Encapsulator Cloud Web Browser Stops Malware

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 11, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Encapsulator, a cloud service that defeats browser-based malware threats, today announced the release of its security service for devices to the general public. Encapsulator secures browser-based traffic on devices with its “disposable web browser,” which pre-processes data in the cloud before it reaches the web browser on a device.
By performing the web browser role in the cloud, Encapsulator prevents any type of browser-based malware infection on end user devices. Encapsulator additionally protects browser-based traffic on devices that have previously been infected by trojans such as Zeus or SpyEye.

Unlike traditional security services, Encapsulator does not require software, plugins, or patches at any point: usage is as simple as visiting a website.

Encapsulator further differentiates itself by defeating both known and unknown malware threats without the use of scanning or traffic analysis backed by a database. While traditional security companies are constantly playing catch up against emerging malware threats, Encapsulator takes a “latex glove” approach – like a medical doctor examining a patient – to malware infection prevention: users of Encapsulator prevent the transmission of infection and dispose of the web browser just as a doctor who examines patients using latex gloves.

To learn more about Encapsulator, visit http://www.encapsulator.com


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