Hypetree.com Music Discovery Startup Launches

NEW YORK, June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — On Monday, hypetree opened its doors to the general public, following several months of a closed beta. The site invites people to discover, rate, and save songs uploaded directly by musicians and independent labels.

The website went viral on StumbleUpon in October, garnering over 6,000 signups in the first week. Since then, it has undergone a ground-up redesign, adding many features and attracting thousands of users.

“When we announced our concept, we had no idea it would catch on so quickly,” said Alex Jae Mitchell, hypetree’s CEO and Founder, “But we seized the opportunity to really improve our product. Over the past few months, we’ve created an incredible new experience for both musicians and listeners.”

The hypetree “battle player” presents a user with two songs, and after listening to both, the user picks which one they like better. The pick affects each song’s “interest score,” which determines its global ranking among all other songs on the site. If the user is signed in, hypetree also learns the user’s musical tastes with a patent-pending algorithm, to personalize their listening experience. Users can also “favorite” songs to a central list, and create playlists.

For causal listening, the site also has a new radio feature, which streams songs without prompting the user to pick one of two.

For more info visit http://hypetree.com .

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