Rand McNally’s New TND™ 720 Truck GPS

SKOKIE, Ill., June 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Rand McNally today introduced a new 7-inch truck GPS device with two advanced features: Wi-Fi® connectivity, allowing for real-time weather information and display, and new hardware with ruggedized casing, video input, and brighter screen.

The new IntelliRoute® TND™ 720 joins Rand McNally’s award-winning line of GPS devices for professional drivers.

One of the key new features of the TND™ 720 GPS device is Wi-Fi connectivity, which enables the transmission and display of weather as well as other real-time information. The Wi-Fi feature was designed so that drivers can connect by using their enabled smart phones as Wi-Fi hotspots – allowing for real-time updates while on the road.

With Rand McNally’s new weather feature, drivers will be able to anticipate delays and other challenges presented by current and forecasted weather with conditions displayed on the map and along the route.

Real-time weather was among the top requests Rand McNally received from tens of thousands of “TellRand” submissions from professional drivers. Guided by driver feedback, the feature was developed to view real-time weather situations such as storms, wind speeds, and chance of precipitation that may impact the route or delivery times.

Rand McNally web site: randmcnally.com

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