Social Media-Enabled Electric Vehicle Charging System App

PORTLAND, Ore., April 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – In a progressive move, OpConnect, LLC, a visionary leader in the electric vehicle charging station technology, announced today the initiation of its Wireless Valet® program, which includes its mobile applications, web portal and now Facebook integration.

Social media integration is an innovative approach to driver/station interaction. In addition to an iPhone app, and web portal, Wireless Valet® now incorporates social media by giving electric vehicle (EV) drivers the ability to leave comments, “like” a charging station, update statuses or check-in using Facebook. OpConnect is the only company offering integrated social media into its technologically advanced network.

“As we grow our EV charging station network we want to create tools to allow EV drivers to easily share information.  Given Facebook’s popularity this is an obvious way for us to do that.  We are a technology company first and foremost and now that we’ve laid down a scalable network, you are going to see us push the envelope with new technologies,” said Dexter Turner, OpConnect CEO.

Drivers and charging station operators can view charging station activity posted to Facebook by other OpConnect users by clicking the “Find a station” tab on the OpConnect website and then selecting to view location details. The details page will display any posted activity related to the station as well as its address and availability.  Station reservation capabilities are currently under development.

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