WiFi Systems Now Available in Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

SAN FRANCISCO, March 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Mercedes-Benz owners can now equip their vehicles with Autonet Mobile’s Wi-Fi entertainment system, allowing passengers to bring their iPads, laptops and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices into the vehicle for safe online access while on the road. The new Mercedes-Benz In-Vehicle Hot Spot, powered by Autonet Mobile, is an accessory available for all current (MY12 and older) C, E, S, M, R and GL-class vehicles and can be purchased and installed at authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

Using the new Mercedes-Benz In-Vehicle Hot Spot, passengers, including those in the rear-seat, can use their laptop, tablet or smartphone as they would in their home or office – from gaming and streaming movies to surfing the net.  The In-Vehicle Hot Spot is enabled by a router securely installed in the vehicle trunk and allows up to four devices to connect at once.

“With Autonet Mobile’s Wi-Fi entertainment system in our vehicles, we’re able to continue to deliver the best-in-class experience our customers expect,” stated Willi Goossen, general manager, after-sales business development, Mercedes-Benz USA.  “Combined with the Mercedes-Benz iPad docking station, the new Mercedes-Benz In-Vehicle Hot Spot system will allow each passenger to have their own Wi-Fi connection and screen holder for a whole new in-car entertainment capability.”

About Autonet Mobile, Inc.

Autonet Mobile is the world’s first in-car Internet service provider.  Founded by a former racecar driver and a leading network architect and designer, the company is dedicated to changing the in-car entertainment experience and making it fun, interactive and higher quality.  For more information, visit autonetmobile.com.

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