First Look Inside Intel’s Ivy Bridge Processor

OTTAWA, Ontario, April 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – UBM TechInsights, the leader in technology competitive intelligence and IP consulting, announces the first investigation into Intel’s 22nm process technology through their latest Ivy Bridge processors.  The Ivy Bridge family of processors is the first by Intel to incorporate their game-changing 3D Tri-Gate technology.  These smaller transistors, with their fin-like structure, allow for high volume manufacturing of power-efficient processors with increased processing power while making the transition to smaller nodes, such as 14nm, all the more possible.

“Intel being the first to introduce not only a 22nm node for processors, but also 3D Tri-Gate technology, is a major technological achievement and a milestone for semiconductor manufacturing,” says Jason Abt, Director of Technical Intelligence. “Our initial cross-sectional analysis of Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor revealed process changes at the gate pitch of both the logic area and SRAM array, which is consistent with a 22nm device. With this new process technology, we are seeing now how Intel is going to address the challenges of migrating to smaller nodes and better power efficiency.”

UBM TechInsights’ leading-edge forensic technical analysis techniques, combined with years of experience in all aspects of the IP / Technology Lifecycle, enable the discovery and analysis of devices, such as Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor.  For more information,  visit


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