Alcatel-Lucent Introduces lightRadio™ Wi-Fi® to Enhance Wireless Access

Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) is making it simpler for people to access the Internet – whether on smartphones, tablets or laptops – over secure Wi-Fi connections in homes or hotspot locations such as coffee shops and shopping centers. lightRadio™ Wi-Fi® sorts through the confusion of hotspots and cellular networks to find and connect with the best available wireless broadband network, while helping communications service providers extend their reach by integrating Wi-Fi directly into their service offerings.

People like to be able to switch from 3G or 4G networks to Wi-Fi to access the Internet, particularly with the growing interest in Cloud-based applications to store music, video, photos and multimedia content. However, switching from a cellular service to a Wi-Fi network is not always seamless, particularly when it requires first finding a network and then getting through complex log-in and password procedures.

lightRadio™ Wi-Fi® simplifies this process by allowing people to switch automatically from a cellular service to residential or public Wi-Fi networks and hotspots without having to login, worry about payments schemes, or even be aware of the shift. This is done in three ways: by using software that identifies and connects people to a ‘trusted’ network automatically; by introducing new capabilities into service provider networks to manage the transition between Wi-Fi and cellular networks; and by integrating Wi-Fi directly into small-cell base stations and cellular networks.

lightRadio Wi-Fi addresses another big concern – security. Many people prefer to connect to hotspots that they know they can trust, especially when accessing services and streamed content from the Cloud, or when they need uninterrupted connections for video streaming or video phone calls.  lightRadio Wi-Fi always finds the most ‘trusted’ network.

Wim Sweldens, President of Alcatel-Lucent’s Wireless division said: “With lightRadio Wi-Fi, Alcatel-Lucent gives service providers new options to meet consumers’ fast-growing broadband requirements. Extending our groundbreaking lightRadio portfolio, service providers will be able to build closer relationships with their customers by delivering seamless high-speed broadband connections, wherever they are, using LTE and Wi-Fi networks. For subscribers, this approach provides the peace of mind they want when accessing the Internet wherever they go.”

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