Emsisoft Online Armor 5.5 Firewall for Windows

THALGAU, Austria, Feb. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Emsisoft Online Armor is a guard on your Windows computer. The firewall is always active in the background and silently monitors network and file activities, granting access to authorized programs only. Hackers cannot hijack your computer as all vulnerabilities are closed and suspicious actions are blocked.

Online Armor 5.5 is available now. Developer Emsisoft, known for their security program Emsisoft Anti-Malware, integrated a lot of new features to increase both comfort and security level for their customers. They intended to create a firewall that provides maximum security without interrupting the user’s work. This is achieved through two new cloud services.

First improvement: integration of the Anti-Malware Network to classify new programs as “good” or “bad” in no time. The cloud already contains data on about four million programs – added by numerous users. This database can be accessed online at http://www.isthisfilesafe.com. The Anti-Malware Network enables Online Armor to automatically allow programs that have been verified as safe, so no user interaction is required. Result: fewer alarm reports.

In addition, Emsisoft Online Armor 5.5 uses in-house cloud-scanning. All new and unknown programs are instantly scanned for first classification. The cloud-scan is based on the Emsisoft E1 scan-engine already used by MalAware (http://www.malaware.com). There are more than seven million signatures of malicious programs and viruses in this cloud database, with thousands more added every day. Malware is detected reliably causing instant alert.

Furthermore, the license and update system has been simplified. Software updates are now downloaded and installed much quicker. Licenses are activated with simple product keys and can now be managed in the Emsisoft customer center, along with all other Emsisoft products.

Long-term customers get rewarded: license renewals after one year are 25% off. The price is reduced by another 5% each year – up to a maximum of 50%.

Emsisoft Online Armor is available in two different versions: Emsisoft Online Armor Free is for free-of-charge use for private users. The program sets up a powerful firewall and offers comprehensive web protection. Besides, the freeware detects keyloggers and contains self-protection.

Emsisoft Online Armor Premium (US$40 – in the first year) offers numerous advanced features like a phishing filter, file and registry protection, DNS-spoofing protection, automatic updates, and an important online-banking mode.

For more information visit  http://www.emsisoft.com .

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