Sony Computer Entertainment To Deliver “Cross Platform Feature” Between PlayStation®3 And PlayStation®Vita

TOKYO, June 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) today announced that it will drive the proliferation of the PlayStation® platforms through “cross platform feature” which realizes cross platform game play between PlayStation®3 (PS3®) and PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita).  Through “cross platform feature”, SCE will deliver a ground-breaking gaming experience which leverages the capabilities of both systems and enables users to enjoy gaming wherever and whenever.

The Cross-Play feature allows PS3® and PS Vita users to enjoy match or collaborative game play.

The Cross-Controller feature allows a player to use PS Vita as a controller to play games on PS3®, by utilizing its rich features including touch screen, rear touch pad, six-axis motion sensing system, and cameras.  Users can enjoy the two types of gaming experiences through the large TV screen and PS Vita display.

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