News Republic 2.0 App Launches

BOSTON, March 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Mobiles Republic, a leading publisher of applications for smartphones, tablets and connected devices, today announces the release of News Republic 2.0 for Android Smartphone and iPhone.  The free news app has been revamped with a more elegant, mosaic-based interface and several new features, including photo and video galleries, enhanced customization options and a social media feature that allows users to express their “moods” about the articles as they read.

“News Republic 2.0 makes it even easier for users to personalize the way they receive news, as well as providing a whole new way for them to share their feelings about a piece they’ve read,” said Gilles Raymond, CEO of Mobiles Republic.  “Not only is it our most stylish and robust smartphone offering yet; it is also the first to be available in a specific Ice Cream Sandwich version, designed to maximize the specific strengths and capabilities of this new Android OS.”

News Republic delivers over 10,000 full articles each day from leading news sources, and allows users to create customized “myNews” channels that filter this mass of information down to their exact topics of interest.  This customization feature has been enhanced for News Republic 2.0, allowing users to select or unselect content sources for all channels, which in turn can be filtered by “date,” “moods” or “videos only.”

News Republic 2.0 is available for free download in the “News” section of iTunes Appstore and the “News & Magazines” category on Google Play.

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