Lets Anyone Own a Social Network

ZAGREB, Croatia, March 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Popular information-based websites generally fall into three categories: what’s happening, what to do, and where to get the best discounts. But one site is combining all three categories plus social media to create a worldwide social news system. Until now, Tvinx ( has been the best-kept secret in social media, with a user base that generates news, reviews and other content — but as word gets out about its free geolocation-based social news and networking platform, the site is set to grow exponentially.

By combining news reporting, social media, local reviews and discount offers, has created a new kind of social network. Anyone can join for free and start reporting news from his or her neighborhood, city, country or continent. members can also review local businesses, create and post discount offers for their businesses, and start their own public, private or stealth social networks.

The social micro-network (mNetwork) feature is perhaps the most compelling aspect of mNetworks are a collection of independent user social media networks based on geolocation, theme and accessibility. Users can establish their own mNetworks based on just one of those aspects — Brooklyn, for instance — or a combination of all three: for example, a Boston sports network available only to members of recreational teams. mNetworks can be set to public (available to anyone), private (visible to everyone but only members can read and post), or stealth (invisible to everyone but the mNetwork’s owner and invited members).’s flexible accessibility makes it ideal for anyone, be they public users who are writing news for the world to see, or stealth users who use to better communicate within only their company, class, or group of friends.

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