Offers Privacy for Online Forums

STOCKHOLM, March 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – The brand new Web service offers a unique kind of privacy-minded forum service for businesses, groups and individuals for free. Available in an increasing number of languages, its main features include real anonymity, no requirement to register and log in to an account, and a very simple, logical and pleasant user interface.

As its founder states in its description, “In a world full of companies of all sizes and individuals who have absolutely no respect whatsoever for your privacy, we take it extremely seriously, because somebody has to.”

The intention is for virtually any business, group or individual currently using services such as Facebook or Twitter to communicate with their customers and other people, to adopt and try out their own no-nonsense forum with PlainBoards. Whoever claims a board owns it and has full control of every post published as they are all pre-moderated in a thought-through management system. Users of any board can easily navigate between their favorite boards and even watch interesting threads “globally,” across multiple boards. The service combines the concept of isolated communities with a unified account system (for those who wish to use it), resulting in something with unmatched inherent safety measures for everyone involved.

The site can be found at: .

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