Connected “Giga Home” to Become Reality in 2013?

MUNICH, NEUBIBERG, Germany and HANNOVER, Germany, March 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Lantiq CEO Christian Wolff today stated at the CeBIT Global Conferences that the Giga Home (a home that achieves network speeds of 1 gigabyte per second ) will become reality by the year 2013 due to an intelligent hybrid approach of communication technologies inside and outside the home.

There is an ever increasing demand for bandwidth in the home. Tablets, smart phones, PCs, Network Attached Storages (NAS), TVs and gaming consoles demand reliable and fast high data throughput. All of these devices are connected with each other and the Internet, and when cloud computing and HDTV/IPTV streaming services are added, the data demand in broadband networks explodes.

To serve this capacious requirement of data and to avert the still-present connectivity bottleneck, a smart hybrid approach of wireless and wireline technology will be the solution to facilitate the Giga Home. Within the homes, the latest sets of Wi-Fi standards as well as, a home wired networking standard recently validated by the ITU-T, help to bring unparalleled high bandwidth to users and their devices. Outside the home a fast and mature combination of fiber, VDSL, vectoring and bonding will support the Giga Home and the ever increasing demand for bandwidth. Lantiq believes that by intelligently combining these technologies, the Giga Home will become a reality in 2013.

A schematic picture of the opportunity for the connected home is available on the Lantiq website.

Further information is available at: or on Twitter: @Lantiq.

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