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LOS ANGELES, Feb. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — 3DTV.COM is the first 3D Portal that is devoted solely to filling the needs of the online 3D video community, the fastest growing market in the Video space. Founded by Brad Beckerman, Wayne Naphtal, and John Davimos in April of 2011, 3DTV.COM is a free membership site that features a patented 2D to 3D conversion process which converts 2D pictures and videos to 3D in real time, as well as allowing members to upload native 3D content. Members are provided with their own private channels to store their content, but may elect at any time to make their content or channel public to the 3D community.

3DTV.com was developed to be the leading  social networking community in the 3D industry, allowing sharing, embedding, and commenting, as well as posting pictures and videos on other major social networking sites. According to Naphtal this is all made possible by their proprietary player. ”Our player really is the most unique one in the space; it allows you to watch 3D with anaglyph glasses, Passive glasses, or on any glasses-free device. I don’t believe any player is as effective or user friendly as ours, and we are really only in the first inning of 3D. We are continuing to develop our player, and other features including a mobile website and apps, so that we remain fresh, ahead of the curve and continue to be the leader in this industry.”

For more information visit 3DTV.com .

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