Messenger Plus! for Skype 1.2

MONTREAL, March 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Yuna Software, the company that develops, designs and markets Messenger Plus!, has released Messenger Plus! for Skype 1.2,  the second version of this new product from the makers of the most popular and respected extension for Windows Live Messenger.

“Messenger Plus! for Skype 1.2 continues to season Skype with cool technology,” says Alex Shamash, Business Director, Yuna Software. “We’re pleased to have added so many additions to the original product in such a short time and hope that Skype users will be as excited as we are to get such a feature-rich product that is practical as well as fun, absolutely free.”

Look special

Using special video transformation effects from Messenger Plus!, Skype users can clone themselves online, create a mirror effect, bulge and shrink their images, change the colors of their video display and more.

Sound different

When you make a Skype call, Messenger Plus! for Skype lets you change or amplify your voice to produce all sorts of robotic, alien and fun sound effects.  You can also identify contacts according to their ringtones.

Display texts in your video conversations

This version lets you display a text in your video conversation with your favorite font, color and positioning.

Messenger Plus! for Skype 1.2 download (17 languages): or from the Skype App Directory

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