Improved Ezvid for Windows: Fast and Easy Freeware Video Maker for YouTube

LOS ANGELES, April 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Ezvid Inc. ( today announces the release of version of Ezvid, a free video maker and slideshow creator for Windows 7, Vista & XP. Ezvid for Windows is a fast and sleek video movie maker, built for YouTube upload, which streamlines the process for users of all levels of ability to create great slideshow and videos for YouTube.

New in version is a completely redesigned user interface and an even faster media import and rendering engine, optimized for the multi-threading capabilities of modern processors. Ezvid’s music library has now expanded to forty tracks, includes YouTube-legal music from Aalborg Soundtracks, 009 Sound System, and now features a slick music preview functionality to quickly find the best soundtrack for your video. Also new in version is an easy-to-use “split media” functionality, which allows users to insert items between media items on the Ezvid timeline.

Ezvid is a great alternative to Windows Movie Maker. Unlike Movie Maker, Ezvid automatically renders all videos in 720p HD format, exactly to YouTube specifications — no complicated export process is necessary — just click “upload to YouTube” to export your video.

Most importantly — Ezvid is completely free, forever. No registration is required to download or use. Try it today at

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