis Padlock DT is available from online retailers and Apricorn’s website at

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