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NASHVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Truli will soon open the door to a wide variety of Christian spiritual and educational insights with entertainment elements – including sermons, music, concerts, movies, comedy and internet/TV programs – all within a trusted, secure and interactive online community brought together by a shared belief. Truli is a social network and content distribution platform for people to experience and interact with Christian multimedia in a way unlike anything offered for the Christian community today.

Leading up to the launch this summer, Truli is inviting ministries, musicians and film distributors to become part of the Truli experience now. In addition, Truli is inviting users to be a part of the pre-release testing in order to provide feedback prior to the public launch.

Truli will provide ministries, musicians and other content providers with a free distribution and content management platform. Upon signing with Truli, musicians, artists, teachers, ministries and film distributors will be able to start uploading their content into a pre-release version of the website. This content will then be accessible for early subscribers. The early content providers and subscribers will be able to give direct feedback and help shape the final user interface and experience.

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