Chattaboom® Musical Social Media App

DALLAS, April 23, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ —, the First Social Media Application that Allows Users to Communicate Through An Artist Song.

Chattaboom®, the first social media application that allows users to communicate with one another by sending hooks of recording artists’ songs is a completely new and engaging way to distribute music while allowing social media users to discover, connect and share thoughts, moods or feelings with someone online. The Chattaboom® collection includes music from signed and unsigned artists, and now with its recent content partnership with MediaNet™, the Chattaboom® collection now spans millions of songs.

Chattaboom® is a great marketing tool and distribution channel for artists and bands seeking to create awareness and share their music with millions of social media users in an organic way. Chattaboom® provides artists a great way to generate awareness and increase music sales by truly integrating music distribution and social media.

n addition to being a standalone web application, Chattaboom® is currently integrated into Facebook, which allows users to send a relevant portion of a song to their friends and family with a written message attached. Users can simply log on to, select a mood and genre, then check the song to send to friend for free. They could also specify by mood, artist, or title of song in the search box. Users can comment on the hook, view information on the artist and purchase the entire song or album.

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