Low Cost Plan For Using Your Phone Abroad

NEW YORK, May 10, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — HolidayPhone is now launching its unique concept of cheap calls including flat rate prepaid mobile internet abroad on the North American market.

As summer travel season approaches, many tourists will return home unaware of the phone bill waiting for them for roaming with their US cell phone abroad.

What it is

HolidayPhone is a temporary prepaid SIM card for your vacation. You are reached on your regular US cell phone number, yet you can make calls and use Internet from abroad as cheap as if you were at home. Once back home again you retain your US carrier. With our unique concept, a traveler can save $1000 or more in roaming charges.


A HolidayPhone Spain package for the fixed price of $49.90 includes:
3 hours receiving calls on your US number – while in Spain.
2 hours making calls to US landlines
1000MB Mobile internet data usage in Spain.

Compared to AT&Ts optional World Traveler plan, the calls above would cost $297.00 and even using the Data Global Add-On plan, the data cost would be $199.99 for the first 800MB and $19.50/MB above that. That makes the total cost $496.99 compared to $49.90 using HolidayPhone prepaid SIM card for Spain.

Since it uses a local prepaid Spain SIM card, it’s very easy to use and requires no technical skills. You don’t need to download any apps and you make calls to the USA just the usual way. There are no additional fees and no fees are charged retrospectively.

To read more about how to save money traveling, visit : holidayphone.com

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