Drive Safe Mode™ App Prevents Texting When Driving

LAS VEGAS, April 18, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — The innovative, patent-pending Drive Safe Mode™ App was launched in Las Vegas. Already, the application has been widely embraced by adults, teens and parents. Even not-for-profit organizations are incorporating the new application and the company’s mission to further instill driving precautions. This brand new technology has exceeded the expectations of previous applications offering similar drive safe options.

What differentiates the patent-pending Drive Save Mode™ App from similar Android and iPhone applications? The app works directly with your phone’s GPS to analyze the car’s driving speed. Once the app recognizes the user is in motion, the screen is locked. This means no emails, texts or Facebook notifications popping up on the screen while driving. The only access permitted is the ability to call emergency phone numbers. 911 is automatically add to the app as an emergency number, and users can add additional emergency numbers, such as those for parents or family members.

The application is great for anxious parents who have heard one too many stories about reckless teenagers dangerously veering off of the road while texting and driving. This way, their children are completely unable to see text messages, make phone calls, or update their Facebook status until they have successfully reached their destination. In the event the application is disabled, parents on the account will receive immediate notification of this change so they can take appropriate action.

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